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mysql table relationships tutorial


Only first row of a mysql table is updated

Hi, I'm using Netbeans 5.5 with Visual Web Pack and trying to update data, stored in a mysql table. I use a dropdown list to select a row and show the data in various textfields. This works fine. The problem, that it's not possible to save changes, I

How can i access a mysql table without putting the data in a datagrid

I developed my air app with a datagrid which uses a php service to display all data from a table of strings in MySql. I now do not need the datagrid, how can i get the data from my database without putting it into a dataGrid? Do i need an array? how

Problem in inserting data into MySQL table

Hi All, I have a table with just two fields FIRSTNAME and SECONDNAME in MySQL. I am accepting the First Name and Second Name in two text fields and then trying to insert them into the MySQL table. I have set the concurrency of the rowset to CONCUR_UP

Exporting a MySQL table to Excel

My users have asked for the ability to download a MySQL table to an Excel spreadsheet. Being an amateur at all this PHP stuff I googled around and found a script that is supposed to do this. It's failing with "Couldn't select database: Access denied

Fields missing from MYSQL table in Database Expert

I have just updgraded from Crystal XI to 2011 and I am still having issues with joining a mysql table to any other table. Fields show up in field explorer but when I try to uise Database expert the only filed in the MYSQL table is the ID field. Am I

How to insert data into the mysql table by giving as a text file

Hi, Any one know's how to insert data into the mysql table by giving as a text file as the input in JSP.Please respond ASAP. Thanks:)At least you can try StringTokenizer to parse your text files. Or download a text JDBC driver to parse your files, fo

Table relationship in PDF Format

hi all can anyone send me all SAP Table relationships in PDF Format. thanks in Advance.Check the below URL: http://www.erpgenie.com/sap/abap/tables.htm ThanksRead other 3 answers

Inserting Into MYSQL Table Via Air/PHP = Not Allowed?

I'm having trouble inserting data into my mysql database tables through my air app. All the code is pretty much exactly the same as in some examples I've seen but it simply won't do it. Is this because of some sort of security restriction because the

InvalidFieldtype from mysql-tables:  chars instead of decimals

Fieldtype form mysql-tables accessed via ODBC are in Crystal Reports 2008 almost all chars instead of decimals with Crystal Reports 8 it works, with 2008 german (even with SP1) all fieldtypes are false ! Mysql  -> CrystalReports Decimal(1,0) -> Char

Number of characters in a dynamic form/list/mysql table

Hi all, I mentioned this in a previous post but wanted to give it a home of it's own.  I have a dynamic list, updated and edited by a dynamic form.  However, with one of the columns I can only fit about 50% / 4 lines of text in.  I am unsure whether

Failed to create MySQL tables. Installation aborted. BOE XI 3.1 Linux

Tried to do a full install of BOE XI 3.1 Linux on Redhat 5 with at least the mimimum requirements and it goes through fine but then in the end errors out with "Failed to create MySQL tables. Installation aborted." Any ideas on what is causing th

Making a jtable auto updates itself from a mysql table

Pretty much what the title says. How can i auto update the jtable for every time my mysql table is updated in anyway? i am implementing this auto update function in my admin program which displays a list of users who are online etc. from the moment a

Required CRM Tables & Relationship Diagram

Hi All, I need CRM Tables & Relationship Diagram. Anybody there to help me to get this. Its urgent. Thanks in advance. my mail ID: [email protected] Thanx & Regards, SantoshHi Sai, Can anybody send me CRM tables mapping to [email protected] Thanks

DMV to list table relationships in a Power Pivot model ?

I have used different queries based on DMVs which let you extract data from a Power Pivot model in order to create a design documentation: list of tables, columns, calculated columns formulas, measures ...etc.  Yet, I have not found the way to extrac

It's possible ON UPDATE CASCADE in table relationships?

Hi, how are you? Sorry my weak English, I'm brazilian. I like create an "ON UPDATE CASCADE" in my table relationship but find only "ON DELETE CASCADE" in Oracle 9i Database Online Documentation. I would like your help. Thank you. Eduar

Insert date from YUI calendar into mysql table

Is there a way to insert the date selected from the YUI calendar into a mysql table?I have been in trouble since last 2 days... I have tried all possible and explored any related topics.. Still I cannot address the problem. Problem 1: I have a simple

How to remove/delete from a mysql table

Hello! Please can someone help me with this one; I need to remove/delete a a row in a mysql table. When I use the query below, it removes this line from other tables containing the same numbers too. I only want to remove it from this table alone Stri

Fact and dimension table relationship?

hi in se38 i executed this program sap_infocube_designs i got all cubes and percentage , this is directly fact and dimension table relationship based on this i need to take action is it line item dimension or high cardinality (dimen>20% fact line, di

RegEX for a valid mysql table name

Hi all, i'm trying to figure out a regular expression for a mysql table so i can check if the string is a valid mysql table name. I don't know exactly the valid characters for a mysql table name. does any one have an Idea ? thnxYou win the deal i don

Map MySQL Tables in RPD

1. Created new physical database in RPD for MySQL 2. Setup Connection Pool -- Call Interface ODBC 3.5 -- Checked: Shared Logon, Enable connection pooling, Use multithreaded connections and parameters supported 3. Click view data on one of the tables