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mysql workbench foreign key tutorial


[PHP-MYSQL] tutorial on using ADDT and dynamic list/form with self-foreign keys?

Hi all, I have a 3 levels catagoris product catalog and would like to manage it using dynamic list/forms. I'm searching info about using self-foreign keys on dynamic list/forms. Is there any tutorial on how to manage this kind of tables using addt? t

Problem to insert id into the foreign key  php/mysql

Hello all, I'm having rouble to understand the process and there is no tutorial about my problem anywhere I have two table: Table 1 (member) with id, name, phone etc Table2 (post) add_id, title, description, price, member_id I got a form to post the

Problem with Foreign Key relationships in SAP R/3 4.7

Hi Experts, I am trying to create a foreign key relationship between 2 transparent tables in SAP R/3 4.7 Table 1:ZAAVNDR (MANDT (pk), VENDORNO (pk), NAME, REGION, COUNTRY (fk)) Foreign Key Table Table 2: ZAAVNDRREF(MANDT(pk), COUNTRY (pk)) ---Check t

Foreign key fields not getting populated in datacontrol palette for EJB app

Hi, I am quite new to ADF and EJB.I developed a jdeveloper application with JSF and EJB tiers.(I am using jdeveloper For database the default HR database is used.I created the entities for the EMPLOYEES and DEPARTMENTS table. I also created

Problem with foreign key in entity bean in WSED..Plzzzzz help!!!!!

hi all, m very new to ejb...m crerating container managed entity bean in wsed..The steps I have followed r as follows, i) created 2 tables in database,one is PARENT with fields ID(Primary Key) and NAME and another is CHILD with fields ID1(Foreign Key

Foreign key errors in sql plus

Hello, im pretty new to sql and i am stuck on a project in my database management class and i was wondering if anyone can help us out. I don't know if it would be easier to send what i've done or just post the error so if anyone could help it will be

Foreign Keys on a Table

Hello, On a MySQL Database this Table is given: CREATE TABLE Device ( DeviceID int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, TypeID int(11) default NULL, Type ID is a foreign Key that references to another Table which maps the number to a VARCHAR fpr example 1 --

EMIGALL : problem of foreign key

Hi everybody I m working on a EMIGALL migration and i met one problem with foreign key… My field VKONT is defined (in specific table ZR006SAT) like a foreign key with check table FKKVK (Contract Account Header). It means that an entry can be inserted

Lost about 60-75% of my primary and foreign keys when Migrating from SQL Server 7

Hi All, I did an almost successful migration between SQL Server 7.0 and Oracle9i. What happened: I seem to have lost my primary and foreign keys in the migration. The funny thing is when I viewed the constraints and indexes in Toad, they were there.

Mapping Tool foreign keys

<field name="employee"> <extension vendor-name="kodo" key="jdbc-field-map" value="one-one"> <extension vendor-name="kodo" key="column.ID" value="EMPLOYEE_ID"/> </ex

Hibernate foreign key

Can I set foreign key of primitive variable? public class WoodId implements Serializable{         //Foreign key would work if it is like this: private Truck truckNo; instead I wrote      private Long truckNo; //foreign key of Truck.truckNo         @I

Can not insert null into foreign key issue

Hi , I am having parent-child relationship table. In the child table when I am adding a new record , data is getting inserted with foreign key. After insert if I immediately update the same record. Its giving error that can not insert null into forei

ODI not able to detect primary/foreign keys from XML- user lacks privilege or object not found

Hi Guys, Im trying to load an xml file with two entities address and employee as below. The topology reverse engineering everything works fine. Im even able to view the xml data  in ODI,  but when i try to load the data from these two entities joinin

How to get multiple row data in single row for one value of foreign key

i want to get data from a table in a way that all the emp_id corresponding to one manager_id in employee table come in one row. (emp_id is the primary key and manager_id is the foreign key) Since there are different emp_id whose manager_id is same so

Foreign key

How can I insert a row into a table with the foreign key of column ID? The foreign key link to other unique key of other table. My code: Long id = 43850943l; PreparedStatement persInfUpdate = con.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO PersonalInfo (ID, FirstN

Binding for table produces list for other tables using foreign key and crea

Using software Jdev 11G, WLS 11G, Oracle DB 11G, Windows Vista platform technology EJB 3.0, jspx, backing beans, session bean I cannot create a namedquery on my secondary table. The method for the column uses the entity object rather than the name an

Can we associate index with foreign key?

hello i have searched and could not find the answer to the above; i have a foreign key constraint on the tables; i added an index on that column as well; however when i query the all_constraints, under index_name for this foreign constraint there is

Subquery in IF statement in trigger, without using foreign keys

Hello, I'm investigating ways of writing a subquery in an IF statement, which is placed inside a trigger. I wanna write smth like IF (:new.jazz not in (select goldies from T where ... )) etc. I don't know whether the fact that the IF is in a trigger

How to create a foreign key for the table from two different tables?

Hi All, I have a three table like below. In the below table SAMPLE_CONS_CHECK and SAMPLE_CONS2_CHECK will be having the primary key for NAME column. The same SAMPLE_CONS3_CHECK table also having the primary key for NAME column and forieign key for SA

Transfer data from one database to another without identities but keep the relation b/w PK and Foreign key

Hi, I need to transfer data from one database to another database (both are identical databases).  1. Not transferring identity columns (primary keys). the destination table might have the same key. 2. keep the PK's and FK's relation b/w parent and c