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HT203164 help! i am using itunes and windows vista 64. itunes will no longer burn cds. i have searched online and tried all i saw that could possibly fix it and it is still not working.

i have tried: reloading itunes unchecking 'write' removing lower filters in regedit ensuring i had the correct 'gear' info in the upper filters in regedit removing 'gear' from regedit, system32 reloading updated version of 'gear' cleaning my register

I am trying to burn a CD from a playlist in iTunes. I set everything up, and then when it tries to burn, it cancels the burn right away, and gives me the error code: 4251. What am I doing wrong?

Okay, so I wanted to burn a CD to play on players in the house. The songs on my playlist are from CDs that I own and imported into my iTunes. Here are the steps I've taken: 1. I created a playlist 2. Selected File > Burn Playlist to Disc... 3. My Bur

Can't print OLE objects when 9i report developed in 6i

Hi, I am migrating my reports from 6i to 9i. I just open report in 9i which is already developed in 6i and run the report it don't print OLE objects. It shows when I run report in Designer Preview, but in printing it shows blank --Vijay              

I have three videos to edit.How do I save each one so I can burn them together to a DVD?

I have three videos to edit. How do I save each one so I can burn them together to a DVD?Use Share/Computer/AVI to output each video as a DV-AVI. Then open a new project set up for DV and combine the three AVIs on that timeline. Voila!Read other 2 an

I bought a cd and downloaded it to my itunes account. I want to burn it to keep one in my car but I dont get that option. how can i burn it from my itunes account?

I bought a cd and downloaded it to my itunes account.  I want to burn one to keep in my car, but dont get that option. how can i burn it from my itunes account?Hello lindsey0315, I read your post, and I have linked to an article that will instruct yo

Encore can't burn more than one DVD at a time: Sense Code 56400

For a long time now I've been unable to burn multiple DVD's at a time. I burn more than one and I get an error and have to make a coaster out of yet another DVD I just upgraded to 24 gb of DDR3 PC 1600 RAM, I have an 6 Core Processor, I have 7.8 on e

I got an error message while burning a cd in itunes - "The attempt to burn a disc failed.  The burn failed because of a medium write error.  What is that and how can i fix it?t

I got an error message while burning a CD in iTunes - "the attempt to burn a disc failed.  The burn failed because of a medium write error."  What does this mean and how do I fix it?The disk you are using probably has a defect, not uncommon on c

Multiplex Error - While Burning Disc Image

I've been trying to burn an hour and a half dvd using idvd '08 on professional quality, coming from and AIC HDV project in final cut express 3.5. It takes around 5 hours to encode and then for the third time it's given me a multiplexer error at the e

Error while verifing a data DVD burn

Hi - I'm trying to put a lot of .wmv files onto DVD+R discs in order to remove them from my hard drive, which is becoming full. Problem is that after the burn is complete, the process fails about 1/2 way through and I get the following message: "An e

Error while burning a movie to DVD using iDVD

I have burned a 2 other movies this week but the last movie I tried to burn didn't work. I tried 3 times (once after restarting the computer and once starting over from iMovie) but each time I got the same error at the end. Multiplexer Error The was

Help! i upgraded my itunes to 7.0.2 and I can't burn my mp3's?????

I am having the same problem like many other posts as to burning mp3's on the latest version of itunes. my itunes was working fine till i downloaded the latest version and i tried to burn some songs that i even downloaded from itunes. i am having 2 m

Again I ask Itunes will no longer burn a playable cd for cars why???????

I need to burn my CDs and several songs from the itunes store to a CD that plays on my 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe. The previous itunes libraries 7-8 I have had since I have had this car and their burnt CDs worked fine. However now if I burn in this versio

Error message when burning dvd

I have a flat panel 17" iMac with a superdrive. I have recently tried to back-up data onto a dvd. When I hit the burn button I soon get an error message. When I eject the dvd and put it back in to play nothing happens and the dvd is ejected only when

Error 4260 - I can't burn a disc

Been looking for solutions all day. When ever I try to burn something it gets to about 1/3 of the way and then ejects and gives me the 4260 error message. Using Sony CD-R Audio 80min discs. I've tried using other discs. It wasn't doing this last week

My old computer, and external that I had everything backed up on broke. Majority of my music I got from burning CD's that I no longer have. How can I get all my music on my iPod onto my new iTunes?

Like I said, my back up broke and I can't get all of my music back by transfering purchases because I burned a lot of CD's I had collected from the past. I don't have any of those CD's anymore, so how can I get all of my music onto my new iTunes? Or

Error 4280 for Matshita UJ-831Da - Burn no longer works w/  iTunes.

23 Dec 07 MY SYSTEM: Sony laptop CD/DVD drv = Matshita UJ-831Da iTunes ver. PROBLEM: 1. Burn quit working when iTunes upgraded to 7.2. 2. I now get Error 4280. 3. The only change was an upgrade to iTunes. 4. No other software, or OS, changed

CD burner will no longer burn cds

Hi, I have just updated to leopard (10.5), and now my cd burner no longer works when I go to burn a cd. The drive can read a disc fine and even sees the blank discs when they are put in, but fails to write on them. I have tried using toast and iTunes