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PHP MySql routine....list each state only once

I have a db with two fields, city and state. I want to list the states on a page, but of course only want each state to list once. I have the recordset ready to go. I know this must be dirt simple....if I only knew how. Help? Thanks, Mad DogI have th

Our own mysqli server behaviors

Folks, how about we work together to convert the existing Dreamweaver's server behaviors library from mysql extension support to mysqli? I have been able to convert part of it*, but we could try to convert all of it. For those who doesn't know, the s

Python Script to Generate MySQL Stored Routines

Here is a quick Python script that reads a MySQL scheme (database) and for each table, it generates Insert, Update, Get and Delete stored routines.  The script is just a "quick-n-dirty" script, but it does take into account that the Update, Get

Need a routine

hi all technically this isnt a java question but as ur all great help when it comes to problem solving i thought id ask anyway. Basically i need a routine for automatically determining a battle outcome in a calculated combat arena for a game im makin

How Can I use Mysql's  PROCEDURE by Java Can you give me sample???

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MySQL/j Stored procedure on Server Failure? is it a bug? workaround?

Hi all, with the release of SE 6 pending, I thought that this issue should be addressed. As I'm not sure if it's a bug or not, I decided to post in this forum to see if anybody has haad experience with it, has a workaround or any other information th

Float values in mysql. help appreciated.

Hi all, I have a mysql db table where a few of the fields are of type 'float unsigned'. When inserting large values into these fields (I am using statement.setDouble()), mysql seems to convert the values to the form 1e+0x, for example 1,000,000 to 1e

Mysql, Jboss connecting problem

Hello, I am having problem with mysql database. I am trying to run AccountEJB application from SUN with mysql as my backend. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET I AM NOT EXPERT IN JBOSS OR EJB BUT I AM TRYING TO LEAN WITH A EXAMPLE. HERE IS MY SETUP UP TO THIS POIN

Monitor mysql server in jsp

i am writing an application that transfers data toa remote mysql server. I want to implement a checking routine which willl check if the the remote server is working or not. If working, then only will the data be sent, else the user will be alerted.

CF to MySQL stored proc question

looking at multiple examples of ColdFusion to MySql procedure calls and I think code example 1 should return a value in the OUT param. I get [empty string] displayed. Code example 2 which changes the ColdFusion code by adding <cfprocresult name="s

Error accessing mysql database from a remote host

Hi all, I'm running the following PL/SQL script and encountered some errors. The MySQL server is hosted off campus by a hosting company. However, when I run the same script against a MySQL database server hosted on campus, the script works fine. Here

Mysql log location

i'm trying to troubleshoot a recent mysql issue. looking at Server Admin > MySQL > Logs ... it's pulling the mysql service log file from "/var/mysql/old_dns.example.edu.err" and that dns points to different IP address than what this web se

MySQL linking... is it possible?

I create a lot of Mysql Database Catalogs for managing dynamic content on websites and spreadsheets. I currently use Neo office to connect the cells to MySQL with ODBC. I would love to be able to simply add a connect statement to a numbers file and m

[SOLVED] building mysql-workbench with lib32-libpng12

i installed the mysql-workbench package because i want a gui interface for making query tables (from large database and non-repetitive queries): $ pacman -Ss mysql-workbench community/mysql-workbench 5.1.18-1 MySQL Workbench is a cross-platform, visu

Java app to move data from access to mysql??

I have done very little java work...only tutorials. I am currently working on a php/mysql site. The client wants me to now write an app that will run on the customers machine and routinely (i.e. every hour) take data from an access database (this is

How to read in data from MySQL to Authorware?

Hi, I am trying to read in values from my database (MySQL) to authorware, but the best I am able to get is true or false. I would like to be able to get some data from the database and return it to AW as a string. Does anyone have any experience with

Getting the OUT of a MySQL stored procedure

I'm using MySQL database to log results of execution in TestStand. Stored procedures are used for all results logging. The very first procedure logs the general execution specific information and returns an auto-incremented index for ExecutionID, tha

Password MySQL

Hello all, I have done some searching on the forums, but I don't see anyone with quite the same issue I'm experiencing. I'm having an issue, with the way the password is checked with the server. When connected to the server I can see the users passwo

"com.mysql.jdbc.PacketTooBigException": Help needed urgently

hi, I am using mm.mysql j/connector ver 3.0.6 and MYSQL server version 4.0. Max_allowed packet= 8MB at the server side I am getting PacketTooBigException when i am trying to update a particular column. What should i do. Any help will be greatly appre

How to implement automatically frequent routine via jsp?

hi guys, i've got a a web service (struts+mysql+tomcat), client can order calculation from our website. and the calculation frequency will be weekly/monthly. (the process is: client login->input some data that need to be calculated->choose calculati