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Use of Bootcamp 3.0.4 on Mac OX 10.6.8 for Windows XP

Dear all! I hope I will find an answer here, as so far I haven't anything helpful! My MacBook Pro running on Mac OX 10.6.8 and using the 3.0.4 bootcamp version will not allow me to use windows XP. What I've read around is only bootcamp 4 does not sup

KWin compositing only in XRender mode / unable to use OpenGL mode.

Hi, somehow I am unable to activate kwin4 compositing in OpenGL mode. If I try to I get the following message: "Failed to activate desktop effects using the given configuration options. Settings will be reverted to their previous values. Check your X

How to pick up the 3d model after change the picture control to the Opengl control?

Colleagues, I have a problem when I use the cvi.I need to draw a 3D model use the opengl in the picture control,and pick up the mode.For example,I transfer the picture control to the Opengl control,then draw a cube and sphere by Opengl.And I want to

OpenGL performance issues after security upgrade...

Hi, after the recent security upgrade of yesterday, I see again the OpenGL problem in the virtue desktop Cube effect on my 17" MacBook Pro. The effect is that the cube does not rotate completely smoothty. This was exactly the same as after the first

Draw OpenGL- or Direct3D graphics on IMAQ camera window?

I am making a vision-application to track the position and orientation of an object. Now I want to overlay OpenGL- or Direct3D graphics (or similar) onto the object in the image. In other words, this will be sort of an Augmented Reality application.

Choppy with DirectX, smooth with OpenGL

I downloaded the DirectX version of j3d and ran the rotating cube demo...really choppy. I added the -verbose:gc option to the command line and noticed that it was collecting garbage during the choppiness (just about every second). I then uninstalled

[iPhone SDK] OpenGL and gDrawElements

Trying to learn OpenGL at the same time I'm learning the iPhone SDK I made a simple cube and was trying to display it on the iPhone, what I get is just a unrecognizable blob on the screen. Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong? thanks. glTexCoordPo

OpenGL error when running wine with Caesar III

Hello fellow archers I've been trying to run the game Caesar III on my new arch computer through wine, and it seems to be working just fine, however the terminal keeps filling up with error messages like: err:wgl:X11DRV_wglGetProcAddress No libGL on

Fields in DSO & Cube

Hi experts, I have the field 0fiscyear in my dso and also in the cube. But when creating transformation the field 0fiscyear is present in the dso but not in the cube. So that i am unable to create transformation for 0fiscyear.Anyone please explain me

Can not find master data in the cube

ItemNo is an navigation attribute of 0Material. We are using 0material in a cube. When I display the cube data include ItemNo, I don't find the data I am looking for. For example: In 0Material: 0Material      ItemNo    Description AAA               

Index's on cubes or Aggregates on infoobjects

Hello, Please tell me if it is possible to put index's on cubes; are they automatically added or is this something I put on them? I do not understand index's are they like aggregates? Need to find info that explains this. Thanks for the hlep. NewbieI

Material type not getting displayed in the cube........

Hi, In my infocube material type for one of the material is not getting displayed. When I check in the content of the cube for this material all the fileds are getting displayed except material type. However it is present in the material master data

Amount not getting displayed in the cube

Hi, I have a ZTable which has got an Amount field declared like this. AMOUNT     WAERS     CUKY     5     0     Currency Key And I declared a ZAMOUNT as Amount in the cube and provided 0CURRENCY. Initially there was no value in the Amount column in t

How do I use Qt and OpenGL with Visual Studio

Hi! I mainly want to program in C++ and I want to use Qt and OpenGL with Visual Studio. I am currently revising C++ and later on i am going to start reading Qt and OpenGL. I have a background of Embedded firmware design(C and Assembly). The Visual St

Fields in purchasing cube

Hi experts, I am using the cube 0pur_c01 which is loaded from 3 datasources 2lis_02_itm, 2lis_02_scl, 2lis_02_s012. But there are only few fields in this standard cube. I want to add some more fields. Can anyone please suggest me what are the major f

Fields in the cube

Hi Experts Here client wants 200 fields in cube whether that is suggestable help me in this Regards AnandHi, Its possible to have that many fields in the cube, but you have to consider what the reporting requirements are and how the data is connected

Issue when uploading Sales data from DSO to Cube.

Dear All, I have an issue when I am uploading Sales data from DSO to Cube.  I am using BI 7.0 and I have uploaded all sales document level data to my DSO.  Then I use a transformation rule to calculate the Sales Value when I am doing DTP to cube.  Cu

CUBE Not getting All records from DSO

Hi Experts , We have a situation where we have to load data from a DSO to a Cube . The DSO contains only 9 records and while we r loading the data into cube , the cube is only getting 2 records . Thus 7 records are missing. Also The Cube contains mor

Impact if FIGL10 DSO is not staged b4 FIGL10 Cube

Heallo SDNer's, How wud it impact if I dont stage 0FIGL_O10 - DSO between 0FIGL_C10 ? Structures wud be similar - no additional fields in Cube. Even SAP defined DSO n Cube have similar fields. Datasource is <b>delta capable</b> - 0FI_GL_10. So

Data not matching in cube which gets from two DSOs

Hi All, I have a requirement. Cube gets from data from 2 DSOs. In 1 DSO - There are three fields which are mapped to one field in Cube 2 DSO--There are also similar type. Like 4 fields in dso2 mapping to 1 field in cube When the data is loaded into C