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necessity of wave shaping


MacBook Pro Doesn't Always Connect to WI-FI Router at Start-Up

I have an internittant problem with my MacBook Pro (8,3 - 2011/Intel Core i7). It's configured with original Airport Extreme card. For the most part, the wireless system runs without a problem. I've always been able to connect to wireless networks at

Massive problem when exporting my video from Adobe CS6

I have 25fps, 1440 on 780. On premiere pro, everthing seems fine, and the quality is good. However, when i export my file (H.264), the video lags, and most importantly, has waves shaped stripes that difform the image. These lines and stripes occur as

Plugins result in no audio

I'm running the latest version of GB, and when I install a plugin, and use it, after using the plugin for about five to ten seconds the sound for it will completely stop working. The only way to get sound in BG back is to change instruments, then If

Diamond shaped icon on my annunciator line

Two nights ago my phone rebooted itself (I wonder if I received an automatic update) and the next morning there was a diamond shaped icon with crosshairs running through it and 3 wave lines to the right of it on the annunciator line at the top of my

Besides native waves what can i get?

I was interested in native waves either the gold, diamond, or platinum editions. Alas no luck finding one at the usual places...So onto the bigger question at hand..what are some sound shaping plug in's you recommend for logic express? I have a few o

Auditioning wav loops at correct tempo

Hi Forum I have been a Protools user for several years, but because of all the usual annoyances with PT I have decided to join the Logic camp, just today in fact. However one feature I am immediately missing is the protools equivalent of "Calculate E

Can not see wave form in arrange window  logic 9 Please help

I have been using Logic for 3 months now...mostly just importing old wave files from past protools sessions.  Everything was working fine until I created a new session to record audio.  I record the audio at a nice level...I hit playback...I can hear

Unable to add wav audio clips to Audio1 timeline

I am mystified as to why Encore is not letting me place specific .wav files into the Audio 1 timeline. Encore will let me put the files into the Audio 2 timeline, just not Audio 1. The wav files that cannot be placed in the Audio1 timeline have been

USB-6009 Sine Wave

Hi, I am new to LabView and am having some trouble. I need to input two sine waves into a USB-6009. I have a voltmeter that should read the output. Two of the problems that I have had thus far: I can only use "On Demand" in DAQ Assistant and eve

Why the wave is disvisible?? I used measurement studio 7.0.1 in my existing VC++ 6.0 project

I have an existing Microsoft Visual C++ project  MyProj. I  have installed the NI measurement studio 7.0.1 on my computer yesterday. I have added a CWGraph control on a dialog of MyProj via "Project-> Add To Project->Components and Controls...-

I can't see Loops in Acid WAV format on Logic's loop Browser

Hi everybody, I recently bought a bunch of loops in Acid WAV format that claims to be compatible with Apple Loops. I can see them and even I can hear them on my finder but they don't show up in Logic's loops browser which makes them useless... They a

How do I change the key of a wav file?

I'm using Apple Loops Utility and the wav file plays the correct key & tempo there. But when I save it, and open it up in LE or add it into the arrangement, it's playing the original key? The only thing that is correct is the tempo. Can you change th

Placing 24/192 WAV files on iTunes for playback through Wadia 170 iTranspor

I record live music on a Sound Devices 722 digital audio recorder at 24/192 as WAV files. I can import the 24/192 WAV file into iTunes on a Mac and the bit rate is displayed as 9216 kps. This makes sense since 24x192=9216. When I click on the song in

Broadcast Wav files from PT to Logic not moving to original record position

Okay, my system needs upgrading but I'm stable (at least I think I am til now!) I have a TV network sending me broadcast wav files from PT. They shoot their video on a 24 hour clock. I'm to be editing and mixing (in Logic) their audio tracks from PT

Wav files on external drive will not work in Apple Loops

When I import wav files (from Nu Jazz Funk library) by dropping on the AL browser from an external drive, Apple Loops insists on copying them to my system drive (no option to make use current location). If I manually make an alias, the files show up,

Tempo problems with imported wav files

Hey everyone, sorry if there's a quick fix for this in the forums that I couldn't find, but I've been having some tempo problems with imported .wav files. Long story short, my system couldn't handle playing all the tracks for a song while recording d

Fake aiff and real aiff from wav ?

1) When in garageband if I just batch convert an entire folder of wav to aiff with Apple loop utility even if all the wav loops have different tempo and key all will have one meta data or information which will not hold true for all loops.....so isnt

How to play .wav file from url in iphone.

We are using callfire API for in our iPhone application(Hybrid application build using sencha and phonegap). The concept of the app is to show the recorded calls in a list and on click of any call in the list it will play the recorded audio file(.wav

Unable to play .wav file from URL.

We are using callfire API for in our iPhone application(Hybrid application build using sencha and phonegap). The concept of the app is to show the recorded calls in a list and on click of any call in the list it will play the recorded audio file(.wav

How to play .wav file from URL in web browser embed

Hi; I want to play a .wav sound file in embed default media player in IE. Sound file is on some HTTP location. I am unable to sound it in that player. Following is the code. URL url = new URL("http://www.concidel.com/upload/myfile.wav");