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Can not configure Access Manager

Hi all, 1. I istalled Sun java messaging server 6. 2. I edit amsamplesilent to prepare amsamplesilent.my: # cd /opt/SUNWam/bin #mv amsamplesilent amsamplesilent.my 3. I configure Access Manager: #./amconfig -s amsamplesilent.my but get the following

Can not login access manager

mail server version is JES messaging Server 6 2005Q4 : My Access Manager:http://hostname:8080/amserver last week, i login access manager, under the web label or configuration label�F in "ldap" item�Ci add new dc=xx,dc=xx,dc=xx�C then save config

UWC/CE 6.3 and Access Manager 7.1 SSO sometimes fails (seems like a bug)

PREAMBULA: I started writing this post thinking that our AM SSO setup was at fault in some step. As I was gathering data, checking the doc-links and config files and finally sniffed the servers for HTTP dialogs, I grew pretty sure there's a bug in UW

How do I connect to internet with vz access manager for iphone 4S?

I have VZ Access Manager on my laptop and want to use it to connect to internet on my new iphone 4S.  How do I do this?If you can set up an Ad Hoc wireless network from your laptop, you could use it that way. Once again VZ Access Manager will not ent

Problem with second instance of access manager

Well, after sorting out things with the first install of access manager, I went on to install a second instance on a different host (it's required for delegated admin..) Here are the options I used on install: Access Manager: Administration (1 of 6)

Too  Slow - Domino 6.5.4  with access manager agent 2.2 ?

I don't know how to tune Domino 6.5.4 with access manager agent 2.2? I think AMAgent.properties is not good for SSO. Please help me to tune it. # $Id: AMAgent.properties,v 1.103 2005/09/19 22:08:34 madan Exp $ # Copyright ? 2002 Sun Microsystems, Inc

How to change LDAP server setting in Access Manager 6.2

Hi, We have initially set authentication as a SunONE Directory Server 5.1 (master DS1) in Sun Java System Access Manager 6.2. In both /etc/opt/SUNWam/config/serverconfig.xml /etc/opt/SUNWam/config/AMConfig.properties conf files, DS1 was set initially

Setting up Access Manager and Directory Server for Failover.

I'm setting up 2 Access Managers AM1,AM2 and 2 Directory Servers DS1 and DS2 for failover. I've connected AM1 and AM2 to DS1. Suffixes of DS1 is replicated to DS2. Any change made to AM1 is replicated to AM2 as expected. I just patched AM1 with Acces

Cannot get rid of a tab in Access Manager

I am trying to remove the "Federation" tab in the Access manager. I modified the amAdminConsole.xml file by commenting out the tab, as shown below, but it still does not go away. Any ideas on what I should be doing? I also tried removing the tab

Am not able to get the Access manager 7-  login page

I have installed Access Manager and configured it was worked. but i did the Policy agent cofiguration for Access Manager after that i couldn't login to Access manager ie /amserver while on trying http://localhost:8080/amserver/UI/Login am getting the

Create a New Tree in Query Access Manager

Folks, Hello. In PeopleTools Query Access Manager, click on button "Create a New Tree" to create a new Query Access Tree, the system always comes up this message: "You are not authorized to update definition QUERY_TREE_OLAP. You are not aut

How to create a custom plugin in Oracle Access Manager to create a cookie

How to create a custom plugin in Oracle Access Manager to create a cookie or Header Variable.. VipinIts has more steps which you need to consider in addition to Note:101048.1 which is mentioned by Prashant_Pathak. Both notes have enough information.

Problem of degradation  in Access Manager 7.1 in SUNWappserv8.2

Hi all, We have a problem in our enviroment... Have 2 nodes of AM, periodically we have some problems of degradation in each node, high times of response +30seconds, all seems perfect until some more traffic or requests begin to appears in the system

Getting error while opening Sun access manager console

We are facing problem while accessing console of Sun Access Manager. We got No Page Found error whenever we try to access the Sun Access Manager console. We have tried restarting the directory server and web server but even that doesn�t help us. Foll

Error while building cube using Relational Access Manager - URGENT

When we try to build the Express Hybrid database using Relational Access Manager, We got the following error in the Windows NT Event log. "[159] XCA Interface - Exception C0000005 occurred in the XTLLISTN:ClientThread() function in the XWCXCA.DLL mod

Error while accessing Access Manager

Hi All, I am getting the following error after configuring access manager and restarting the web server. [25/May/2006:18:14:16] info ( 1724): CORE1116: Sun Java System Web Server 6.1SP5 B01/15/2006 23:04 [25/May/2006:18:14:30] info ( 1724): HTTP3072:

Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 config. failed during installation

{color:#0000ff}Hi, I have installed sun java communication suite 5 on a single host on sun solaris 10. I have installed required packages and it works fine. But as per organization need, I have to change domain name. So i have uninstalled everything

Install Oracle Access Manager in existing Access Manager domain

Hi I am operator of a windows system with Oracle Access Manager installed. We use OAM for SSO against Webpages in OIM running on Jboss, and now we are going to implement against a WebLogic webapplication too. The userbase is standard Active Directory

JES Access Manager User Creation for Messanger

Hi Everyone I installed JES 2005 Q4 on Solaris 10 x86 with schema 2 and Access Manager 7. The Directory Tree is as follows: Sol1.nucleussoftware.com:389 dc=nucleussoftware,dc=com (34 acis) DSAME Users Internet People Groups Client Data services nucle

Installing Oracle Access Manager -

Hi I am very new to Identity Management and have been trying to set Oracle Access Manager in Windows XP. Downloaded ofm_iam_generic_11. from OTN. I cannot find the RCU for version from the website directly. All I could see