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JDBC Mysql Resultset too large!

Hello everybody, I'm currently building a large database retrieval system(JAVA and mysql). Everything works fine, but I have a big problem. The returning resultset is way higher then it should be!! The table has the following structure: Probe_set_id

Java MySQL  ResultSet Help

How do I read the result of query - "SELECT unix_timestamp(date_format(now(), '%Y-%m-%d %H') )" from Java Result Set to a String variable in Mysql.. I tried - Connection conn = getConnection( ); Statement s = connection.createStatement(); Result

Insert a mysql resultset to a jTable

Hi! I have a database which i can connect to and get information from, but i can't figure out how to insert my resultset into my jTable from two different classes, I found an good exaple on the web but i dont know how to split up the code. I work wit

ADF BC on GlassFish, MySQL: ResultSet.IsClosed()

So, I've spent couple of hours but still haven't managed to run a simple ADF Essentials application on GlassFish app server with MySQL database. I've installed ADF Essentials om GlassFish, added MySQL connector to JDev, established connections betwee

Java mysql ResultSet - how many rows

Hi As a beginner java dude I'm trying to work with java on my mysql database instead of using perl (which works fine by the way). BTW this is not an apple specific question. I have properly managed to connect to my database and executa a query which

How to make MySQL JDBC Driver case-insensitive

Hi, I'm porting a jdbc application from oracle to mysql. One of the problem is that oracle's column names are case insensitive, whereas CODE in mySql is different from code (see example posted below). I know that I can change the source code to use a

Error with Types

Hi, I'm recompiling a servlet that I wrote using an Informix JDBC driver for mySQL jdbc. When I compile the servlet i get the following error: download.java:42: incompatible types found : java.sql.Connection required: org.gjt.mm.mysql.Connection con

How to add JDBC Driver to my CLASSPATH

Hi~ I use MySQL JDBC Driver in my program like that Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver");But when I try to run it, I got a ClassNoFound Exception,I hava add mysql-connector-java-5.0.3-bin.jar into my CLASSPATH, but it no use.How to fix it ? Th

How to save the string from JTextFied to database?

can i know how to save the data from JTextFied to databse. Is it using update?The most straightforward way would be something like: String myKey=myKeyField.getText(); String foo=fooField.getText(); String sql="update mytable set foo='"+foo+"

JDBC + MySQL : "Operation Not Allowed After ResultSet Closed"

I have a very short piece of code. I use one connection to the database. I execute a query, get back a lot of rows, then iterate through the result set and for each row I get some information and then perform an insert into a different table. The pro

Zero resultset for MYSQL despite data in tables

I've been getting zero for all my query result sets even though my database is not empty. I don't know if the problem lies with my servlet code or my resin deployment. Can someone tell me what's wrong? Here's part of the codes. Login.java public clas

How to convert ResultSet of MySQL to XML

How can we convert ResultSet of MySQL using Hibernate into XML packet for JSP?maybe something like this http://beansource.sourceforge.netRead other 2 answers

Portable way to call Stored Procs. which return a ResultSet (MySQL/Oracle)?

Hello! I have developed a Java application which calls stored procedures, some of which return a ResultSet (always one). I need to support more DBMS vendors, so I used the standard JDBC syntax to call the stored procedures ({call storedProcedure(?,?)

NPE in com.mysql.jdbc.ResultSet

hi guys, config: Connector/J 3.1.11 - mysql 5.0 - java 1.5 is anybody has ever seen this exception?? Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException         at com.mysql.jdbc.ResultSet.buildIndexMapping(ResultSet.java:597)         at com.mysql.jdbc.ResultS

Converting a ResultSet to XML (mysql) - very slow - need some criticism

Preface: I have some data being inserting into a mySQL table every 5 minutes. Currently, there are about 275 rows. Each row has 26 (TEXT) columns, the data in those columns is no longer than 10-15 characters. I am using the following code to turn thi

ResultSet into ResultSet Mysql servlets

Hi! I have a problem with this code: while (result.next()) dgenre=statement.executeQuery("select value from table_genre where id_1=1 and id_2=3");                               if (dgenre.next()) out.println("hello"); dgenre.close();  

JSP MYSQL ERROR moving in resultset

Hi I am new to jsp & mysql . I am trying to fetch data in a multiple select list box in my jsp page from a table in mysql . It fetches the first value and then exception is generated as no data found while there is data in the table . The same data i

Can not get PK-FK in meta-Data of MySql....Help me pls.

Hello Every one. I can not to get the PK and FK from Meta-Data Database of mysql-4.1.1a-alpha. Anyway I tried to do the followihg 1. OS windows 2000 Pro. 2. set configuration Script support InnoDB Table Type as the follow in my.ini file. [mysqld-nt]

Strange scenario,Oracle can not display the data in mysql correctly

I use Heterogeneous Service+ODBC to achieve "oracle access mysql"(any other method?),and now i find Oracle can not display the data in mysql correctly: -------mysql------------ mysql> create table tst(id int,name varchar(10)); Query OK, 0 row

Can't update in mysql

I am using JSP and MYSQL with a bean that does my database work. my search.jsp looks up records, when I click edit it sends the values to my inventory_admin.jsp When I make the changes to the data, the data is not saved in the database. Please, look