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Error in Creation of BW data source

Hi All, While creating a data source, i am selecting the Origin type Business ware house cube & in the  RFC destination field i can able to select the BW syste. The problem is when i go to the next filed BW report and try to get the relevant BW repor

Unable to capture the Data Source into a Transport Request

Hi All, We have a product hierarchy and we are using the data source :4R_PRODH_D_LGEN_HIER for the hierarchy. Now we need to transport this structure to the quality environment but we were not able to capture the datasource:4R_PRODH_D_LGEN_HIER into

Sample source code for fields mapping in expert routine

Hi All Iam writing the expert routine from dso to cube for example I have two fields in dso FLD1,FLD2 same fields in infocube also ,can any body provide me sample abap code to map source fields to target fields in expert routine,your help will be hei

Cross Reference Source text options

Creating a Cross Reference linking to a Paragraph. In the paragraph where the cross-reference source is inserted, may the cross-reference link be applied to existing text in that paragraph so that the cross-reference destination text does not appear?

"get all new data request by request" after compressing source Cube

Hi I need to transfer data from one Infocube to another and use the Delta request by request. I have tried this when data on Source Infocube was not compressed and it worked. Afterwards some requests were compressed and after that the delta request b

Generate xml source file for Oracle Order Capture Print Quote

Hi, I am new to xml and need to work on creating templates for Print Quote. I am trying to generate the xml source file for which I enabled the report in system administrator and set the output to XML and assigned to Quoting Reports responsiblity. I

Using a SQL data source and XML data source in the same template

I am trying to develop a template for the Request for Quote report generated in Apps 11.5.10. I have loaded the data from the XML output into the template, but I am missing one field - I need the org_id from the po_headers table. Is it possible to us

FDMEE: Source Period Mapping in Open Interface Adaptor

Hello, I want to use open interfce Adaptor to load data in FDMEE (AIF_Open_Interface) from a Custom SQL Source where periods are in rows and data in last column of SQL table, like Fyear      period      entity      account      Currency      Data 201

"Open sql" report no data sourced defined in windows

when I want to import data from sql database, the Open sql window report error "There are no data sourced defined. Please create one to continue", but I have defined the odbc data source using windows 's odbc administrator, why the error? chulia

Excel-2007 cannot connect to Oracle ODBC data source, Control Panel can.

<p> I cannot make an ODBC connection from Exce-2007 to Oracle work. I am an expert Excel and VBA user (since 1994) and I have frequently used Excel to access ODBC databases, including Oracle (I have done this with Excel-2003 both with worksheet quer

Report Builder Wizard and Parameter Creation with values from other data source e.g. data set or views for non-IT users or Business Analysts

Hi, "Report Builder is a report authoring environment for business users who prefer to work in the Microsoft Office environment. You work with one report at a time. You can modify a published report directly from a report server. You can quickly buil

Is there a way to make the Markers panel work better with the Source panel?

My workflow is to first cut a multi-cam project (but it could be any long clip), then watch it all over again to make notes about what to keep and what to kick.  So after I'm done cutting the initial rough cut of the entire hour or two of footage, I'

How do I find the source where a clip is stored?

I have a new Mac PRo but the files are in several different HDs attached. Which one has the file? I can see the clips in the imported mclips but how do I find them on the drives from FCX? I want to put them in one of the HD's under an FCX file. Thank

My ipod touch is not showing up on the source list

My iPod Touch is not showing up on the source list. I have tried to restore the ipod, i have uninstalled, reinstalled, and used the repair option in the control panel to no avail. I am currently useing the latest version of Windows 8 on an Asus VivoB

How to get Materialized View to ignore unused columns in source table

When updating a column in a source table, records are generated in the corresponding materialized view log table. This happens even if the column being updated is not used in any MV that references the source table. That could be OK, so long as those

Refreshing the Data Source View in Analysis Services

I have added columns to the SQL Database table that is used as a dimension in an Analysis Services Cube.  The new columns will be used as additional Property Fields for the dimension.  When I attempted to refresh the Data Source view so that the addi

OSB: Cannot acquire data source error while using JCA DBAdapter in OSB

Hi All, I've entered 'Cannot acquire data source' error while using JCA DBAdapter in OSB. Error infor are as follows: The invocation resulted in an error: Invoke JCA outbound service failed with application error, exception: com.bea.wli.sb.transports

Error while activating the data source.

Dear all, We are using the BI version 7.00 - i have a problem i.e., while creating the infopackage for the data source 0PM_OM_OPA_2 the following error is displayed. "No active transfer rule for DS 0PM_OM_OPA_2 and ....source system CLNTDEV400; creat

Error when attaching a remote XML source

Hello, When I try and attach a remote XML source to my XSL file, Dreamweaver CS3 tells me "Unable to locate or parse the XML source". The XML file in question is located at http://weather.yahooapis.com/forecastrss?p=UKXX0085 - which is a fully f

Error while transporting - Source RSDS 8ZRF_O01 LOGDBQ151 does not exist

Hi,     I am getting following error while transporting export DataSource to quality system. Start of the after-import method RS_TRFN_AFTER_IMPORT for object type(s) TRFN (Activation Mode) No rule exists Source RSDS 8ZRF_O01 LOGDBQ151 does not exist