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MySQL Load Data File


Create sql loader data file dynamically

Hi, I want a sample program/approach which is used to create a sql loader data file. The program will read table name as i/p and will use select stmt will column list derived from user_tab_columns from data dictionary assuming multiple clob columns i

Need help in loading Data file

I am new to HFM. I am trying one example and try to load data file. But i am getting error saying period July is invalid. Do i have to follow certain steps before loading data file. Sample file !Column_Order = Scenario, Year, Period, View, Entity, Va

How to load .DAT file

Hi, I want to load .DAT file from Al11 to one of my ODS. Can anyone tel me how to load (directly to ODS from Al11), what all things i need to use in infopackage. Thanks.Hi, Loading .DAT file from AL11 is nothing but loading from Application server, Y

Date Format  error while loading *.dat  file to Sataging .

Hi All , Loading data from *.dat file in to Staging , the dat file contains data for date in 'MM-DD-YYYY' format which is String , when it loading by control file it produce the error date format is not supported .I think ti required DD-MM-YYYY forma

Problem on loading DAT file when using 3G network modem

Hello, I'm having some strange problem when I'm trying to load my game on the part where DAT file with Map Object is read, using 3G Network Modem. This issue started when I migrated my applet from one host to another. Everything loads well, until the

Loading data file Flat file to Oracle DB

I have 600/700 MB datafiles on AIX box which need to upload to Oracle using ODI. I am considering the below KMs ...which would be more appropriate in this case LKM File to Oracle LKM File to Oracle (EXTERNAL TABLE) Why should we use LKM File to Oracl

Essbase 9.3.1 session ends abruptly when trying to load data file

Hi, I recently installed Essbase 9.3.1 but when creating rule files i try to load the data file the sessions ends abruptly. did anybody else face this issue and how can i fix this? Thankshi, I see the below error. Let me know if this helps. If you ca

Sql loader:loading data file name to one of the tabe column.

Hi, I want to load the data file name also to one of the table column. Table structure: File_Name varchar2 Name varchar2 Age number Data File Format: Vijay|24 Anandh|24 Senthil|26 In the above eg how to write a control file to load the data file name

EPMABatchclient - Syntax (to load .dat file HFM)

Hi Everyone, Does anyone know how to execute a .dat flatfile using the batch client? Any suggestions on the syntaxt to execute this a data load? Thank you.If you are talking about loading a file with an import profile, it is pretty easy. Below iis an

Skipping fields in SQL*LOADER data file

I have a data file that has more fields than the target table does. How can I write a SQL*LOADER control file to skip some fields in the middle of the text line? nullIf you don't want to define input fields by position, the simplest way I think is to

Loading Data File

Hi, We are getting " ActiveX component cannot create object" while uploading the data using data manager and also while trying to input data using input layout. The seems to validate correctly but still we get this error. Product version: BPC MS

SQL*Loader .dat file

Hello I am trying to migrate large quantities of data from our Access database to Oracle. I managed to generate my SQL*Loader scripts in the OMWB directory but when I try to run the .bat file a text doc is generated with the following message: SQL*Lo

Pre parse terrible SQL Loader data file

Long story, but I'm on Oracle EBS which means i'm stuck with an SQL Loader from the dark ages (8.06 - yes, I know and yes, it's still supported under EBS). Anyhow. I have a vendor sending very annoying data. For example: \|"Fan-Hou" de

SQL*Loader - loading delimited files before 8i

I writing an ETL tool that gererates control file for SQL*Loader. Does anyone know how selected fields can be loaded from a delimited file (e.g. CSV), in SQL*Loader prior to version 8i. The 8i version now has the "FILLER" keyword to define field

How to access local data file in running applet?

An applet resides in a remote website. However, when I use this homepage and this applet try to load data file in my computer, an error occurs. In console panel, an error for java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged (native method) occurred. Pls t

Problem specifying SQL Loader Log file destination using EM

Good evening, I am following the example given in the 2 Day DBA document chapter 8 section 16. In step 5 of 7, EM does not allow me to specify the destination of the SQL Loader log file to be on a mapped network drive. The question: Does SQL Loader h

음수 부호가 뒤에 있을 경우 LOADER로 숫자 DATA를 올리는 방법

제품 : ORACLE SERVER 작성날짜 : 2002-04-11 음수 부호가 뒤에 있을 경우 LOADER로 숫자 DATA를 올리는 방법 =========================================================== PURPOSE 음수 부호가 뒤에 있을 경우 LOADER로 숫자 DATA를 올리는 방법에 대해 알아보도록 한다. Explanation 간혹 SQL*LOADER를 사용하는 사람들 중에 data file 내의

How to load a huge data file (export from mysql) to an oracle table?

I have a data file which contains 1.3G bytes table data from mysql. It's format is csv. How can i load these data to an oracle table in java way? I thought about using sqlldr. But it requires a oracle client which may not be permitted in my environme

Loading data to a cube from a DSO and a Flat file

Hi All, I have an Infocube with fields product plant customer quantity country I am trying to load data into it , few fields from a DSO and others from a flat file e.g plant and country from a dso and product, customer and quantity from a flat file.

Unable to find file error while loading data from text file to Oracle

Hi, I am having a interface where i am loading a data of Text file to Oracle. But when i am trying to do this i am getting following error. ODI-1227: Task SrcSet0 (Loading) fails on the source FILE connection SAPMM. Caused By: java.sql.SQLException: