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Using Powershell to set Multiple timed.servers with variables

Having an issue using PowerShell to set 3 timed.servers which are defined in a variable. Running the commands: $TimeServers = "IPaddress1,IPaddress2,IPaddress3"Set-NaOption -OptionName timed.servers -OptionValue $TimeServers Thanks in advance!Hi

Small Network Server Options - Advice?

I have a small group of macs ranging from first-gen Powermac G4s to relatively new imac G5s that I would like to set up on a legitimate network. Currently I have them connected on a networked Lacie external-HD - Which works for the most part, but I w

Netapp Plug-In for Symantec NetBackup and SMTape

I am trying to provide a solution to a customer that involves SMTape to seed SnapMirror (VSM) relationships across a slow network connection between TX and KY.  I've found some really good docs about doing this.  However,  I would like to be able to

Adding RAM to Servers in the pool, manager doesn't see the new value.

We recently updated all of the servers that make up our OVM Server Farm from 8G to 16G however when I click on one of the servers in the pool using the Manager it still displays the old value of 8G. One way we found to update the value was to delete

Can't find class org/apache/jk/apr/AprImpl

Hi I have Tomcat 4.1.29 and Apache Web Server 2.0.48 installed. I have used this tutorial since I'm a newbie :( http://www.gregoire.org/howto/Apache2_Jk2_TC4.1.x_JSDK1.4.x.html My problem is when I try to regroup them, I obtained this error error.log

Help with Apache plugin for Tomcat

I downloaded jakarta-tomcat-connectors-jk2-src-current.tar.gz from apache.org. I am trying to install this without any progress. The web page http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat/tomcat-4.1-doc/jk2/index.html gives lots of info on how to install the plug

Erratic LDAP Behaviors

We are in the process of migrating from an all NetWare platform, to a full OES2 environment. During this process we have a mixture of NetWare/OES2 servers in place so a fair mix at this point in the procedure. What I am trying to find out if anyone e

Text Caption appears in Edit Mode but not in Preview Project or Web Browser

I'm using Cp4 and have downloaded Adobe Flash 10 Active X, it's ver  I've added a simple text caption with these options: Timing Display:  Rest of slide Appear after:  2.0 seconds Transition effect:  Fade in only In: .5 seconds And Visibl

Report Conversion Tool  error

Hi exports iam using software 3.1 Iam facing below issue ,while  converting deski to webi reports Note : All my servers are up .. Is i need to enable any options in servers Thanks, RaghunathHi Raghu,     Try this idea: run it on server. Other user su

How do I make a reference that I can assign data to? Or,how do I mime void*

OK, I'm trying to do something where a class has 20+ variables, and I want to make a small, quick, and easy programming interface for it. There will be an assignment function that takes an integer indicating one of the variables, and an object, and a

How do you add a MAC address to air port so it will recognize a Nest thermostat

How do you add a MAC address to anAir PortIn a v5 utility it looks different to a v6 utility.. and you should not be using MAC restrictions anyway, unless you have time controls. MAC filtering is not adequate security. There are only two options Time

Many Ways to Update Your Firmware

The reasons for a firmware update differ from printer to printer, however the instructions listed on the website are basically the same.  Some firmware updates are required to resolve a specific issue, others enhance features but are not required.  Y

Problem in starting server with native mode enabled in jcom tab

Hi I am trying to use com component using jcom For this As per the document I enebled Enable com option under Servers -> Protocol ->Jcom tab I also wnat to enable the Native mode.. But when I eneble native mode server is not starting up It is giving

Safari Doesn't like Mac Discussions

I have the curious behaviour that clicking on any link produces a message that Safari can't load information from this page, yet clicking the same link a second time the link works This has been happening the entire time I have been using this forum.

Authentication and authorization for AD users in UCM11g

Hi all we are using webcenter content server 11g. I read some where that for 11g users authentication is done in weblogic server environment, mean content server for 11g in now managed by weblogic server only, am i right?. we have successfully integr

Creating "compiled" swf?

Aloha! It's been many, many moons since I've worked with Flash ( Flash 5, Circa 2001 eek! ) and I'm trying to get to grips with the new version. Apologies for anything that might seem "obvious" to full-time flash developers, I’ve never used the

Axis Disappearing From Animation

Hello, Without going into wasteful detail, I am building a powerpoint presentation that has four individual bar charts each with three bars of data (envision 4 charts, one bar chart in each corner,  each chart with three bars).  I have set this to an

Captivate 5 Text Buttons no longer have button outline/shadow

I've imported a Captivate 4 project into Captivate 5, and the Text Buttons in Cp5 don't seem to provide the button outline or shadow. Here's an image that shows what I start with in Cp4, and what the equivalent is in Cp5: I've looked all through the

Sending mail from using utl_smtp error......

Hi When i try to send mail like as follows DECLARE v_connection UTL_SMTP.CONNECTION; BEGIN v_connection := UTL_SMTP.OPEN_CONNECTION('xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx',25); UTL_SMTP.HELO(v_connection,'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx'); UTL_SMTP.MAIL(v_connection,'[email protected]');

Ask the Expert: Data Center Integrated Systems and Solutions

Welcome to this Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn and ask questions about utilizing Cisco data center technology and solutions with subject matter expert Ramses Smeyers. Additionally, Ramses will ans