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MySQL Sample Database Script


MySql database scripts

Are there MySql database scripts for all the tables?Julie, I may be out of place here but I don't think MySQL will make a good adatabase for Portal Server. Native MySQL is designed for non-transactional work. Yes MySQL now have transactions, but with

10gR2 under Solaris 10: Error creating sample database

I am attempting to install 10gR2 on a Sun Ultra 10 Sparc workstation running Solaris 10. I successfully configured the ASM drives and loaded the software, and am now attempting to install the actual database software. While the installer is running t

Sample Database HR missing

I am very new with apex and oracle, i just installed oracle database 10G R2 and Application Express but following the 2 Days Plus Aplication Express Developer Guide, I am not able to find the Sample Database HR? Theres is any way to insta

Create MS SQL Server 2014 instance for TSQL2012 sample database Training kit (70-461)

Hi, I just bought the Training kit (70-461) Querying Microsoft SQL server 2012. I downloaded Microsoft SQL Server 2014. I have also downloaded the script for the sample database - TSQL2012.sql. Basically I want to set up the sample database and pract

Manual Install - Sample Database

Hi there, I'm installing Oracle 9i on SuSE Linux 8.2 for the first time. I had a lot of starts and stops but I finally got everything instaled. Due to problems the Oracle installer did not fully complete and install a sample database. I cannot start

Sample Database Creation - 11g

I have already installed the database, I tried to look for the mksample.sql script and cannot find it. I have also looked for the hrmain.sql etc...and cannot find them. I find others but not the .sql files that are specified in 10g for the creation o

Sample Database for teaching PL/SQL

I am looking for a sample database which would contain sample procedures, functions, triggers, etc. for teaching a PL/SQL class. Any ideas?What I am specifically looking for is sample procedures, functions, triggers, etc. to use for illustrative purp

Integration Services - Building Sample Database in MS Access

We have purchased Integration Services and I want to start testing on a desktop. I was told that I could use MS Access to do this. Does anyone know how I get the sample databases into Access? The install contains sql scripts that build the database i

Install XE sample database on Ubuntu

I have installed XE on a windows system before and it gave me the option of installing a sample database. However, now I installed XE on Ubuntu but it did not even prompt me to install it. Is there anyway to load it post install, like a script? thank

Problem with sample databases

I have installed SQL Express 2005 together with VS 2005. After a while I found out that the sample databases (Northwind and Pubs) were missing, so I installed them. According to the  'Readme', which comes with the installation I could choose between

Error in creation of sample database during installation of Oracle8

I am trying to install Oracle8 for Intel Solaris8. Near the end of installation - running database configuration assitant, the creation of the sample database failed by an alert: ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLE I also tried to run database configu

Unable to move my database to a new environment using database script

I have generated a database script from my dev machine by ; right click on DB >> tasks >> generate scripts. Then on my staging environment I open the script file inside sql server management studio , and I execute the script. But the script ra

Performance with MySQL and Database connectivity toolbox

Hi! I'm having quite some problems with the performance of MySQL and Database connectivity toolbox. However, I'm very happy with the ease of using database connectivity toolbox. The background is: I have 61 variables (ints and floats) which I would l

Beginners Guide Oracle Sample Database

Hi! In the "Oracle Database 10g: A Beginer's Guide" in Chapter 2 a sample database is discussed with the tables customers, products, sales and costs. You need have it to try it the examples. How can I obtain it? I have Oracle10gRelease2(10_2_0_1

What are the ODBC connect details for the HR sample database?

I have installed Oracle Express on Ubuntu 8.10 and read the Getting Started tutorials. Everything worked fine. THE DSN I need to connect via ODBC, to start with to the HR sample database on my PC. The Getting Started tutorial says the userid and pass

Is there any well designed sample database availabe for download ?

Hi Thank you for reading my post I get the Oracle Express 10g and now i am looking for a good database with some test data inside it to practice some tuning and sql commands. is there any (rather big ) sample database available for download ? ThanksH

SAPextractor error using MySQL Server database in OrgChart

Hi Experts: We are now using MySQL Server database for Nakisa OrgChart 2.0. Source-SAP details were specified and test connection to database is successful.  We encountered the following errors when we performed the extraction. Processing Function Re

How to connect to HR sample database using ODBC?

This is for Oracle Express running on Ubuntu 8.10. The SQLConnect ODBC call requires datasourcename/dsn, userid and password as parameters. What are these for the HR sample database?Many thanks. I have only just downloaded Oracle Express and have nev

Where can I get code for a sample database

I am learning Oracle PL/SQL and I need a sample database so I can practice my skills. Please Help.You can refer PLSQL Devloper's guide at following location : http://otn.oracle.com/docs/products/oracle9i/doc_library/release2/appdev.920/a96624/toc.htm

Scheduled Database Scripting

I have an oracle 10g database and I want to setup a scheduled task on the Windows server that scripts the entire database (including schema, packages, data etc) to a text file. I do not want a database export and backup but a database script. Can you