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open html file from terminal linux


How to extract files in terminal[solved]

im trying to install themes and when i download the file i need to extract it and unless i switch to root in terminal i dont have permission to extract it to /usr/share/themes. so what code do i need to use tto exract files in terminal? Last edited b

How to work with file system in linux within a JSF app?

I use this line in my backing bean to log some events: FileHandler fhxml = new FileHandler("../webapps/MyWebApp/Log/MyWebAppLog.xml", append); fhxml.setFormatter(new XMLFormatter());That works fine in windows but when I deploy it in my Tomcat 6

How to use FilePermission class to change the file permission in Linux

Hi all, I'm running in a issue related to changing the file permission under Linux environment. I'm using Suse 10.0 Linux and run jdk 1.5 java runtime. I want to create a file during execution time and change the permission of the same. I use File.cr

Can I see my startup file in terminal mode on mac os 10.8.4

can I see my startup file in terminal mode on mac os 10.8.4 iMAC 27 inches, mi-2011 r  2,7 GHz Intel Core i5 16 Go 1333 MHz DDR3 AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MoWhat startup file? There are dozens. Why do you wish to do this. If you don't know what you are

Open files from terminal (gnome-open doesn't work properly)

How can I open files from terminal? On Ubuntu, I used xdg-open. On Arch, I have gnome-open, but I can only open directories with that, not files directly. This sucks bucause I like navigating through my files using the terminal instead of a file mana

Getting exec file permission on Linux

Hi, I have read http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jspa?forumID=256&threadID=302708, but this is the old stuff. My problem is as follows: I need to sftp-y file from one Linux account to the other Linux one. It is not a big deal. However, I would like t

How do you delete files in Terminal?

I've searched the site looking for this because I've had a problem deleting files before and know there's a way to do it in Terminal, but can't seem to find the answer. I have an application and two txt files that won't delete, and won't allow me to


Hi Team,        While deploying RHEL6.0 i am getting error "VMWARE ERROR DOWNLOADING KICKSTART FILE ON Redhat linux 6.0" Please let me know how to fix this issues. Thanks vmware techtheoretically all I need to change would be changed it to var h

Download file via terminal

I want to download a http file via terminal, whats the command?curl -O http://path-to-file or curl -O ftp://path-to-file etc. FYI, That's the letter Oh, not the number ZeroRead other 3 answers

File getName on Linux platform

Hello, I am trying to utilize the Jakarta commons upload component. When I try to run the following locally, it works: while(i.hasNext()) {      FileItem item = (FileItem)i.next();      File fullFile  = new File(item.getName());      logger.info("Nam

Redirect standard input from file to terminal

Is there any way to redirect standard input from file to terminal within the same program? That is, get data from a file then redirect standard input to make it interactive with the terminal?BIJ001 wrote: No, the stdin, stderr, stdout, and working di

Control and redo files I/O linux errors

Dear all, today, i had receive a call and i had a problem in my production database: Oracle Database 10g Release - Production RHEL AS version 4. well, when i try to enter i receive the next message: ORA-01034: ORACLE not available. ORA-271

Unable to start oracle app server 10g through opmnctl file Red Hat linux

Hi gurus, I have a VM (Red Hat Linux based). I am not able to start my application server 10g through opmnctl file (exists in opmn/bin folder). I open that folder opmn/bin through terminal and write the following command opmnctl startall nothing is h

Wget: txt file in Terminal merges lines

I'm trying to use wget -i <filename> in Terminal, but every time I run it, the txt file (saved as UTF-8) has all the lines run together with %0D. I don't even know where to start to troubleshoot. Thoughts? Example of file in Textedit: Line1 Line2 Li

Unable to Copy File From Terminal Server to Client Share

Hi For years client have been able to copy files from our Windows 2003 Terminal Server to their local workstation using: copy myfile \\tsclient\mydrive\myfolder However we upgraded to Windows 2012 Server R2 and now Windows 7 Pro clients cannot copy f

Copy File from Terminal Server to Workstation Failure

Hi For years client have been able to copy files from our Windows 2003 Terminal Server to their local workstation using: copy myfile \\tsclient\mydrive\myfolder However we upgraded to Windows 2012 Server R2 and now Windows 7 Pro clients cannot copy f

Share files between Arch Linux and XP Home

Hi, I have an Arch Linux desktop and a XP Home Laptop both connected to a Billion 7401 ADSL Router to get to the internet. If I am using any computer sometimes I have a need to use files from the other one, and from an external HDD connected to the X

Loading a text file into Terminal App

Hi, I  am  trying  to  load  a  textfile  into  my  Terminal  App  using  the  Import  utility  under  the  Shell  drop  down  menu. But  when  I  try  choosing  the  text  files  after  clicking  Import,  I  am   unable  to  select  a  text  file  b

Office 2007 + Custom template (dot/dotm files) on terminal server -- issues

We are trying to transition to a terminal server + thin-client setup. The TS runs Server 2008 R2, and the Office version is 2007 (for compatibility reasons -- we have a lot of macros etc that won't run with Office 2010). The normal.dotm for Office, E

End of file in Win, Linux, Mac OS

Hi! I have a binary file created in C++ in Windows. Now I'd like to read the file in Linux and Mac OS with an Java app. Will there be a problem regarding the differences in specifing "end of file" in the operting systems?I have a binary file cre