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MySQL Training for Beginners


What is your opinion on short course Java training for beginners?

A 4-day Java training class is being offered to some here that have (0) Java experience. I don't remember who is offering the course, but it's ostensibly designed for beginners and the list of items to learn in these four days runs about like this: 1

Mac Training For Beginners

I've just bought my first Mac (Book Pro Retina) Apple won't allow me to purchase One to One training as I didn't buy from their retail store. I did read the T&C but I didn't understand their definition of retail store until today . I take responsibil

HANA Cloud Integration Training for Beginners

Hi All, My name is Vinay and I'm EAI Engineer working on a Third party Integration tool.  I want to learn HANA Cloud Integration . I don't have any experience in SAP technologies, Any suggestions where to Start .  Also let know the prerequisites to s

Using LIMIT function in PHP/MySQL Dreamweaver RecordSet

I want to have a record set that skips the first record, and shows the next three. I've found several suggestions online to use the LIMIT function, but I keep getting "error in SQL syntax." What am I missing? mysql_select_db($database_adventcms,

Any great Javascript training available online?

Hi, I am an artist who appreciates the awesome power of Javascript, and I have come to realize how great it would be to become proficient in it. I wanted to ask this community: 1. Can you recommend any really excellent Javascript training for beginne

Financial statement version in fs00 how do i change the lanugage to english

Hi Experts I am currently asked to train a beginners course AC010 for FI. Below is one of the tasks i have to take the students through.Please look at F is where my question is?? Enter the new G/L account 700## in the financial statement version INT

LIMIT function in Hibetnate

hi, i am new user of hibernate. My question is how to get values from table using HQL. . My table have 100 rows and this primary key value's are random. i want to take 20 rows from 51 th Row to 70 th Row .How to write HQL? Thanks senthilAnd there we

Video Tutorials for SAP Basis & Security

Hi, Is Any CBT Nuggets/Video Tutorials are also available for SAP Basis & Security??? please provide me the link if it is availableSaurabh, You cannot expect A to Z of SAP Basis and Security tutorials in videos. May be you can find some basic to impo

How to buy DPS pro for Latvia?

Hi! I can see, that the question has been asked before, but I'll try my luck anyway... It seems impossible to buy Adobe DPS pro edition - i've tried contacting support and have been redirected back and forth between sales and support with no luck. Th

Lion Server odbc mysql install training/help

Is there any video training available from apple. They don't to document anymore. I am looking to install mysql and odbc on my Lion Server, but would like to see what Apple supports versus all of the incomplete product websites trying to sell me some

I need help with DW, PHP & MySQL please.

Hello, I am new to website development and am trying to set up a form for collecting data on my website and have a question that I can't find an answer to anywhere else. I was wandering if someone there would be kind enough to help?  I am using Dream

How to get data into the mySQL database?

First some background. I have a website that has outgrown its designed dimensions and is a huge burden to maintain. See PPBM5 Benchmark There is a lot of maintenance work involved, so I'm investigating a PHP/MySQL approach to easen the burden and to

Help!  I'm trying to install mysql....and FAILING!

I am trying to install mysql, but the instructions that the Lynda.com course on PHP Essential Training are for a previous version of OS X (10.4, I believe) and I am lost and tied up in knot and frustrated beyond all belief. Is there a set of SIMPLE b

Beginners guide to PowerPivot data models

Hi, I've been using PowerPivot for a little while now but have finally given into the fact that my lack of knowledge about data modelling is causing me all kinds of problems. I'm looking for recommendations on where I should start learning about data

Date (date and time) with MySQL, register here!

Hi, Summary: I have a page (form) to capture attendance. It works, it allows user to enter their attendance details. On click, it writes to the database - table. The date is not captured on the form. I want to date stamp this by inserting a date (dat

Create Connection to MySQL database

Has anyone figured out how to use the cPanel interface at goDaddy in conjunction with Dreamweaver to connect to a database? (They used to use Starfield where I would build my databases and connect to them, but that is all changed now.) Now I cannot e

Counting rows in a mysql query

Hey How do i count the rows in a mysql query? I have tried to make a while loop (as you can see in the code), but if i make this while loop i cant use the same query to get the database data. Doesnt java have a function that counts the rows? public D

How to review training videos?

Hello, I'm reviewing a coworker's training videos and am new to this.  What criteria should I use in reviewing a demonstration-based training video? I think in order to provide  effective feedback, I need a list of elements that make good training vi

Best CS4 online training

Hi everyone, I am new to CS4 but have just purchased photoshop, dreamweaver, Illustrator, etc...because I want to create a website from scratch. I have built websites before using front-end applications but have never had full access to the source co

Petstore install problem on Derby and Mysql (Linux) - Upper case table name

Hi I seem to have a problem which may also be at the heart of many threads here - the tables are created in lower case yet referenced in UPPER CASE. If the DB is case sensitive, the tables arent found. does anyone have an UPPER CASED VERSION OF THE S