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Is there a way to enable & configure Volume Discounts via the Product Import Spreadsheet? Is there a way to enable more than 2 Quantity Thresholds?

Is there a way to enable & configure Volume Discounts via the Product Import Spreadsheet? Is there a way to enable more than 2 Quantity Thresholds?Hi Michael, You can set the thresholds via an import file. The easiest way to do this (and this goes fo

Can you set the Tax Code value in the Product Import File to "Tax Never Applies"?

We have taxable and non-taxable items in our store and I need to be able to set all non-taxable food items to "Tax Never Applies" in the Product Import document. Does anyone know a work around for this? Applying this setting to hundreds of items

Product Import Never Notifies When Finished and Successful

For over a year now it seems BC never notifies when a product import has successfully completed, if you are importing more than a couple hundred records. This happens whether you use IE, Firefox, or Chrome in Windows, and it happens in the many diffe

Request not visible in the production import queue

Hi all. When importing some requests in the QUA system, these requests do not automatically appear in the PRD import queue: they need to be added manually. This only happens for some request: there are requests which automatically appear in the impor

CMS tranport error in Production: Import Failed

Hi All, We have successfully transported all the IR and ID objects from DEV to CON. We are having problem to tranport ID objects from CON to PRD. We have successfully transported IR objects, have all SLD(in Prod) objects in place. Following is the er

ECommerce Product Import Issue - Need HELP!!!!

I'm trying to import 899 products into the ecommerce module but it's taking 6+ hours and I never get a completion message.  The import shows as in progress and products do get added/updated but it takes a very long time and I never get a completion m

LSMW: Product import error

Hi Firends, We are using LSMW IDoc method for importing Product. We are using "Message Type         CRMXIF_PRODUCT_SAVE_M" and "Basic Type           CRMXIF_PRODUCT_SAVE_M01" When the IDoc is generated, it giving error : Attribute ID fo

Product import

Hi there, Wondering if anyone can help me! I am wanting to create a csv file to import our product range for ecommerce using Business Catalyst. In brief, our product is available in different colours and sizes, and the size you choose will determine

Import Product Price and Condition using LSMW IDoc method

Hi Friends, I am working on the Product Import to CRM from flat file using LSMW IDoc method using the "CRMXIF_PRODUCT_MATERIAL_SAVE" message type. I am able to import the entire product with its required details except the Price and its conditio

Product Release Date being default set to 01-Jan-2000 when exporting and importing product file

Hi there, Just putting this out there to see if anyone else has experienced this problem. We've just redeveloped an art site that relies on the product release date to order work, newest first, by the date they added it  {tag_productlist,,,20,release

Import failed in production- Urgent

Hi ,     I am moving webdynpro Dc from development to production. In production import failed and i got following errors in log trace. I am not using MailApplication  Dc mentioned in error log , is it possible to remove it now??? Kavita Edited by: ka

Multiple tax code option and add tax code at the time of Import

Is there a way using which we can add multiple tax codes to a Products. Also is it possible that we apply this tax code to products at the time of Product import instead on manually updating this to each product. Regards LeenaHi Leena, As per the sys

Error while uploading the PAR file of Production to UAT-

Hi Experts, Could you please help me out in resolving the error which i'm facing while uploading the PAR file. 1. I have downloaded the par file from the production, imported to my NWDS. 2. Made changes to my  HeadiView.jsp 3. I want to test my imple

Problem in importing a dump file

i have got a dump file exported from one system. i try to import into my database (anotehr system) but an error exists SQL> imp sys/sys file='C:\INVSYS.DMP'; SP2-0734: unknown command beginning "imp sys/sy..." - rest of line ignored. i dont h

Importing a file containing long raw data

I have got a .dmp file which was exported from an oracle 8i database & contains a long raw column.Now, when i try to import this file in to oracle 9i database, the import says, C:\>imp Import: Release - Production on Sat Aug 20 14:51:03 2

Import error with snapshot logs

I have an export that is a full from our production database. I'm trying to import a small subset of tables from a user to a different user. One of the tables has a snapshot log against it I believe due to the error msg in the import file. I don't ca

Problem importing a catalog into CQ5 from Hybris

Hello I'd like to ask you guys for some help on CQ imports. CQ supports a number of different importers. The one I am dealing with is the Hybris Importer. I already installed the Hybris embedded server and all relevant packages listed in the CQ docs

Tables do not import when importing from 10gR2 to 9iR2

Hello forum members I take full database dump from 10g database as below: C:\Documents and Settings\Vugar>exp Export: Release - Production on Thu Aug 6 19:05:47 2009 Copyright (c) 1982, 2002, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved. Usernam

Import: 8.1.6 to 8.1.5

Is it possible to import an export from a version 8.1.6 database (NT) into a version 8.1.5 database(UNIX)? Below are the results of my attempts: Connected to: Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release - Production With the Partitioning and Java o

Multiple Images Import template?

Hi folks, First of all, I cannot find the link to product import templates anywhere after an hour's search. That is just wrong! Secondly, as I remember seeing one, it doesn't offer multiple views of a single product. But i've seen stores with multipl