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nokia lumia 520 apps download problem


Nokia lumia 520 push notification problem with wha...

I have a Lumia 520, and i find that i do not receive push notifications for my whatsapp messages. I have to open the application before the messages come through. I would like to know how to correct this. I have checked all my settings.On a HTC-forum

Nokia Lumia 520 GPS connection problem

Hi all, I have a Lumia 520,and When I search for a route offline it says: Can't get your route because your phone doesn't have a data connection. Anyone has an idea what is set up wrongly? Please help. thanks Solved! Go to Solution.Glad to help Was t

Javascript disabled on my nokia lumia 520

I have just bought a Nokia lumia 520 and downloaded the EBAY app but can use it properly when i try to reply to messages it all is says is JavaScript disabled you must enable it but i havnt got a clue how to do itThe official eBay app? I haven't trie

HT2731 can i download itunes on my nokia lumia 520?

hi. So I'm trying to figure out if I can download the iTunes app for my Nokia Lumia 520? Could u tell me if that's possible.No, you can't. If you want iTunes, then buy an iDevice and a Mac (or PC.)Read other 3 answers

Nokia lumia 520 problems

Hello I am very concerned about my Nokia Lumia 520 lately every time I use internet explorer to search the web has been crashing alot I don't mean 1 or twice I mean every time I use it eg bbc news it would load the page but as soon as it loads it cra

Nokia Lumia 520 offline maps can not be downloaded...

Hello, I had downloaded offline maps earlier on my Nokia Lumia 520 and they worked very well. But after resetting my phone to original setings (which deleted all the previously downloaded map), I can no more use them. When I try to download offline m

Speaker problem after an update to windows 8.1 on Nokia lumia 520

After an update to 8.1 my windows phone nokia lumia 520 has encountered a problem with the speaker. I am uable to play any music neither am i able to hear any ringtone of any kind. The phone had no problem till an automatic update took place when i g

Nokia Lumia 520 problem with internet

Hey My girlfriend bought today a nokia lumia 520 from an internet shop. Now she is installing it and it seems to have a problem.  So our netwerk is 'telenet' where we have an abo wich include 1gb internet. She installed everything like it has to, APN

Nokia Lumia 520 FM Radio

Dear moderate or administration of Nokia discussion I have Nokia Lumia 520 my country region is middle east Pakistan I have updated my phone as phone updater search toward Amber update right now I have got all features as Nokia described in their upd

Nokia Lumia 520 saying 'incorrect password' after ...

I downloaded the 'Mobile accessibility' app yesterday, it required a reboot and i agreed . After that i entered my password as usual but it say ' incorrect password' I kept on trying and it said ''try again in 2 minutes'' and i did. But it said it's

Nokia Lumia 520 - Alternative way of locking/unloc...

Hello! I've got Nokia Lumia 520 before a week and overall the phone seems really good for my needs, but I found yesterday that the only way to lock/unlock the screen is by using the Power button every time. My question is: Is there an alternative way

No sim works for my nokia lumia 520

My brother gave me an Nokia lumia 520, and i have tried off all of the sim cards and some ask for a sim card code or something similar im not sure now. on others it says that its in gpm or gps mode im not sure what to do i don't know what to do. i ca

No WhatsApp in Nokia Lumia 520

Why there is no WhatsApp in Nokia Lumia 520 ! Not in Windows Store for Nokia Lumia 520. Seven days back it was there.Welcome to Nokia Discussions, sanjaygoodearth. According to Nokia Care: "The WhatsApp app has been temporarily removed from the Windo

Sending videos through whatsapp in nokia lumia 520

hey so i been using whatsapp in my nokia lumia 520., i can recieve videos from friends and even forward the videos to others also.  But what i can't seem to do is send other videos that are there in my memory card/internal memory to other users thru

Unsupported File Format (nokia lumia 520)

My Nokia Lumia 520 will not post pictures to social networks, transfer them to my computer, set them as my lock screen or even edit them. I purchased the phone only a couple of months ago and it was working perfectly, but then it would just come up w

New nokia lumia 520

my new nokia lumia 520 hangs.  its been only 20 days i brought my new lumia 520. Case : I just completed call. the screen got blacked out. we can still get incoming calls. we have the option to switch off. when it asks to slide down. it never happens

Nokia Lumia 520- Automatically restarts and goes i...

Hi, My Nokia Lumia 520, bought yesterday automatically restarts itself and goes into flight mode. I then have to remove the battery and restart (normal restart doesnt work) to make it correct. It has happened atleast 10 times since yesterday. Any sug

NOKIA LUMIA 520: I cannot see my call log date wis...

Dear nokia support team and members,                             I cannot view my call log date wise. If i receive call or If I missed a call I need to scroll down to the respective call entry like a treasure hunt in the call log history.            

Uninstalling Applications from Nokia Lumia 520

I want to uninstall some applications from my Windows phone (NOKIA LUMIA 520) 8 so as to make my phone a little bit free from unused applications. I could find a place where I could do so. Please help me. Thanks. Solved! Go to Solution.Left Swipe on

Nokia Lumia 520 Texting

Hello, I've just bought a Nokia Lumia 520 and need some help with texting. I sent a message to all my old contacts giving them my new number. I sent the text to 25 people but only 2 acknowledged it. My mother was included and she was in the room and