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Error while running a Java Program

Can anyone help me, I am getting the following error while running a Java program, Below is the exception thrown, please help. java.nio.BufferOverflowException at java.nio.Buffer.nextPutIndex(Buffer.java:425) at java.nio.DirectByteBuffer.putChar(Dire

Erro de SYSFAIL e Queda do Ambiente JAVA (PI)

Bom Dia Estou num projeto de NFe e atualmente esta acontecendo o seguinte cenário de Erros:     Na SMQ2 , quando apresenta um aumento nas filas de Mensagens , aparece SYSFAIL em determinadas Filas , todas as outras travam , aumenta o numero de Filas.

Starting deployment prerequisites: error in BI-Java installation sapinst

Hi all, We are in process updating Bw 3.5 to BI 7.0 we hace sucessfully completed the Upgrade but while installing Bi java thru Sapinst in third step like java instance installtion  i was stck with the below error.            We have downloaded the C

If Statement in java.awt paint

import java.applet.Applet;  //bring in the applet class import java.awt.*;             //bring in the graphics class import java.awt.event.*;      //bring in the event class import java.text.DecimalFormat;    //bring in the decimal format class impor

SSO java sample application problem

Hi all, I am trying to run the SSO java sample application, but am experiencing a problem: When I request the papp.jsp page I end up in an infinte loop, caught between papp.jsp and ssosignon.jsp. An earlier thread in this forum discussed the same pro

SSO between a Java EE application (Running on CE) and r/3 backend

Hi All, Over the past few days I have been trying to implement a SSO mechanism between NW CE Java Apps and R/3 backend without any success. I have been trying to use SAP logon tickets for implementing SSO. Below is what I need: I have a Java EE appli

'Unable to Launch Application Error' - Java Web Start Running Under MS IIS.

I am attempting to render the following .jnlp in MS IE: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <!-- JNLP File for LottoMadness Application --> <jnlp    codebase="http://localhost/LottoMadness/"    href="Lo

Partner Application written in other language than PL/SQL and Java

I have an application written in another language than PL/SQL or Java. I want to integrate this application as an Partner apps where I use the same user repository as Portal. Can I integrate the application by calling a stored PL/SQL-procedure based

Possibility of drawing numbers on java bouncing balls?

Can anyone show me how to put numbers on these moving balls in my code. I need the numbers 1-60 on them. I have two sets the red and white. Here is my code. Any help is appreciated. I am trying to write a program to represent the powerball. import ja

Java Bouncing Balls Threads problem?

Hello, I am working on a homework assignment to represent a java applet with some bouncing balls inside. So far so good. The balls bounce and behave as they are supposed. The only thing is that I want to make 2 buttons, Start and Stop (this is not pa

Is there free java chat, which i can embed in my Swing application

Hello all, I have a Swing application and i want to embed java chat into it. Can you recommend me free chat for which i can see and modofy client and server sources. Regards, ChavdarNo.Read other 2 answers

Problem with Java and Memory

hi, i have 512MB Memory in my pc, but the SUN ONE uses only 64MB. i dont know where is the problem. is it in the Run time of java of in the GUI Studio from Sun? how can i increase the number 64? i do nothing eccept java on this pc. thxDid you encount

I am trying to do profiling of an ear appln using Java 1.6, JVMTI and TPTP

Please view the link before hand: http://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php/t/398099/ but while starting the server i am getting the following error: A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment: # EXCEPTION_STACK_OVERFLOW (0xc00000f

I am trying to use java  file as Model layer and jsf as presentation layer

I am trying to use java file as Model layer and jsf as presentation layer and need some help I successfully get the value of h:outputText from java file by doing simple binding operation but I am facing problems when I am trying to fill h:dataTable I

Forms Web application is not working on FireFox Browser-with java plugin

Hi All, We are running custom build forms application using forms 10g and application server 10 g Rel 2. We are using Java Plug-in 1.5.0_06. The application is working fine before recent update from firefox .Now it's not working and keep on asking ad

Message "to open MLBNexDefAutobahn, you need a Java SE 6 runtime. Would you like to install one now?"  I click "not now" and it pops open a second later.  It won't go away.  Help!

I keep getting a pop up window labled Software Update saying, "To open 'MLBNexDefAutobahn,' you need a Java SE 6 runtime. Would you like to install one now?" I click on "Not Now" and it pops open again a second later.  It is not going

Applet java file not refreshing in browser

I have an applet that I am updating and I am not seeing the corresponding update when I open the web page. I can manually download the java class file and look inside it and it definitely is the updated file. I have deleted the browser history. (I am

How can i display the result of java class in InputText ?

Hi all, How can i get the result of java class to InputText Or OutputText ??? also can every one in the forum give me road map for dealing with java in oracle adf because i'm beginner in oracle adf i saw some samples in oracle adf corner but it's dif

How can I move file from one path to another   by java

Hello I need to move the following file c:\abc\aa.txt to the follwing path c:\def How can i do it by java program? RegardsHi, Try the following code: boolean moveFile = new File("c:\\abc\\aa.txt").renameTo(new File("c:\\def", new File(

Can multiple threads share the same cursor in berkeley db java edition?

We use berkeley db to store our path computation results. We now have two threads which need to retrieve records from database. Specifically, the first thread accesses the database from the very beginning and read a certain number of records. Then, t