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VMM - Add 2 hosts in cluster. 1st added OK, 2nd Failed Error 416. Retry gives Error 2912 An instance of the service is already running 0x80070420

Have 2 host cluster as part of infrastructure adding to VMM. Added cluster server. 1st had no issue and has picked up it's VMs. Second gave this error below: Error (416) Agent installation timed out while waiting on service VMMAgentInstaller on host0

Installing 11gR1 CRS and receive error when executing root.sh on 2nd node of 2 node cluster

This is the error from the execution of root.sh on 2nd node of 2 node RAC cluster: dhzusbx98: /u01/app/crs # ./root.sh WARNING: directory '/u01/app' is not owned by root Checking to see if Oracle CRS stack is already configured /etc/oracle does not e

Grid installation: root.sh failed on the first node on Solaris cluster 4.1

Hi all, I'm trying to install the Grid ( on the 2 node-clusters (OSC 4.1). When I run the root.sh on the first node, I got the out put as follow: xha239080-root-5.11# root.sh Performing root user operation for Oracle 11g The following envi

Oracle 10gR2 RAC EE problem with one node.

Hi, I have an Oracle Rac 10gR2 EE on SLES 10 on ibm ppc. My problem is that in crs don't appear that database is start in one instance. However the database is start when I use srvctl or sqlplus crsctl query crs softwareversion CRS active ve


HI SAP EXPERTS, Iam doing Export & Import for Converting my SAP system which was previously a "NON-UNICODE" system and iam about to convert it to "UNICODE" system. i have followed the steps specified in the guide for converting a n

SOA two Node Cluster BAM not starting on the second Machine

Hi, I have installed Oracle SOA in a 2 Node Cluster. Both SOA Managed Servers are coming up fine. BAM Managed Server installed on the primary HOST also comes up fine. But my second BAM Managed Server is not starting. I don't see anything in

Election problem after repeated split-brains with two nodes

Hi I'm using a customized source based on BDB-5.1.19 (excxx_repquote) with two site one - MASTER and the other SLAVE... nsite=2 ack=quorum - the master is writing to quotedb at a rate of 10 txn per sec - the test consist to isolate the client from th

Urgent! Node keep disconnecting from Coherence Cluster

The system consists of 4 standalone cache servers with local storage set to true and 14 other embedded nodes started with different web apps on tomcat with local storage set to false. When the servers are started after a new deployment, sometimes it

Error handling and Manual Retry mechanism in BPEL

Hi Gurus, We have a requirement that If any error occurs during BPEL process , We need to auto retry. if auto retry is not enough We need to manual retry and send the request message to Worklist for retry. In our BPEL process We have CreateOrganizati

Cluster nodes loosing communication

Hello, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2462468 I have checked the services on both nodes, they are all started: Cluster Service, TCP/IP etc... all automatic services are started on both nodes. Log Name: Application Source: SRMSVC Date: 3/9/2015 11:56

How to fix ? please advise: In Adobe LiveCycle ES2, JBOSS(4.2.1.GA) node unable to join cluster after restart.

Hi Team, We are using Adobe LiveCycle ES2, JBOSS(4.2.1.GA)  on windows OS. We are facing issue after every time we restart JBOSS. JBOSS node after restart is coming up but unable to join the cluster. We are getting below error in the jboss server.log

SC 3.2 nodes reboot when i reboot the first one

i had create a cluster with two nodes and quorom (shared file system) beetwen the two nodes. but when i try to reboot one node the second one reboot. i had solaris 10 and sun cluster 3.2. the error in the console is WARNING: /scsi_vhci/[email protected]

RAC Node hang and unexpected reboot

Hello friends       We are facing the intermittent issue of node hang and unexpected shutdown of node. This is 2 node rac 10.2.03 running on windows 2003. Here's crsd.log 2009-07-16 17:24:03.058: [ OCRMSG][5252]prom_rpc: CLSC recv failure..ret code 7

Rac node crash

Hi, I am using 2 node rac enviroment.I am doing some tests for availability.When i poweroff one node of cluster the other node of cluster reboot itself. The voting disk is online. I think this is caused from network heartbeat of private network. So i

RAC node restarting!

hi one of our RAC environment keep restarting. i've disable the init.cssd, init.crs, init.evmd in the /etc/inittab in order to check the logs. this is the situation: crsd.log: 2009-02-04 00:09:00.118: [ COMMCRS][9]clsc_connect: (8000000100318640) no

Using the network load balancing from the nodes itself

I have installed a 2 node Sun Cluster 3.2, configured a shared ip resource and attached to it a scalable network aware resource working on the two nodes. I have crashed the process on one of the node in such a way that the cluster could not restart i

Oracle RAC performance Suddenly terminates on one of the two node cluster

I have a strange problem that happens frequently from time to time when My M400 Machine which is a part of two node RAC cluster goes down suddenly I tried so many times to understand what's the cause behind that but when I read the logs there are so

XI inbound queues status "RETRY" in a new XI Production system

Hi All the queues (XBT00* AND XBT02*) in XI Production system are not moving. Status is "Retry" all the time. The system is idle. Do you know what is happening here? I also see the following error in the queue: Command to tRFC/qRFC: Execute LUW

Removing live nodes from cluster view.

Hi All,           We are experiencing some JMS problems connected with a cluster node being           hung for some time.           The following took place just before the problem arises:           1. First of all one of the nodes (the first) gets o

JDev 11g ADF Tree question on programmatically expand and select node

I have two questions: 1. I'm trying to automatically expand the first level tree nodes upon display of the tree. I tried to initialize a RowKeySetImpl object, and added ArrayList of first level nodes, and used setDisclosedRowKeys method. The tree nod