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MySQL Workbench Create Table


JDeveloper Mapping Workbench - Create Table References?

How can I create a Table Reference in JDeveloper's Mapping Workbench? For example, I have ITEM and ITEM_DETAILS tables. The DB does not have a FK defined from ITEM_DETAILS and ITEM. So I need to create the Toplink Table Reference myself. In the stand

Mysql 'show create table' equivalent

hi, could you tell me the equivalent command in oracle to derive the script used to create a table. thanksi was hoping there was a cmd i could issue in sql*plus to do it, i fancy this as a more long term solution for when my database is bigger. thank

Create table in DB2

I use JDBC Type 4 driver to connect to Db2. But the statement always trigger Exception. SQLException DB2 SQL error SQLCODE:-104 SQLSTATE:42601 Did I configure DB2 wrong? This statement is ok for oracle and mysql. CREATE TABLE department dept_id integ

How to create table using mysql in LabVIEW

Hii            I am using mysql database Toolkit for my project.  In that how to New create a table. Is there any possiblilites to create a table using query...can u send a sample prg ... and inform which toolkit Vi to use....  The SQL syntax for cre

Setting the runtime environment for MySQL & creating tables,compile query

Hi.... i am a new user of MySQL server.i don't know the Rutime Environment on my machine.so please tell me how can i set the environment for MySQL. How can i create tables & compile query please tell me?All of those are MySQL only questions. Nothing

MySql WorkBench crashes when saving, creating new stored procedure.

Process:         MySQLWorkbench [5284] Path:            /Applications/MySQLWorkbench.app/Contents/MacOS/MySQLWorkbench Identifier:      com.oracle.mysql.workbench Version:         6.2.3 (1) Code Type:       X86 (Native) Parent Process:  launchd [270]

How to create table with jsp in mysql

Hi, every one, I just want to know how to create a table with jsp in mysql, please. Thanks in advanceI have got the same question. I tried to pass sql "Create table" statement, but the servlet engine (tomcat4) threw an error "could not mani

[SOLVED] building mysql-workbench with lib32-libpng12

i installed the mysql-workbench package because i want a gui interface for making query tables (from large database and non-repetitive queries): $ pacman -Ss mysql-workbench community/mysql-workbench 5.1.18-1 MySQL Workbench is a cross-platform, visu

Unable to create table in Dictionary DC

Hi All, I m trying to add one more table to my Dictionary DC. I created table and nothing is getting attached to the Activity that I created for this !!! So when m adding it to DTR manually (right click -> add to DTR),  it is showing error pop up msg

Creating tables using jsp

hi I have a mysql database and table which contains subjects(1-10). so I want to create a table, rows are fixed to 10 and columns based on number of subjects. the field on the database can have null value meaning if record1 has 3 subjects it must cre

CREATE TABLE for another OWNER/SCHEMA and in another TABLESPACE?

I am logged in a SYSTEM user. Now I want to create a table aaa. The owner of this table should not be SYSTEM but user KARL. and the TABLESPACE should not be SYSTEM but the (existing) TABLESPACE tttt. As far as I know I can achieve this by issuing the

SQLPLUS - Create Table statement

Hello gents/ladies. I have a few tables that I want to import from a DUMP file I have from MySQL. My quickie question : I've removed all the MySQL specific formatting ( I thought ) like Type=MYISAM and similar, and ended up with a CREATE TABLE statem

Create Table Problem

I am creating a datbase interface using Java and there is this error when I try this SQL Statement: CREATE TABLE [IF NOT EXISTS] 06_2008_Running_Log it throws this error: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.MySQLSyntaxErrorExceptio n: You have an error in your

MYSQL backup, mysql -e "FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK" doesnt work

I want to backup mysql locking tables first using flush tables with readlock, then do rsync and then unlock tables. I want to do it automatically using script. When I log in to mysql using: mysql -u root -p the command: FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK; w

Creating an auto incrementing field with CREATE TABLE from Java

I'm using the "sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver" to get a connection towards an ODBC data source that's linked to a Access (.mdb) database. I've tried various combinations in my CREATE TABLE statement execution in order to create a table with an aut

Create table - invisible to other users

Hi, i'm using Oracle XE 10g, and I have a following problem: when I log in as "user1" and create a table (create table test ...) then I don't see this table when logged as "user2"... Both users have same access rights. What is wrong? I

Error while creating table

Hi, I am getting an error while creating a table, create table cs_temp_xml_data as select rowid RW_ID, value(d).getClobVal() xml_value FROM cs_tmp_wcl_xml_data p,table(xmlsequence(extract(p.xml_data,'/records/record'))) d ; Here cs_tmp_wcl_xml_data c

Error while creating table from csv file

I am getting an error while creating a table using 'Import Data' button for a csv file containing 22 columns and 8 rows. For primary key, I am using an existing column 'Line' and 'Not generated' options. ORA-20001: Excel load run ddl error: drop tabl

Error while creating table "EDISEGMENT' entry 'BIC/CIBA0PLANT_ATTR

While loading master data for 0PLANT, its giving me following error. "error while creating table "EDISEGMENT' entry 'BIC/CIBA0PLANT_ATTR" Please help me out. Thankssteve, Can you give the solution you used to correct this problem? This erro

Logical error in creating tables using db link in solaris

Hi, While creating table using the syntax create table newtab...as select * from [email protected] .. I am facing a problem. The newtab table created is having a structure different (from datalength point of view of varchar2 and char datatypes) from the sou