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NHL Not available in your area

Ok Apple whats up? I purchased the Apple TV so I could get the NHL Games the guy in the store confirms It works so I buy it. Take it home and try to purchase the NHL game center and get this message that the service is not available in my area. Odd,

New Airport Extreme802.11n &Very Odd Network&Computer Issues

Hi, We Replaced a D-Link DGL4300 802.11G and a Airport Express M9470LL/A with the most current Airport Extreme Base Station 802.11N 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz Dual Band and a Airport Express 802.11N (to use with a Shared USB HP1022 Laser Jet Printer. I have c

Ipod not recognized, getting odd error message

I've seen this posted a few times, but without any hints as to how to fix the problem. I have a 4G 20GB iPod, just over a year old (meaning, no warranty), that has worked fine until this morning. I turned it on, and all of a sudden, it kept skipping

Odd System Lock-Ups [XP-Pro SP3]

Something odd is happening, on my normally, and otherwise stable laptop with XP-Pro SP3. I have observed that on Fridays, at about 11:30AM MST/USA, I get system lock-ups. Everything just freezes. I have poured over Event Viewer, and nothing is gettin

Odd behavior when using custom Composite/CompositeContext and antialiasing

Hi, I created a custom Composite/CompositeContext class and when I use it with antialiasing it causes a black bar to appear. I seems it has nothing to do with the compose() code but just that fact that I set my own Composite object. The submitted cod

Unable to debug any application after upgrading to Reef Shark and Update 6

Hi, Since I upgraded to Reef Shark and consequently also installed the update 6 I can't access the deployment server. None of the applications show up in the broswer, nor does the admin-console for the server. I get the following exceptions in the br

My gf is borrowing an iPhone and theres a few odd things setup on it regarding wireless syncing and something under SMS with a receiving email address. I was wondering if msgs she is sending or even receiving would be going to this address.

Another odd thing I just this second found is it looks like the phone is setup to wirelessly sync to a designated laptop as soon as it is discovered in the network. Any help or suggestion on how to stop this?Install ClamXav and run a scan with that.

NHL Gamecenter Premium Upgrade on Samsung Galaxy TAB 2 Tablet

For the past 4 days, I have been trying to get the premium upgrade on my tablet. During this process I have been on the phone with NHL support 3x and been DMed by VZWSupport through twitter. Nothing has been resolved at all. When I install the app (Y

IMac OSX 21.5 late 2010, had MTN Lion on it. Prob with thousands of my photos in IPhoto all mixed up and intermingled with thousands of odd images I had not seen before. After trying to erase them, too numerous, I used original disk for disk utility. Disk

Utility had issues with erasing disk. It took 36 hours and then said it was a failure. I tried repairing and verifying and partitioning. Finally, I used the original disk to install the system. It installed Snow Leopard. I was unable to install the 2

Restored SP2010 site "broken" in an odd way - home.aspx is not accessible, but default.aspx is.

So we are testing out a 3rd party backup and recovery tool. The testing for individual pages and list items went pretty well. However, we are seeing really odd behavior when attempting to recover the sites. Obviously we will be working with the vendo

User gets odd behavior when print previewing calendar

User calls with an odd problem. She is using 32 bit IE 9 with our SP 2010 farm. She goes to her department calendar. She sees events. She presses Print Preview. No events are shown on the page. She tries to export the data to Outlook - it tells her t

I recently updated my iPhone 4s to ios6, and lost 1200 odd contacts. I have a backup from about 4-5 months ago avaiable.  Can I add/update contacts from the back up rather than restore which i assume will literally delete any new contacts added...?

I recently updated my iPhone 4s to ios6, and lost 1200 odd contacts. I recently sold my macbook air and also my mac book pro, so have no recent backups avaiable.  I have a backup from about 4-5 months ago available on an external hdd as a time machin

Just checking on another odd feature: Typedef enum Property Node "Value" not reflecting changes in the Typedef?

Just encountered this odd behavior in LV 2011 which I reduced to the following example: - create a new VI and drop an enum control on te FP. - make this control a typedef and open the corresponding typedef - create a "case 1" item and a "ca

How to print new order in odd page or new page

Hi Experts, I want to print my order layout in oddpage. If any new order comes it should print inthe odd page. Currently its printing Back to back. But I want to print my order layout in oddpage or new page. Any one guide this?? Offering points is ag

At odd times I will get a second instance of Firefox startup. I have run avast av, spybot, malwarebytes, both in normal and safe mode and nothing has been found, any ideas?

at odd times I will get a second instance of Firefox startup. I have run avast av, spybot, malwarebytes, both in normal and safe mode and nothing has been found, any ideas?That second one sounds like malware. Do a malware check with some malware scan

When I open fire fox my yahoo page come up very odd, as does mail if I sign in. Can't figure out how to correct this. Home page and mail open fine in others.

When I open Firefox my yahoo home page comes up very odd and not usable. If I log into my e-mail it also comes up odd and not usable. (the tools across the top like delete etc don't show up.) If I go to a different browser and pull up yahoo it is fin

Odd Bursting error i haven't seen before... maybe you have?

Running into an odd error when trying to run the 'XML Publisher Report Bursting Program' on a request that contains XML data generated from a datatemplate... if their is an RTF template associated with the data definition get the output with no issue

Odd behavior with linux (ATI, average load and memory)

hello folks have you tried the kernel? 'cause i am having some problems with it. when i first upgrated, i compiled my kernel from www.kernel.org and at my first boot i noticed an 50 MB increase on the memory consumption ( the one that you ge

Odd collection of problems with newly purchased used iMac

I have recently purchased a used iMac from eBay (an Intel model from 2006). I've been trying to get it set up over the last couple of days and have had one problem after another. I suspect a hardware problem, but would like to be able to pin it down

Slow system and odd startup icon

If I'd only changed one variable at a time then I'd probably not be asking this question... but since I changed so many here goes: About the same time as upgraded to 10.4.8 I added a third internal drive (first one in the slower drive area near the f