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MySQL Restore Database from Dump


Backup/restore database with dump file

Hi everybody, I would like to backup/restore my database with Oracle Utility commands(exp/imp) but I can only execute these commands in the machine where database server is being installed. When I use Oracle client to connect to DB server to execute

Error while restoring database with different name on subscriber

Hi all, I am using merge replication in sql server 2008R2. Yesterday I wanted to create a test environment, so I did: 1. on publisher I restored from backup production db with another name ( lets call it TEST and new files .mdf, .ldf and no switch KE

Can "Backup /  Restore Database " be ulized on two Different Platform

I've been developing on Windows and now would lile port Database scheme/data /table "Everything" to a Linux Server..... Can I ftp the backup copy to Lunix were I just install same version of Oracle 10g express and run Restore Database...This wou

"Error restoring Databases" SMS import failing!

Hey all- I keep getting an "error restoring databases" message when trying to put all of the SMS texts from my Curve 8330 onto my World Edition.  I did this yesterday and it worked fine.  The problem is the screen on my curve is dead so until I

Database backup Dump

Hi All, Can somebody help me to find databases backup dump for testing purpose. So that I can restore it in my system for query testing purpose.You have your source database schema...right? So take EXPDP dump from there IMPDP to your system.Read othe

File name in msdb.dbo.backupset no longer matches the actual file name on the storage media. Error 3013 Restore Database is terminating abnormally.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and comment. Platform: Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition SP1 (X64) Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (SP1) - 10.50.2500.0 (X64) Jun 17 2011 00:54:03 Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation  Standard E

Performance with MySQL and Database connectivity toolbox

Hi! I'm having quite some problems with the performance of MySQL and Database connectivity toolbox. However, I'm very happy with the ease of using database connectivity toolbox. The background is: I have 61 variables (ints and floats) which I would l

Problem with restore database in sql server 2008

hi,,,when i want to restore database from a .bak file i see this error TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Restore failed for Server 'ALI-PC'.  (Microsoft.SqlServer.SmoExtended) For help, click: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?ProdName=Micro

Restore database failed on Oracle 10g linux 32 bit

Hi, I am working on test database for testing database disaster recovery. 1) i made full database backup by RMAN and ui also have archive log 2) i noted DBID and all folders of database 3)Turn on the Controlfile auto backup 4) then i drop database 5)

Restore database to azure blob failed

Hi experts,   I create a test db in SQL on Azure VM and backup to my storage account successfully. However, when I delete the database and restore using the T-SQL below, it failed. Please help. --- query --- USE [master] RESTORE DATABASE [test] FROM

Restore Database to non-ASM Storage - Issue with Bigfile Tablespace

I have been testing a restore of my prod database that uses ASM (and oracle managed files) for storage to a different server and non-ASM storage. Oracle version is 10g EE. My database has one bigfile tablespace and it's datafile is about 250GB. The r

Error during Restore Database

Hello everyone! First of all, i'm sorry for posting another restore problem, but i read all threads related and i still have my problem. I have a fresh new install of oracleXE, but when i try to restore de database from a backup store in other disk i

Restore database validate ERROR


Database Portability of restored Database in Production server

Hi All, I have a query regarding database portability in Exchange 2010 server. I have restored a Journaling Database which is ~ 350 GB and just wanted to check if i dismount the prod database which does not have any data in the DB and only journlaing

Use of Table Valued Parameter to restore databases

I'm a noob with table valued parameters.  Not sure if I can use TVP for what I need to do.  I want to restore/refresh multiple databases from arbitrary number of .BAK files.  I can successfully populate a TVP with the needed source information which

Unable to restore database using RMAN in oracle 10g

Hi Everyone!!!!!!! I have following scenario. In which I don't want to drop newly created tablespace (test). So, let me know how to restore database from existing backup without dropping new tablespace and taking new backup? 1. I took database backup

Can't Remove Datasets From SQL Server Management Studio Restore Database Dialog

Hello, I am trying to restore a database in MS SQL 2008 R2 Management Studio on a Windows 2008 server. - I right click the Databases folder and choose Restore Databases. - I select the From device radio button as usual and click Add. - I specify a .b

ORA-01180 and ORA-01110 error when restoring database by RMAN in

I have a new installed database running in ARCIHVELOG mode on SUSE 10SP3. Catalog is not used. When I try to restore the database from a level 0 backup based on SCN, ORA-01180 and ORA-01110 were raised out today. Please help me through this. Thx. The

SAPextractor error using MySQL Server database in OrgChart

Hi Experts: We are now using MySQL Server database for Nakisa OrgChart 2.0. Source-SAP details were specified and test connection to database is successful.  We encountered the following errors when we performed the extraction. Processing Function Re

Problem with restoring database from backupset

Hello, I'm newie in working with RMAN and I have problem with restoring database from backup set in my testcase. I've restored controlfile, but I couldn't restore database - it fails with: RMAN-00571: ============================================= RMA