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Php mysql select query executes twice

I have a select query running in a page that returns an image array and when it executes Firefox is returning the results twice. I have tested it in IE, and it runs fine. Just wondering if anyone would know why this is happening. I have searched many

Concat java variable to a MySql select statement and exeucte

Hi, I am trying to append a variable to a MySql select statement. Overview: I need to retrieve data from a MySql database with a java variable as a reference and select the data in the database based on that variable. CODE THAT I CURRENTLY HAVE: // D

Select query on a table with 13 million of rows

Hi guys, I have been trying to perform a select query on a table which has 13 millions of entries however it took around 58 min to complete. The table has 8 columns with 4 Primary keys looks like below: (PK) SegmentID > INT (PK) IPAddress > VARCHAR

Select query based on userinput

Hi Folks... I posted this in another forum, but no reply,so I am posting it here too. I am trying to make a select query based on a user input. Earlier I was having probelms making a select query and printing out the result in the stack trace,with th

MySQL:  SELECT * FROM with a Variable from an HTML form

Hello, I would like to insert the variable "find" from the HTML form below in the MySQL "SELECT * FROM" query beneath it.  In other words, where the word "santafe" appears below, I would like to insert the variable "$fin

Hibernate Select Query

Hi, how you guys select multiple rows from mysql database via hibernate? I could select but I only able to get one row out of multiple rows. int id = 1; Query query = HibernateUtil.getSession().createQuery("select u from UcoopThread u where u.id = :i

Select Query Problem

Hi Experts, I am having a select query in which I am using a variable in the where condition but it is giving error. Please suggest how to use variable in the select query. The query I am using is a s below. select * from zexc_rec into table it_ZEXC_

Oracle 11g :SELECT query blocked..??

Hi Experts, could you please explain why the below SQL query is blocked? SELECT 1 FROM DUAL is blocking the SQL statement on [email protected] ( SID=469 ) blocked SQL -> DELETE FROM GTTDB.PURCHASE_ENTRY_ID=:1 SELECT 1 FROM DUAL is blocking th

Oracle SQL Select query takes long time than expected.

Hi, I am facing a problem in SQL select query statement. There is a long time taken in select query from the Database. The query is as follows. select /*+rule */ f1.id,f1.fdn,p1.attr_name,p1.attr_value from fdnmappingtable f1,parametertable p1 where

Select query differences between oracle 9 and oracle 8.

Hi, I have a problem using the select query between oracle 7 and oracle 9i I don't have the same result : ex: With oracle7 SQL> select 'champ1','champ2' from DUAL; 'CHAMP 'CHAMP champ1 champ2 With Oracle 9 SQL> select 'champ1','champ2' from DUAL; 'C

Select Query resulting in Scientific Notation

Hello all, I am running a Select query through a batch file that extracts data from an Oracle database. Several of the fields that I am extracting from contain numbers that are up to 38 digits long. When I extract the data, it converts the numbers in

Select-options in SELECT query - syntax error

Hi all,   I get the error below when I try to use the select options in a SELECT query . Please help me. "The IN operator with "SO_AWART" is followed neither by an internal table nor by a value list." The code i have used(Logical datab

Query in Select query operation

Please excuse me for posting this again. I'm stuck up with this for 3 days. Lenghty post pls do read and help me. How is the select query going to be changed in the SAP so that the original database behind it understands it. I want to know the operat

SELECt query in UNiX environment

Iam using hp unix with oracle 11g when i try to spool 26 lack records it is giving me error " There is not enough memory available now. O/S Message: Broken pipe" is there is any other way SQL commands, we can limit the SELECT query to spool spec

Select query in materialized view with two dblinks

Hi All, We have oracle 10g On windows. We are trying to create materialized view. Scenario is we have base table on other database and we are creating mview on different database. Basa database have two schema's and i am selecting records from that t

Select query in MB51 failing only for posting date(BUDAT)02/02/2010

Hello Experts, I am having below select query. It is running perfectly fine for all the dates except 02/02/2010.On all other dates it is getting executed with in second. For 02/02/2010 it keeps on running for more than 10 minutes and then fails with

Select query in a report

Hi! Is it possible to modify a select query for a report in the following way: I have created two fields where users input values and operators. Operators selection is a static list consisting of: =, like , in Value field is a text field. The current

Select query is working on oracle 10.1.0 but its not working in 10.2.0

select query is working and retrieving some data from oracle database server, but same query is not working in database server, its throws(ORA-00942: table or view does not exist) But schema related tables and relevant details a

In oracle rac, If user query a select query and in processing data is fetched but in the duration of fetching the particular node is evicted then how failover to another node internally?

In oracle rac, If user query a select query and in processing data is fetched but in the duration of fetching the particular node is evicted then how failover to another node internally?The query is re-issued as a flashback query and the client proce

Verifying and parsing "query" in cm:select query="..." ...

I'm writting a session EJB that's passed a param (String query) which is supposed to be any valid "query" string passed to the cm:select tag (see "http://edocs.bea.com/wlcs/docs31/p13ndev/jsptags.htm#1057716" for more info on this tag