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nokia n97 hard reset mass memory


Nokia N97 Factory Reset

I have this Nokia N97 now for 5 days and did something wrong. I uninstalled Accu Weather and some other Apps by accident. After I did the Factory Reset all my emails have been still in the phone as well there haven't been the uninstalled Apps back. I

My 701 mass memory problem

my nokia 701 is showing mass memory unavailable after formarting it with a pcHi chijiokejason,  Welcome to Nokia discussions board!  I advise you to perform a soft reset on your phone to refresh the settings and this will make the mass memory availab

N97 Firmware update - E: Mass memory 100% full -- ...

Help!!! I just did an firmware update on my N97 to v11.2.021 and when the phone restarted I got a message that E:\ (mass memory) is completely FULL. And my F:\ (a 1GB memory card) shows corrupted. **bleep**!?? I'm glad I didn't store anythign importa


i hav checked bt i cant find a way i want to format because as my camera is not working n i thaught it mst be because of some corupt file so?pls help.......after you press the "format mass memory" it will ask for the security code. the default i

N97 mass memory dataloss

My friend has N97 phone with some memory problems. This morning she had appr. 1200 emails (mostly headers only) and appr. 900 textmessages in her phone. That all was in E: mass memory. It seemed like the amount of these messages slowered the phone. I

Can't slideshow photos on mass memory N97

Hi, I have copied many photos to the mass memory (N97) hoping I can view them whenever I need. I have been struggling but so far couldn't figure out how to slideshow photos stored on the Mass memory? Since the phone memory is pretty limited, I avoid

Mass Memory Not working In my Nokia 701 !!

My mass memory is showing that it is in use even when it is not connected to any device or gadget !! It all happened when I formatted my Mass Memory via PC in mass storage mode !! Format was successful but when I ejected 701 from PC the Default file

Hard reset Nokia N97 without knowing lock password

I received this phone from our inventory at work.  I am not sure who used it before me.  But, I do not know the lock pass code.  How can I hard reset it without knowing the lock password.  Everything I try, I am prompted for the lock password except

N97 mass memory problem

Hi, the mass memory (32GB) has disappear from my N97. When I connect my N97 with my laptop using Mass storage mode, I can't see the mass memory icon on my laptop, even using the PC Suite mode and I still can not see it. The most important is all my d

Deletion of messages stored on mass memory on N97

Hi - I was wondering if anybody could help please ? I've got a N97 which I've had around 180 messages in my Inbox and Sent Items which used the mass memory (E drive) to store the messages on. I did a backup of the device on the phone via the File Man

N97 mass memory HELP!!!

i really need help... my baby sister was playing with my phone the other day and now i cant view my photos or videos and all my music and applications have gone what could she have done to it?? and is there a way for me to get everything back?? ill l

How do you hard reset your Nokia N97 phone?.....Re...

There have been so many methods told on here of which none work. How would the Nokia sepcialists do this? I need to reset to delete my existing email accounts.have you tried this method http://mynokiablog.com/2009/07/18/how-to-hard-rese​t-your-nokia-

N97 - copy messages from C to mass memory

Yesterday I transferred all my texts to the mass memory, however while connected to the phone in mass storage mode on the computer today I got a text through which I read and as a result it stored it to the C drive. How can I put this text onto the m

Nokia N8, how do i save messages to mass memory/me...

cant seem to find an option on my N8 as to where i can save my received texts. used to be in messaging----options----settings----text message or other.    checked both of them and cant find an option to save them to alternative memory???? anyone help

N97 Mass Memory

How do I select the mass memory to be used rather than the phone memory? I cannot download the software updates because of this as it tells me theres not enough memory on the phone? Any help appreciated!hhhmm and i thought i was doing great with  21m

[N97] Can't see apps installed on Mass Memory(E:)

Don't know how but suddenly all applications installed on Mass Memory (E have disappeared from 'Applications' . Can someone please guide what causes this and how it can be fixed ? -ThankYou could try defragmenting and repairing on computer usin Tools

Nokia N97 - No Text Message Notification and a Few...

I love my nokia n97, but i'm rapidly falling out of love with it, i have owned it since the end of august and this is the first time i have really hit a major problem with it. The main problem being is, that the phone no longer gives me a text messag

Quickly I want a help with my nokia n97 mini at th...

hello my nokia n97 mini freezes when i turn on my phone when the nokia screen appear usually at the beginning it freezes why? and How i can solve this problem i need a help now pleaseI understand you correct if it stops booting before you reach the h

N97 mini - reset

When I do *#7780# on my Nokia Flagship N97 mini it report to close all exiting connection first. How do I close all connections on the N97 Mini in order to do a *#7780# reset? Hold the left shift key, the spacebar and the back key then the power key,

Nokia N97 Software Update Problem!

My N97 was working fine a few mintues ago and I decided to update my version from v11 to v20. As I've updated my version before and nothing was wrong I didn't think of backing up my data (stupid), as the update was downloading I minimized the NSU as