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How to make the contents of NSTextField selected?

Hi, I'm creating an NSTextField (from within a custom NSView): NSTextField *textField = [[NSTextField alloc] initWithFrame:NSMakeRect(20, 20, 50, 16)]; [textField setStringValue:@"abc"]; [textField setSelectable:YES]; [textField setEditable:YES]

IPhoto 09 keeps crashing ordering a photobook

Everytime i want to order my photobook iPhoto 09 crashed, spinning beachball at rendering page 2. I already replaced the picture on page 2. I started a repair on the library, no result. The pictures used are on a external harddisk, i placed al photo'

Sort Order of Tables in Data Modeler in SQL Developer 3.0

I have a schema with many tables and would like the Data Modeler (in SQL Developer 3.0) to create a Relational Model sorted by table name in Alphabetical Order. The default seems to be random alphabetic order.There's an algorithm involved, and I'm pr

Adding a Table to an Existing Subview

I can create a new populated subview by selecting tables and performing "Create Subview from selected" but how do I add another table to this Subview? Edited by: John Gilmore on 24-Nov-2011 15:18Yeah I see that way but I was hoping for a differe

Hiding Relations in Subviews

When I'm placing entities in a subview for a new ER-Diagram, all the relations are shown as expected. When I do not want to show all relations, I can mark one and delete it. The question about "Remove Object" or "Remove View" I'm answe

Open Sales Orders Backlog Report

Hi All: I have been asked to create Backlog reports for Open Sales Orders and the revenue amounts for the next 15days, one month, 2 months, 3 months 6 months etc etc. Does anyone know of a standard report that covers that and the business content and

Open sale order aging report

Need a report on open order aging.  The open order means not delivered or partially delivered. Further with days range since its open or not fully delievered i.e. > 15 days or 15-30 days and so on. The standard transactions Va05 and VL10c can provide

Necessary Fields For Creation of Service PO of Order Type Relaese Order.

Dear Guru, I have encountered an issue which i am trying to resolve... My this requirment will seem little okward the way i am asking but i have no way... The issue is I have to create a Service PO of Order type Release order (RO) using BAPI Function

How to restrict manual changing of free goods in sales order

Hi , Goodmorning , We have some requirement : In sales order free goods quantity determination by system  should not be allowed to change manually , where can we do this ? Looking for your inputs Thanks and regards VenkatAs per SAP Standard, when the

Query help needed for Sales order panel user field query.

I have a user defined form field on sales order row level called = U_DEPFEEAMT 1, I would like this field to get the value from a field on this sales order row level multiplied by what is in point 2 below. The details of field in point 1 is : Form=13

Order Of Null and Not Null Values while table creation

We have to create a table with 10 fields .5 of them are Null and Not Null. Now my question what should be the order of fileds??.Means Null Fields will come first or Not Null.The only reason I can think of having the NULL columns at the end is storage

Fields not in Order ..?

When I display data on the DSO or Cube  the fields are not in order as compared to once in extract checker - datasource. Why so? On what does the sequence depend? It makes Reconcilation really tough.I guess... Sequence of the Fields in DSo Contents d

New Infinity Order - As it happens !!!

I've just ordered Infinity (today) and I thought I'd track the order etc here for others to see 'live' what to expect: As a precursor, I've had BT ADSL for many years, and no end of problems with the Indian call centre, but great experience from the

Payment by letter of Credit against Purchase order

When we are purchasing from Foreign Vendors , we need to open a Letter of credit (LC) . Depending on the terms of Purchase order , Vendor will discount it /get payment from Bank on submitting LC and other necessary documents. Vendor's Bank, at approp

Purchase order to payment

my client requirement is status of the po till payment i want to generate a sap query any body pls guide me purchase order ->down payment ->goods reciept-> invoice verification -> vendor payment i want to generate this report vendor wise as we

Vendor Downpayment Request  Payment Order

Dear All We are processing most of our vendor payments through Automatic Payment Program which initially create the payment order and later once we upload the EBS system clears the vendor open item. All the vendor open items which are having payment

Purchase order and message details

Hi gurus, We have a requirement of generating a report of how the purchase orders are being sent to vendor. Is there any table or tables that stores information of a purchase order number and how the message (output type) has been processed to vendor

Purchase Order Report

When Iam trying to take Purchase Order report, Fields in PO Report are as follows: Posting date, Purchase Order number,Vendor Name, Item Name, Qty, Unit Price, Total Price, & Status. For eg: PO Num 100 contains 5 Items, Out of which Goods Receipt PO

Open Purchase Order UPload Using the BAPI 's

i need to upload the open Purchase Order using the BAPI function BAPI_PO_CREATE1., below is the given fileds blod are for Header, header will Repeat for the line items,can any one help me out  using the BAIP's for upload the PO, i need sample code fo