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E4200 Connection issues with two Samsung Blu-ray players at a time

Hi everybody, Sorry about my English, I have E4200 V1 router, it is working fine, and I am connecting different type of devices with it like desktop computer, laptop, iphone, printer and two Samsung 3d smart Blu-ray players. Everything is working fin

Samsung Blu-Ray player, Airport Extreme network, and streaming Netflix

I am very frustrated. Can you help? My husband just purchased a Samsung Blu-Ray BD-P3600 player and TV. I have read all of the forums on trying to connect this to an Airport Extreme network. After several days of trying different options, I still can

Samsung blue ray player

I just bought a new blue ray player but I have an old analog tv I want to watch netflix on my tv Can I do this?Jimmienomam wrote: Umm there are plenty Samsung blu ray players that have composite and component outputs. Both of which are analog. Also i

Connecting Samsung Blu-Ray to internet

I am trying to connect to internet/netflix and I have no clue how to do it.  My internet is in another room so running a cable isnt an option. I have a Samsung Blu-Ray BD-P1500 I bought a wireless N broadband router Linksys WRT160N I am at a loss of

Samsung Blu-ray Disc Player model BD-P4600

I just bought a Samsung Blu-ray Disc Player model BD-P4600. I was told by the store salesperson that it would work with my Mac on my home wireless network. I set everything up as directed and cannot get it to join my network. I even went online and l

Connecting samsung blue ray to OLD wireless D-Link Router

i recently purchased a samsung blue ray player with wireless capabilities.  when trying to connect to my D-link router used in my house it does not recognize the router (iphones and ipads used in the house pick up this network).  when i tried to manu

Stream from IMac to Samsung Blu Ray?

Is it possible to watch movies on my Samsung Blu Ray from my IMac? If so, what is the easiest way to do it?I just bought the MediaLink app to stream video from my iMac to PS3 but I have no idea how to set it up. How did you do it? The website doesn't

Samsung blu ray hook-up

I guess i'm like a couple of people who are not getting the picture quality at home that we experience in the stores.  I would like to know the best way to hook up my Samsung blu ray player to my Samsung hd tv?  Just use the HDMI cable?  I also have

Can you stream music and video to Samsung blu-ray players?

Hi I'm thinking of buying a Samsung blu-ray player with wireless connectivity. They have the Allshare feature so you can stream music and video content from your desktop to the player. I have read that it does not work with Mac - is that the case? Do

How do I fix the "Remove" button for my Netflix instant queue?

I cannot remove items from my Netflix Instant Queue through Apple tv, because the button that should say "Remove" says instead "+ Queue".  This is true even when I am in the "Instant Queue" area of Netflix on Apple tv.  I hav

I am not able to download flash player update to my samsung blu ray playe

I can not download flashplayer upate to my samsung blu ray player.  I click download and nothing happensI looked at Samsung support and I couldn't even find anything there.Read other 2 answers

I created a iMovie with photos, music and titles; shared it with the media browser and burned it on a DVD RDL. The disc will play on my MacBook Pro, but it will not play on my Samsung Blu-ray Disc Player or a smaller portable DVD player. Why?

I created an iMovie with photos, music and titles; shared it with the media browser and burned it on a DV+RDL. The disc will play on my MacBook Pro, but it will not play on my Samsung Blu-ray Disc Player or a smaller portable DVD player. Why?Probably

Keyboard for Samsung Blu Ray Player

I purchased a Samsung Blu Ray Player (Model: BD-F5900) from Best Buy as a Christmas gift for my daughter and I also purchased Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard/Mouse to use with it for accessing the internet, but when she tried to use it, it asked her

Samsung Blu Ray difficulties

Hey all- brand new to the forum. We just got a new Samsung blu ray last night, and I'm not sure if it's my stuffy head (woke up with a nasty cold) or the player, but I'm having a hard time with it. Got it all hooked up (hubby's a computer pro and rea

Connecting E3000 wirelessly to Samsung Blu Ray

I get a great wired connection but when I try for wireless the Samsung says I have a great connection, except when I try to use the Apps from the Blu Ray it tells me, No Internect Conncetion.  Samusung support tells me I need to "open the ports"

My samsung Blu Ray player won't work on my LG tv

For some reason when I hook up my samsung Blu Ray player to my LG tv with the HDMI cable it will not work. I've tried it on other brands and it works fine. Any ideas?Hello mdeis909, If your Samsung Blu-Ray Player works with other brands and TVs, it c

Connecting Samsung Blu Ray BD-D6700 to wireless network

I got the Samsung BD-D6700 Blu Ray for Xmas and have not been able to set it up wirelessly, it doesn't see my network. Tried contacting Samsung support but they seem to think it is my Fios Router. Has anybody else had this issue and if so how did you

Question re set up: Samsung Blu Ray Disc - 55" Samsung LED 3DHDTV - Denon Receiver

We brought this package home yesterday.  We have it hooked up as follows, pursuant to Best Buy's recommendations at the store where we bought it:  We have the Bresnan cable box hooked into the Denon receiver in the appropriate place with an HDMI cord

Cisco RV220W + ProtectLink Issues with Netflix Instant on Samsung Device

I am trying ProtectLink product on my RV220W router. I am having issues with Netflix Instant on a Samsung DVD player and internet features on a Samsung TV (Youtube, Pandora, Flickr, etc.). I am quite certain the issues started after I installed Prote

Netflix Instant Queue disappeared

My problem is simple: after 6 months of using my Netflix account through my Apple TV, my Instant Queue has suddenly and inexplicably vanished! This is the first time this has happened. I've tried unplugging/restarting ATV, logging out/back in of acco