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IMac (21.5-inch, Mid 2010) - CPU and Optical drive fans rev up to 4000 rpm

Hello, I just want to share my experience with my rather new Imac I bought this Imac last April and I had the fans roaring after 2 weeks of light usage. I followed instructions like resetting the SMC, unplugging the imac and restarted. However, I sta

Oracle VM Server 2.2.1 - support for NTFS external drive?

Hi, Another "newbie" question here... we have just installed Oracle VM Server 2.2.1 on a Dell box and now we want to install some Template VM's that we downloaded. The problem is - they are on an external Hard Drive that is an NTFS drive. So - w

NTFS Partition Doesn't Allow Programs To Access It [SOLVED]

Hello all, First of all, I have finally returned to Arch after several years of using Linux Mint. It feels good to be back in a bloatware-free environment, and I'm enjoying my 1 second boot times! Unfortunately, this hiatus has caused me to lose much

Cannot mount NTFS file system on USB drive

I plug in external disk via USB drive. I attempt to mount drive. I've downloaded several NTFS rpms. I believe the issue is that I do not yet have the correct NTFS rpm. Any help? [[email protected] media]# mount -t ntfs /dev/sdc1 /media/usbdrive/ mount: u

Mounting NTFS on OEL

I have newly installed OEL R1 and im having problem on mounting my SDA1 and SDA2 NTFS partitions on linux. I have a dual booting systems. The OEL installations resides on Extended Partitions. mount -t ntfs /dev/sda2 /win/mpoint mount: unknown filesys

10K RPM Disk not detecting

Hi refer to the email below, we are eagerly looking for the solution at the earliest. We have tried all the options provided in the 119376-02 patch documentation. However, the V20Z box is unable to detect the full 73gb hard disk. Waitng to hear from

Oracle Linux NTFS how-to

h1. Oracle Linux NTFS how-to Author: Dude Version: B, 22-Jan-2012 h2. Purpose This document contains instructions how to install NTFS support under Oracle Enterprise Linux version 4, 5 and Oracle Linux version 5 and 6. h2. Topics 1) Determine Kernel

Linux 6.4 fails to install "Oracle Linux NTFS how-to"

HI a total linux newbie here. I am running the latest x86_64 oracle linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.4 (Santiago) I have followed the instructions at : Oracle Linux NTFS how-to I manage to do : wget http://pkgs.repoforge.org/rpmforge-r

Can't mount ntfs from linux

Dear Sirs, I have install linux Redhat5.3 release 2.6.18-128.el5PAE.i am trying to mount some of the drive of windows 7 on my linux system. Someone can help me with the rpm for the same.[linux.softpedia.com/get/System/.../ntfs-3g-15028.shtml] linux.s

NTFS Drive

I have a Maxtor 200 GB 7200 RPM hard drive that I had formatted in NTFS when I used it on a Dell. It was my primary drive, with all my files in it. Now on a Mac I can't see it in Finder. A few days ago when I had hooked it up it appeared as a USB dri

External Maxtor NTFS HD - Reformat Procedure?

New Mac 10.4.6 user (and loving it), would like to use an External Maxtor HD (USB 2.0 connection only) for external storage. It was used for backing up stuff from my two Dell PCs. SInce the Maxtor is formated NTFS (and I can read and copy to the Mac)

New to Solaris, Some Samba and NTFS issues.

Hi Im new to solaris and trying out ZFS which has been great. Im haivng some trouble that I cant find up to date info on so here goes: First how do you mount an NTFS volume in Solaris 11 Express? I need to access the data on an NTFS drive to populate

How can I write to a ntfs formatted drive?

I know there are some third party apps for a fee but this seems like a simple enough and popular request that Apple should address. Can you tell me if apple has a solution for this? I appreciate your help. Thanks, JohnNo Apple solution (well, the sol

Ntfs Event 153 causing an external drive to be dismounted on WIndows 8 system?

I am running Carbonite's Mirror Image on my Windows 8 system, using an external USB-connected hard drive as the target disk.  Carbonite formats the target drive before using it for mirror images.  The snapshot process works fine, but it appears that

I need to change the internal hard drive for my mac book to a 320 gb, 5400 rpm, 2.5" - suggestions of which to get and where to get it?

I found this: is this the right one? Western Digital Scorpio Blue WD3200BPVT 320GB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 2.5" Internal Notebook Hard Drive Bare Drivegreat thanks--- other than that is this the right thing to get?Read other 4 answers

I have a external Hard drive of 1TB. I want to transfer HD movies to it from my MAC but it can only take 4 gb at a time, now i have to format it which is the best format in this situation NTFS or exFAT, as i use windows part ion as well??

I have a external Hard drive of 1TB. I want to transfer HD movies to it from my MAC but it can only take 4 gb at a time, now i have to format it which is the best format in this situation NTFS or exFAT, as i use windows part ion as well?? plzz help M

Error reading from file glibc-2.5-24.i686.rpm RHEL 5 Setup stuck at 80%

Hi, I am installing Oracle 10g on RHEL 5 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5) machine I am facing two problems 1) while installing the rpm packages the following package gave an error Error reading from file glibc-2.5-24.i686.rpm 2) I still gave a try to run

Unable to start EBS DB after the Server Crash. Error in installing the Required RPM.

Hi , Hussein ( As most of the Time It is Only you here who comes to the rescue or give Usefull inputs. I am sorry if i mistaken, no Pan intended for Other Experts) I 've also posted this issue here but got no response. https://forums.oracle.com/threa

IMac (Late 2006) fan speed is 4600 rpm and nothing will change it

I just brought my iMac 24" 2.16GHz Late 2006 back from the Apple Store today and the ODD fan is running at 4600 rpm!!! The noise it generates is way too loud. It is comparable to the wind tunnel G4 I replaced. Any thoughts on how to lower the fan spe

How can i get the max rpm from cpu fan??

how can i get the max rpm from my cpu cooler regarding that i don't have a speed controller attached to the cpu fan ,,, ??  please make things clear for me thanksif you have not reduced it by using a speed controller either hardware or software or by