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MySQL Truncated Incorrect Double Value


"Data truncation: Incorrect datetime value" Error Message

Hello, I'm running Coldfusion 8 with a MySQL database. The s10Date column is of type "datetime". What would cause the following error to occur when I'm entering data into the database? Data truncation: Incorrect datetime value: '{ts '2008-09-03

Truncating a double

How to truncate a double value to two places after decimal point? Is there any method class in JAVA to do this? Problem: If I declare a double value and store some result in it, it is giving me up to twenty places after decimal point but I want to ge

MySQL error: "Incorrect table name ``": [was: please help me]

the script language is php & mysql database i created 2 files : the first : i made in it the following steps : 1- created recordset 2- dragged and dropped one field which i need to delete 3- put ( delete ) word and linked it with the second page by p

How to delete the data loaded into MySQL target table using Scripts

Hi Experts I created a Job with a validation transformation. If the Validation was failed the data passed the validation will be loaded into Pass table and the data failed will be loaded into failed table. My requirement was if the data was loaded in

Converting from milliseconds to a date format in java

This so that, that date can be inserted into a date column in mysql What I have is something like 1119193190 I do: SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("MMM dd,yyyy HH:mm"); Date resultdate = new Date(yourmilliseconds); System.out.println

Instrument I/O Assistant

Hello, I have created a vi which uses the I/O assistant. I am having a problem in that when I create a runtime build from the vi which I have written (attached) I find that the data it extracts from the com port using I/O assistant is truncated. This

PreparedStatement and Date inputs

Hello, Trying to recover table rows with date columns inside from mysql, I do the following without any success : String sqlFilter = "SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE startdate>=\"?\" AND startDate<\"?\""; PreparedStatement

Strong color cast in prints

I'm printing from Aperture to an Epson R800 and the prints come out with a very strong red/brown color. Its not like a subtle cast from, say a miscalibrated monitor (monitor is a Dell 2407 WFP A02 calibrated with a Huey pro). I have the following rel

SwingUtilities2.clipString(...)  problems

I am having problems with a JLabel rendering in a JTable on resize with Chinese characters. The SwingUtilities2 (Java 5) clipString method does not support surrogate pairs. This method is buried deep into the API and would be a pain to override. This

Reset button in Dashboard showing error

Hi, I have placed the code for reset button in the text box and checked the HTML Markup And in the dashboard the Reset Prompts is displayed. When i click the button its showing the below error. *"The page cannot be found* *The page you are looking fo

Print Color Management Problem w. Photoshop Elements and Tiger/Leopard

Has anyone tried printing with ICC profiles through Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac? Apparently, it does not work on Tiger nor Leopard? My prints look very dark and over-saturated. The Datacolor folks, who make the Spyder3 calibrators I'm using, say my

Dark prints with PSE 10

My prints look fine on my screen but print too dark.  I've spent time lowering the brightness on my iMac monitor, calibrating the monitor, tried every combination of Photoshop managing the print, the printer (Epson1900) managing printing, Adobe 1998,

Impact of wrong DNS in DHCP scope for CCM

We recently deployed some phones at a new site  which were displaying  error messages on the screen The initial issue was that Option 150 as not set up - resolved- Phone now seemed to register to CCM (8.6) - IP address located to phone but CCM was sh

Prefix Index and Substing Index not working

Dear all, I'm trying to set the following preference to create my index: begin ctx_ddl.create_preference('substring_pref', 'BASIC_WORDLIST'); ctx_ddl.set_attribute('substring_pref','PREFIX_INDEX','TRUE'); ctx_ddl.set_attribute('substring_pref','PREFI

Stupid question, but, I can't do this

how can I truncate a double value to only 2 decimals?!Hi, Try this: Double dbl = new Double (1.2345); DecimalFormat fmt = new DecimalFormat(); fmt.setMinimumFractionDigits(2); fmt.setMaximumFractionDigits(2); String dblStr = fmt.format(dbl); System.o

Renaming song/artist/album information

I have been uploading cd's (many of which were old "mix cd's" that I've burned over the years)onto itunes for the past six months. Since many of the cd's were burns, I had to type in the song information myself. Until now, I only had the time to

Arrrgh!  Aperture goes feral - Colours all over the place

Hi, I have only had the iMac for a week, so apologies if this is bleeding obvious to everybody else. Installed the Aperture trial tonite and imported my existing raw folder structure. The resulting photos showing in Aperture 2.1.1 trial looked like p

Webmail rejects login for all user accounts

My mail accounts hosted on Server work fine with client access, but not webmail. Our server is set for imap & pop but our apple clients are set for imap. After getting the basic send/receive (imap) working via the client, I used Server Admin to: * un

Temperature conversion not working can someone help me.

import java.awt.Graphics; // program uses class Graphics import javax.swing.JApplet; // program uses class JApplet import javax.swing.JOptionPane; public class Temp1 extends JApplet // draw text on applet's background public void paint( Graphics g )

Payment receipt

what does it mean when you send money and on your receipt it says unclaimed? Did I just lose my money because the recipeint is saying they didnt receive it.Hi danawingo If its unclaimed then usually the email address is incorrect double check the ema