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Lion NetBoot and NetInstall causing kernel panic

I'm trying to get NetBoot and NetInstall working on a recently set up a new Mac Mini with OS X Lion Server. We previously had Snow Leopard server and moved the existing images onto the Lion Server. However, when trying to boot off either image the ma

10.5 Server hosting 10.4 netboot and netinstall images

It appears that 10.5 Server can only host 10.5 netboot and netinstall images, at least according to the documentation that accompanies System Image Utility. Does anyone know of a workaround? I have 10.5 Server on our office Xserve, but only have one

NetBoot works, NetInstall doesn't

I am new to this forum and I have not been able to find an answer to this issue. If I missed it then I apologize. I have a Mac OS X Server (10.4.11) to which I connect my MacBook Pro (10.5.2) to via Firewire. I create a disk image using the Disk Util

Netbooting and NetInstalling Problems

Hello All! I have a problem, I have created an image off of a known to be working (I am using it now) install from my personal computer to boot off of for computer problems. But, when testing it out my computer would startup, display the rotating glo

Can NetInstall, but can't NetBoot - Tiger 10.4.3

I am having a horrible time trying to get our campus lab macs to NetBoot/NetInstall. I've poured over the documentation and the message boards both here and at the Bombich forums, tried every solution I can possibly think of with no luck. Here is the

Can't update MAC filtering in ServerAdmin/NetBoot at the Image level

Strange business here. I have one NetBoot image, set as Default. It's enabled and diskless. Clients can NetBoot to it just fine - no problem. It's great. I have two NetInstall images, created successfully with the System Image Util. They're both enab

Netboot drives not showing up on post start up of client macs

Hello I just had a question regarding netboot my images works fine its just that when I boot up my client computers and hold the alt key to see available drives it does not show any of the netboot or netinstall drives. But when I open a clients compu

Netboot w/ Multiple Partitions

Hello, I'm in an environment at a school where we have a currently unmanaged workgroup of macs for video editing, ~25. Some eMacs, some G4 iMacs, and some G5 PowerMacs. In anycase, we just bought a big MacPro w/ OS X server on it, and we're trying to

After installing Update 10.6.2 Server Netboot don`t work any more

After installing the combo update 10.6.2 Server Netboot dont work any more. This is the log oft from Serveradmin Netboot: Nov 10 15:53:48 xserver01 bootpd[1783]: BSDP INFORM [en0] 1,0:11:24:7e:fd:76 NetBoot001 arch=ppc sysid=PowerMac7,3 Nov 10 15:53:

NetInstall upgrade w/iMac G4 errors

Hello All, Current Setup: Intel Xserve running 10.5.4, netboot, nfs NetInstalling an iMac G4 1GHz Image = NetInstall upgrade created in SIU using a 10.5 DVD iMac G4 boots into the NetInstall and the install window loads up, but a quick exclamation po

NetInstall Not Working

Here's my problem. I installed 10.5 Server to be used only as an imaging server. NetBoot is enabled, the image is created and in the NetBoot folder, and is enabled AND set to default in the images in Server Admin. When I go to boot from the network,

Error: Netboot scheme bdsp not supported on EFI systems

I am trying to use the bless command to netboot to a specific server as below: sudo bless --netboot --server "bdsp://x.x.x.x" where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the NetBoot server. When I run this command, the error "Netboot scheme bdsp not

Imac and external hdd

im trying to boot from external hdd and efi bios does not even see the external hard drive!!!! i work at the educational facility and i just got 40 imacs that have to be cloned!!! doing every one of those by hand would be a nightmare. does apple actu

Having trouble installing 10.5 on xserve g5

Hello, I recently purchased an Xserve G5 from an auction site. It is a single processor 2.0ghz PPC moel with no graphics card and a CD drive and did not come with an installation CD for mac os server. Herein lies the problem... I have a Mac OSX Serve

I need to control students

Greetings All, I was wondering if someone can point me into the right direction. I have a school that needs to really lock down iMacs, iBooks and MacBooks (Ethernet and wireless). The clients are all on at least some flavor of 10.4.x, and I'm current

Also having DHCP problems -- I think.

I've been able to get the NetBoot and NetInstall service working on my test network (a MacMini running OS X Server 10.5.? and completely isolated from my school network). On my test network, the server is providing the DHCP service, and everything wo

Brand new machines are not able to boot to Disk or Network

Hi all, Ok so I have several new iMac's and MacBook Pro's that I am trying to get to boot to the network so that I can run DeployStudio to image with a dual boot OS. I keep running into a problem in which the machine will boot to the HD but will not

How best to migrate several Macs to Leopard?

I have 80+ Macs that are currently running Tiger 10.4.11. I would like to upgrade them all to Leopard 10.5.2. The Macs are a mix of PPC and Intel and all of them easily meet the spec for running Leopard. I currently have ARD and Tiger OS X Server at

Newbie to XServe

I have inherited our XServe and RAID which currently only provides disk space for video editing. We image many different kinds of Apples (MBP -PPC and Intel, G5's etc.. until recently we have done this with bootable external hard drives. I recently w

Starting to get mad against apple new products...

i have an iMac 27" early 2014... i got at in january just after it was out.. (exchange from apple for around the similar problem you'll read below and couldn't be resolved on a iMac 2013) Now i have a Little / Big problem depending for who... I was u