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MySQL Load Data in File Ignore


Load data from File on Client side (via Sqlplus)

Server OS: RedHat, Oracle 10g rel 2. I am trying to load data from OS .txt files to clob field. I am able to do this successfully using: Oracle DIRECTORY BFILE DBMS_LOB.loadclobfromfile packageIssue is: this only works if my files and DIR are on data

Problem with loading  data from file in ../demo/file/test

hi there, I am using ODI to load text files located on a UNIX server where ODI is installed. I am using the FILE_GENERIC data server and physical schema that came with ODI and I can reverse and load the demo files located in ../demo/file I created a

Load data from file and send to background

Hello, is it possible to load data from a file on the presentation server and then create a batch input to call a transaction with those values but on background NOT using data set? Thanks in advance.U can surely design the process to be executed in

Load data from file error - it's ok now

hi i'm trying to load data from .ctl file, previously created by smallworld, using enterprise manager and i am asked for host credentials (username and pswrd). i assume these host credentials are of operating system. anyway, i have tried to enter use

Loading Data From File Through EM on Mac OS X

Has anyone been able to load data from a file through the Oracle Enterprise Manager on Mac OS X? Specifically, I'm trying to follow the example in the 2-day DBA manual (Chp. 08 "Managing Schema Objects" --> "Loadng Data Into Tables"

How to load data from file contains rows with different number of columns

hi all, a data file contains assets data ordered like this(location_id serial_number , quantity serial_number , quantity single column rows represents location, and two columns rows represents asset details for that location 123 12345 ,1 32145 ,1 124

Load data from file extremely slow due to refresh

Hi I am loading a data from a csv file to an existing table in a PeopleSoft schema on Oracle 11G. The process works fine except that it takes an extremely long time. I suspect that this is because SQL Developer is refreshing the table list on the lef

Amount field is rounding before loading data to file

Hi All, I am loading the data from table to flatfile. i've amount column, most of the values are decimals. while loading the data it is rounding the column and loading. my source table datatype is "number (20,9)" and target file datatype is &quo

Load data from File

Hi I get new csv files every day loaded to a location. I am trying to write a SQL loader script to read those file on a daily basis and load the data to a table. How can I write the code for this to check the new files that are found in a location an

How to load data to a SQL Server 2000 from a text file ( fixed / delimited)

I am a navie user to ODI, just installed some time back. And I wanted to load text data ina file ( fixed length/ delimited ) to SQL server 2000 database. Iam intrested to know the steps I need to take to achieve this. I mean for example first creatin

How to transformed data from File to DB but the data to be insert two tables  parallel?

Hi friends ,I am new to Oracle SOA ,I have one requirement  for the project actually in these project 1.I have to read three different types of files (Employee info,Purchase Order Info,Salaes Order Info) through file adapter these records are to be s

Load two input file into One Target table through SQL LOADER

Hi Expert, I have 2 .cvs files. 1st file having cols as account_no & first name 2nd file having cols as account_no & last name There is a table called temp has 3 cols accounts_number first name & last name accounts number in both files are sam

Error due to HEXADECIMAL vaues while loading data

Hi all, I am loading data from file in which one of the field is CHAR with lenght 1 and it is flag field containing 0,1 or null value. This data which is having null character is populated as # in BI. This particular file is loaded to DSO and then to

Problems with load DSO from file

I am working with BI 7.0. I am loading data from file to DSO and my problem is that data is not active in my DSO, the data are loaded how New Data and I haven´t the data in query and DSO. The settings of my dso are: Type: standard SIDs Generation upo

Loading data to a cube from a DSO and a Flat file

Hi All, I have an Infocube with fields product plant customer quantity country I am trying to load data into it , few fields from a DSO and others from a flat file e.g plant and country from a dso and product, customer and quantity from a flat file.

Loading data from text file into ListBox

I have data in a text file that I want to load into a listbox... I have fully mastered handling strings and arrays so I'm going to need some help... I was wondering how do I get flash to load a text file that contains the data below.. and display it

How to load date and time from text file to oracle table through sqlloader

hi friends i need you to show me what i miss to load date and time from text file to oracle table through sqlloader this is my data in this path (c:\external\my_data.txt) 7369,SMITH,17-NOV-81,09:14:04,CLERK,20 7499,ALLEN,01-MAY-81,17:06:08,SALESMAN,3

Loading of flat file (csv) into PSA – no data loaded

Hi BW-gurus, We have an issue regarding loading a flat file (csv) into PSA using an infopackage u2013 (BI 7.0) The infopackage has been used for a while. Prior the consultants with SAP_ALL-profile have run the infopackage. Now we want a few super use

Loading data from flat file into 0EMPLOYEE

Dear, I want to see the <b>'monthly change of numbers of employees'</b> of my company in a BW report. i want to do this by loading data from a dummy flat file into 0EMPLOYEE and afterwards into cube 0PAPA_C02. i've searched the whole 'help and

Loading data from .csv file into existing table

Hi, I have taken a look at several threads which talk about loading data from .csv file into existing /new table. Also checked out Vikas's application regarding the same. I am trying to explain my requirement with an example. I have a .csv file and I