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nokia lumia 925 wont turn on


Nokia Lumia 925 Windows phone keeps shutting down

     I have had a problem for the past 2 months, my Nokia Lumia 925 with Win 8.1 keeps shutting down spontaneously. (I did not have this problem before 8.1)  This is my third phone in the last 2 months (warranty program keeps sending me replacements)

Problem with Nokia Lumia 925

This is what i encountered with my nokia Lumia 925 after 3 days of usage, i am not sure anyone besides me, facing the same problem. - Overheating, after taking few photos, the phone feel a sudden of heat near the camera. - Freeze, the phone freeze so

Nokia Lumia 925 with Black update - When low light...

The ambient light sensor doesn't seem to be correctly used in low light conditions. In low light, with the phone "locked", just push the middle unlock button. The screen show the usual unlock screen, but at high brightness, for what seems to be