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View Table Data

I apologize in advance if this question is obvious - I am new to JDeveloper. In JDeveloper 9.x, I recall the ability to connect to an Oracle database and view the data in a table via a "Data" tab in the Connection Manager. Since then, I've insta

DataServices 3.1 AIX/DB2 problem viewing table data.

This is a brand new DS 3.1 installation. After install, DI part works fine, jobs run, and we can view table data. At one point view table data became very slow, actually after a 30-second hour-glass show, an empty grey  window shows up.Hi Mahir, the

Viewing Tables/data from an old tablespace

I'm using a database Oracle 11g. I have a DBF file of an old tablespace from a different database that I want to connect to the existing database. I've created a tablespace with REUSE caluse, and it was created successfully SQL> create tablespace TES

SQL Developer - viewing table data while debugging

Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. I'm using SQL Developer to debug a complex stored procedure line by line. There are a lot of inserts / updates / deletes in the procedure and I'd like to be able to view the data in the relevant tables after e

ORA-01461 error when migrating MySQL -- Oracle table data

All, I'm migrating MySQL 4.x to Oracle10g. Everything went smoothly except for one table was unable to migrate data, giving me the following error: Unable to migrate data from source table mysql.mytable to destination table root.MYTABLE : ORA-01461:

EA1: BUG: View Table Data: Filter gets lost when switching tabs

Hi, open a table, choose the data tab and enter a filter condition. The data is filtered. Bug is a) choose e.g. constraint tab for the same table and then again the data tab. Data remains filtered, but filter is not displayed b) pin the table, open a

MySQL  will not display table data

I correctly set the datasource connect to MySQL I can update the table from within creator but I cant get Creator to view the data.Duplicate of http://swforum.sun.com/jive/thread.jspa?threadID=51486&tstart=0Read other 2 answers

Weird problem with mysql query and data table buttons !!!!

Hi, I'm using jsc 2 update 1 on windows and mysql 4.1 . I have a page with a data table. One column of the data table contains "Details" buttons. Source query for the table is : SELECT tbl_tesserati.idtbl_tesserati idTesserato, tbl_tesserati.num

Can't view my data on my table in EM

Can anyone tell me why I am getting the error below after executing my control file and also why I can't view that data which was loaded. SQL*Loader: Release - Production on Thu Jul 12 16:28:57 2007 Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle. All ri

Unable to display table data in Review View

Hi Experts, I have one main view and one review View .In my main view i have one table (Normal Table) and several other input feilds and text views.... If i click on review button in my main view, am able to see all the data in review view except tab

How to edit data from a "View Table"?

I am importing data from a "table view" where in sql it joins several tables into one view. When I passed it in using the template it doesnt have the "Edit command column" like other direct link tables. Is there anyway I could make a v

View of set up tables data in se11??????????

Hi, can we view the data in se11 thru set up tables names? if so then how do we find set up tables names, say for example if i am using 2lis_13_VDHDR then how can i view the data apart from RSA3 after filling up of set up tables? is there any chance

How to View master data & Trasaction data tables for Puchasing Cube

Hi BW masters, How should I check which tables (Master data tables and Transaction data tables) are involved with Business Content Cube(Purchasing data 0PUR_C01). I would like to know this information in order to go to that table and browse the data

How to delete the data loaded into MySQL target table using Scripts

Hi Experts I created a Job with a validation transformation. If the Validation was failed the data passed the validation will be loaded into Pass table and the data failed will be loaded into failed table. My requirement was if the data was loaded in

Is it possible to view/get the table data from a dump file

I have dmp files generated using expdp on oracle 11g.. expdp_schemas_18MAY2013_1.dmp expdp_schemas_18MAY2013_2.dmp expdp_schemas_18MAY2013_3.dmp Can I use a parameter file given below to get the table data in to the sql file or impdp the only option

Viewing the Result Table Data?

Hello, Please let me know the steps how to see the result table data after running the Remuneration Statement or before running the Remuneration Statement.Hi, Payroll result will be available after running the payroll in live mode. then go to pc_payr

Error when using MySQL view that has name greater than 30 characters

Hi, am loading MySQL data to an Oracle table using an ODI 11g Interface. The interface errors when the name of the MySQL view exceeds 30 characters. A "view not found" error is encountered. Is there any work around when using source datastores (

Getting an error while viewing a data in owb

Hi, I created an External table based on a flat file. But I am not able to view the data in the external table while the flat file has the data. I am using this external table as a source in my mapping but no data is getting loaded even after the suc

Can't view changed data in journal data

Hi, I have implemented JKM Oracle 10g Consistent Logminer on Oracle 10g with the following option. - Asynchronous_mode : yes - Auto_configuration : yes 1. Change Data Capture -> Add to CDC, 2.Subscriber->subscribe (sunopsis), 3. Start Journal The jo

Excel issues with importing CSV or HTML table data from URL - Sharepoint? Office365?

Greetings, We have a client who is having issues importing CSV or HTML table data as one would do using Excel's Web Query import from a reporting application.  As the error message provided by Excel is unhelpful I'm reaching out to anyone who can hel