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Accessing database via OID username and password

I've have 2 servers, one with the following software: --- SERVER #1 --- * Oracle database v9.2.0.1 * Management Server * OID --- SERVER #2 --- and the other database server with: * Oracle database v9.2.0.1 * and the database that it is registered (vi

OID hardcoded userid/password

I have an application that enables users to self-register and upon registration stores their information within OID. In order to create users in oid I have to gain access to OID with a predefined userid/password. This is hardcoded in a java class. Al

OID Not send password expiration warning

Hi all, i have set password policy with the follow attributes: pwdexpirewarning: 10367998 pwdmaxage: 10368000 When user logon the attribute pwdexpirationwarned is set, but expiration message with error code 9002 is not send. Solution? Thankswhich OID

Oid & workflow users password

did the steps mentioned in metalink to syncrous the users from OID to standalone workflow. It is work fine after too hard work to setup it. One thing is missed , is I tried to login to workflow home page thru one of these users (coming from OID) but

Error While unlocking OID Password

Hi, E:\ofm\infra\BIN>oidpasswd connect=orcli unlock_su_acct=TRUE OID DB user password: ERROR * gsldpuUnlockSuAccount * ORA-12154:ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified encountered Error in unlocking OID super user account.

How can I set OIM password policy for OID Users.

Hi, For me the target resourec is OID. When I create users in OIM, they get provisioned to OID. Their password also gets stored in OID. Now, I have a password policy in OIM. In that policy, the password exipration day is set to 28 days. After 28 days

How to get user ID and password in ADF using code?

Hi, I am using JDev with BC. Security is in OID (user and password) / JAZN. I am able to get the user ID, using getUserPrincipalName(), but how to get the password? I need to pass in a connection string to the Oracle Report Server to run a O

Oracle 10g as password

Hi, I am new bie to oracle application 10g.We have the oracle application server instance with EBS. i don't know the passwords for all of them. how to change them. http://ebs.yantro.com:1156/emd/console/aboutApplication http://ebs.yantro.com:1810/emd

Using Kerberos as a password store?

We are looking at using Kerberos as a backend password store for all enterprise systems (SunOne LDAP, AD, OID/Oracle). Is it possible (via external plugin/application or other means) to have OID pass the authentication part off to a Kerberos server?

LDAP error 49: OID login failed in Oracle 10g

Hi All, Am new to Oracle-10g stack. Following is the error while login to "Oracle Directory Manager". LDAP: error code 49 - 8009030C:LdapErr: DSID-0C090336, coment: AcceptSecurityContext error, data 2030, va28 I forgot the password for su user(&

Oidpasswd scripting question for oracladmin unlocking in oid

Is this the correct forum? I want to know if there is a way to pass the password to oidpasswd without being prompted like I can with ldapbind. So when I need to unlock an account, I just run this with 1 line. I want to script it. I only found 1 page

Help me: I have locked user cn=orcladmin in oid

Hello. Pleas help me, I have locked user cn=orcladmin in oid production environment I have tried to unlock with this procedure, but It doesn´t work: [[email protected] admin]$ /opt/oracle/mw/mw_idm/Oracle_IDM/ldap/bin/oidpasswd connect=OIDDB unloc

Can I using Oracle Password filter without using DIP?

Hi expert, Can I using Oracle Password filter without using DIP? I installed OID and AD MS 2008 + Password Filter without other configuration about DIP. While Install password filter, I use 'sAMAccountName' as Source Attribute (Microsoft Ac

Trying to unlock the oid super user

Hi, We are trying to unclock the super user , But forget the passwd, how can we set the passwd, if we have forget. oidpasswd connect=asdb unlock_su_acct=true It is asking the OID passwd, But we have forget. Please help us to resolve the same. Regards

When connecting to OID directory from ODSM, orcladmin account is locked

Hi everyone, I met a problem when I try to connect to OID directory from ODSM. [LDAP: error code 53 - Password Policy Error :9001: cn=orcladmin : Your account is locked. Contact your OID administrator.] I tried to use command to unlock the super user

Password restrictions

I need to change the password restrictions of portal. How can I do this? I'm currently doing a migration and the users from the old application do not have any restrictions. I need to migrate all the users into OID with their passwords. I'm currently

APEX 3.0 with Single Sign On for single application

Hi All, I have been playing around with SSO (IAS 10.1.2) and an APEX application for the past couple of days and am still having problems. I have followed the instructions word for word in the various how to documents named in this forum and am now a

After LDAP Configuration Starting biserver1(Managed Server) is getting Fail

I have Configured the LDAP(OID) by following the Oracle Fusion Middleware Security Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g Release 1 (11.1.1) (Section 3) Completed sucessfully with out any errors.. Users also imported sucessfull

How to Link AD user with Apps user

Hi, We are in process of authenticating EBusiness suite users against their Active Directory credentials. We did the following: 1. Import Apps users into OID 2. Import AD users into OID We dont know how to link AD account with EBz account. Are we on

Error while executed sslConfig_OIDserver.sh

Hi All, I trying to execute sslConfig_OIDserver.sh to generate sslConfig_OIDclient.sh script but getting error as below. Scripts is present in, /opt/oracle/product/wls/Oracle_IDM/oas4os/bin [email protected] $ ./sslConfig_OIDserver.sh OAS4OS: Release 11.1.1