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netflix keeps stopping on smart tv


If I buy Apple TV in a country where Netflix is not available, will I be able to access Netflix from my country where Netflix is available?

Hey guys. I have an urgent question. I'm from Argentina where Netflix is available. I have an account. I have a friend who is in Spain right now, where Netflix is not yet available. I asked him to bring me an Apple TV 3 because it is much cheaper the

We only get 1.57mbps download and .37 upload on ou...

Hi, We recently changed to BT Unlimited broadband. I have tested our incoming line speeds for the past 2 months and we only get an average of 1.57 mbps on the line from exchange to home (between 1.37 and 1.5 to our PC's) and a pathetic upload speed o

I intend to purchase a Mac Mini and connect to a regular (not smart) flat screen TV and use such as monitor. Can this setup also allow access to Netflix or Apple movies or an Apple TV is also required?

I intend to purchase a Mac Mini and connect to a regular (not Smart) flat screen TV that will be as such a large monitor. With this setup do I require an additional Apple TV to watch programs from Netflix, Apple Store movies, Y-tube etc?You can view

Vizio smart Tv won't stay connected to my linksys e1200 while playing Netflix

I have a Vizio Smart TV and just over the last couple of days I cannot seem to get it to stay connect to my Linksys e1200 router.  I will start a movie on Netflix and it will play for about 10 minutes and then disconnect.  I talked to somebody in Cis

Accessing Netflix via Smart TV connected to FIOS

I have a Vizio Smart TV that has several built-in apps, including Netflix streaming video.  The Smart TV is connected to my WiFi in the house and I can access every app (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Hulu, etc.) that needs Internet access through it except

How do I get Netflix from my iPad to my smart tv

hhow do I get Netflix from my iPad on to my smart tvYou can Airplay Mirror using an Apple TV, or use a wired Av Adapter to connect the iPad to the Tv via an HDMI cable. Apple Tv. http://store.apple.com/us/appletv 30 Pin Digital Av Adapter for iPad 3

Como instalar netflix en mi smart tv

Buen día rojasmusso, Gracias por su mensaje. Nos podría proporcionar el modelo completo de la unidad utilizada y para poder verificar si la aplicación de Netflix es compatible y se pueda instalar correctamente en su unidad siguiendo algunos pasos. Es

HT202667 Hi - My daughter was using her Apple TV until recently when she got a Smart TV.  Now the Apple TV is not needed so she passed it on to me.  How do I get it transferred over from her Home Sharing account to mine so that I can use it with my PC?

Hi - My daughter was using her Apple TV until recently when she got a Smart TV.  Now the Apple TV is not needed so she passed it on to me.  How do I get her Home Sharing account transferred over to mine so that I can use it with my PC? Thanks!As  Win

How can I watch itunes purchases on my samsung smart tv?

I received a nice Samsung Smart TV as a Christmas gift and I have a couple unwatched movies I purchased on iTunes that I'd like to be able to watch on my TV as I do with the HBO Go, NetFlix, Amazon apps on my Samsung TV, etc. Is there an app I can do

How can I add my smart tv to my mac network?

I recently bought a Mod.# 470 SV LED tv from Vizio.  It is set up in my wireless network but I cannot use it to display or mirror my MacBook (13" early 2008), except for Netflix and a few other things that came canned on the tv (smart tv).  I underst

How can I get netflix on Apple TV to auto play the next episode?

How can I get netflix on Apple TV to auto play the next episode?I don't have the answer to this question, and yes, I checked the "I have the same question, too" box.. But so did 30 some other people.. So, I've scoured the web and looked high and

How can I get an activation code for netflix?

please can someone tell me how to get the code? I have looked everywhere  but nothing!I don't currently have access to an AppleTV, so I can't personally test this. Keep in mind that Netflix streaming requires you to have an active paid account. If th

Any Help For Yet Another HDCP For Playback/Netflix Problem?

I have a very complex set-up and had no problem streaming until the other night and I have tried every single solution I can find online under the sun so that is why I am posting here. I have a Pioneer Receiver that I used a Terk Smart HDMI 3 x 1 Sel

Apple tv (2nd gen) freezes up while watching movies on Netflix. Only sometimes not on every movie. Any ideas how to fix?

Sometimes when I watch a movie on Netflix on my apple tv it will sometimes pause and freeze for an extended period of time. It happens on about 1 out of every 5 movies I watch. If I watch a movie on my iMac (which is in the same room) I don't have an

How do you change the language of the apple tv for netflix

How do you change the language of Netflix in apple tv?Ok, I figured out whats the problem. I configured Netflix on my smart TV (LG 47LW6500) and gives me the option to choose audio and subtitles. Then configured my preference on the Netflix web page

HT4437 Can I use an Ipad to watch HBOGO or Showtime Anytime and/or can I stream these videos to a Samsung Smart TV?

I'm planning to purchase an Ipad in the next week or so. I'm trying to find out if I can use the Ipad to connect to HBOGO or Showtime or Netflix to watch videos from these services. Additionally I would like to know if I can output these videos from

MacBook Air connect to Smart TV

Hi How do I connect MacAir Book to Smart TV-have HDMI option as USB appears unsupported? Thanks for help!You can use a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter if you want a wired connection. Check out Apple TV.  It is a wireless interface to your TV.  It ma

Streaming to smart tv

Hello All, Hoping someone can help us out. We recently purchased a Samsung SmartTV (which we love) and got rid of our huge cable bill. I also have purchased the adaptor for my 2009 MacBook and the appropriate HDMI cable for the adaptor and the tv. I

Just bought the best mac mini, but Netflix looks horrible.. Why?

I bought a mac mini 2.6 ghz, late 2012. I'm using it on a Samsung 40 in smart tv with an HDMI cable. When I get on netflix the videos look horrible, and I'm wondering if there's something I can do to fix the quality of video (other than downloading s

Samsung Smart TV App Audio

Recently just got the Samsung UN55D7000L (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Samsung+-+55%22+Class+-+LED+-+1080p+-+240Hz+-+Smart+-+3D+-+HDTV/2135045....  For the audio we have an HDMI going into a Matrix Switch then another HDMI into our cable box and Red/W