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Mysql Fields Terminated By


SQL Loader error on Fields terminated and optionally enclosed

When you have fields terminated and optionally enclosed, you should be able to have the enclosure characters within the data by doubling them. So if I have fields terminated by '|' optionally enclosed by '"' and my data has a double quote in it, I ca

Fields terminated by (SQL loader, external table) question?

Hello. I have a txt file which looks like: Columns: A..........B.........C...........D.........E..............F.............G...........H 739.......P.........0002......05........25012006..25012006..5...........data group . = space There are different

Using When clause in datafile witch have FIELDS TERMINATED BY ';' option

Dear all For example if my datafile is the following : E;11; D;14;16; Is'it possible to me having the following control file to load data in a table: If yes? What is the correct syntax? If no what can i do to obtain my goal. Thx for help!!! LOAD DATA


BANNER Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - Prod PL/SQL Release - Production CORE     Production TNS for Linux: Version - Production NLSRTL Version - Production Sample: CREATE TAB


Dear all If i have the following datafields: E;15; D;14;16; E;18; to load into table tab1 (Type_ligne VARCHAR2(1),                                  Nombre1 NUMBER(2),                                  Nombre2 NUMBER(2)) Is it possible to have the foll

SQLLDR - spec for "fields terminated" clause for tab delimited files

Does anyone know what the spec for tab delimited files is for the "fields terminated" clause in SQLLDR? See the below example for a comma delimited file: FIELDS TERMINATED BY "," Thanks in advance! JeffHi Jeff, You can try this, TERMIN

Control file - Fields terminated by ';' using SQLLOADER

Hi Guys, Can we load data using semicolon data using sqlloader .(Fields terminated by ';') Filename : test.csv Example : Firstname;secondname;address;address2 hi;abc;Atlanta;GA ABc;ABC;Atlantal;GA I would appreicate your help.Hi, yes you can. Your co

PHP/MySQL field recognize carriage returns?

I'm a novice PHP/MySQL database driven site builder. I need to have users enter text into a field with carriage returns and have the database recognize and store those carriage returns so it displays when the data is displayed on a PHP page. How do I

Export data with definided fields terminated and rows terminate as bcp

hi to every one i am dummy oracle and i need to test some database. So i need to export some data in txt file and use @@@@@ as fields terminateed and ##### as rows terminated. In mssql and in sybase there is a bcp command that by the client and cmd c

Need Advice! MySQL Field Type and data display

DW8/PHP/MySQL This is a two part question. First off I am builing a database (mySQL) driven review site with PHP. I am working on creating my database, however I would like some input/advice from others. Below are some example fields that will be in

Insert multiple choices into mysql field

I have a form that inserts a record into mysql. it's working fine except when i changed the pull-down menu to a list allowing multiple selections, it only inserts the last item selected. I know it should insert the valuse as comma separated. Here's t

Procedure and syntax for placing image paths in mysql fields please

I set up a directory type data base with 10 varchar fields. This directory presents info on the people at the company in both a master and detail display. Works fine. Now I want to add a thumbnail photo to display on the master page and a larger phot

CURDATE() as default for a MySQL field?

I can do this, right? ALTER TABLE `tblClassDetails` ADD `detailsStart` DATE NOT NULL DEFAULT 'CURDATE()' AFTER `detailsDate` ; Murray --- ICQ 71997575 Adobe Community Expert (If you *MUST* email me, don't LAUGH when you do so!) ================== htt

Offline data migration fails for BLOB field from MySQL 5.0 to 11g

I tried to use standalone Data Migration several years ago to move a database from MySQL to Oracle. At that time it was unable to migrate blob fields. I am trying again, hoping this issue might have been fixed in the mean time. That does not appear t

No terminator found after TERMINATED and ENCLOSED field

Hi, I am trying to load data from a CSV file to Oracle table using SQL*Loader: Release in Oracle apps am getting Rejected - Error on table "TEST", column COMMENTS. No terminator found after TERMINATED and ENCLOSED field I can

Terminal & mysql

I have the GUI tools for mysql and have no problem creating and accessing databases through these tools, but I am unable to do anything with mysql through the terminal window. As a novice with the terminal and unix were should I start as no mysql com

Generating CSV file with column names and data from the MySQL with JAVA

Hi all, Give small example on ... How can I add column names and data to a CSV from from MySQL. like example sequence_no, time_date, col_name, col_name 123, 27-apr-2004, data, data 234, 27-apr-2004, data, data Pls give small exeample on this. Thanks

MYSQL to ORACLE  blob migration issue

Hi I am currently migrating a mysql schema to Oracle. I have used the SQLDeveloper Migration Workbench to generate the scripts to capture the data and to upload the data to oracle. However I have an issue with one particular table (which contains blo

Can I execute MySql's command from java application?

Can I execute MySql's command from java application? And how? For example : load data local infile 'D:\\myData.txt' into table myTable fields terminated by ';' lines terminated by '\n';1. get the jdbc driver for mysql from the mysql site at: http://d

Exporting a MySQL table to Excel

My users have asked for the ability to download a MySQL table to an Excel spreadsheet. Being an amateur at all this PHP stuff I googled around and found a script that is supposed to do this. It's failing with "Couldn't select database: Access denied