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Change VC Model Source code

Hi, can we change the VC mdoel source code, i mena when we create a vc model - it genrates the source code which we can see in the source tab - i want to change the little code, wehre this code get stored? is it in portal? how can we see this and  ed

Cannot find source code for Employee Benefit application

Hello, I am trying to find the Employee Benefit Sample Application which used to be provided by Oracle at http://otn.oracle.com/sample_code/products/ias/content.html. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the source code anywhere, neither by searching thro

Double click event to source code

hi all What im trying to do is when someone clicks one of the keywords in the tree browser file that it takes them to the source code window and to that method or variable the clicked. For exaple lets say have 2 windows, on the left side is just a li

JATO 1.2.1 source code

Dears. We are evaluating S1AF for production use. It looks good, but i miss some comprehensive documentation! "Release notes", "Overview", "Getting started" nor "Installation guide" is not enough. Is a full document

Syncing model sources across multiple WARs

One of the problems we're hitting in our development is keeping model classes synced across a multi-WAR project. For example, the model class for, say, a User object was changed in WAR B, but that developer (an intern) did not publish those changes t

Database source code control or version management

Hi all, I work in a data warehouse development project, where database schema changes form majority of development work. As a development DBA I look after ensuring that all the database schema changes are version controlled properly. We currently use

Tracking Down GUI Hooks In Source Code

I'm working on a new project (undocumented code) and have to track down where certain runtime parameters are being changed. The GUI provides a way for the user to set the parameters. I have to track down the GUI code for the popup box where the param

Source Code Editor Framework for Flex

Dear Flex Forum members: As a Flex newbie a quite important question in relation to the "Flex frameworks world" still remains to me, even after some google search sessions: Does there exist any (preferably free) Flex framework or Flex component

Where i can get Shopping Cart App source code ?

HI, i want to understand the Shopping Cart App properly which is explained in this link "SAPUI5 SDK - Demo Kit". please help me to find its source code so that i can understand Detailed Guidance File Structure – Proposed structure and naming for

Load CF varibales into javascript array without outputing to source code

I have a javascript array for dynamic dropdowns - Automobile, makes,models, etc. The javascript arrays are populated by by cf queries Everythign works and functions fine - but it also loads the entire array (hundreds of lines of code) into the browse

Generate java source cod/ contect menu

I am new to JDeveloper, so please excuse the ignorance. I am using JDeveloper and UML modelers I am going through the JDeveloper tutorial( Modeling Java Classes tutorial). I design a Class model and i try to generate java sourc

Where I can get SAP standard webdynpro application source code

Dear Experts, Where can i get sap standard WebDynpro application source code, because i need to copy that source code and modify that according to my application. My scnario. Actually i need to develop Carloan WebDynpro application, but its similar E

Source code managements problems

Hi all. I work for a coperation that mandates the use of a particular source code management software, MKS. They are moving to another solution soon, so it doesn't make sense to write an extension for it. My objective is to use MKS to manage source c

S960 / Vibe X Android 4.4 Kitkat Source Code

Where is Kitkat source code??? On link http://support.lenovo.com/en/products/phones/s-series/s960-smartphone is only file from 11/18/2013. Please update!slovakia wrote: Where is Kitkat source code??? On link http://support.lenovo.com/en/products/phon

Java Source Code to UML Class Diagram

Can anyone tell me exactly which kinds of relationships may be identified for a UML CLass diagram, directly from 'static' source code.. Note that I am developing my own case tool which will convert from java to uml.. At the moment, I have only manage

How can I download the full source code for the Java 3D package

how can I download the full source code for javax.media.j3d especially I need the Transform3D.java class. thanks a lot Meirthank you guys I'll try to do so, I suggest you to join me.From the one of the (ex-!)Java3D team: "I'm glad to see that Sun has

I am running 10.6.8 and using iweb for my web site. After several SEO analysis they all indicate I need H1-6 header tags. After looking at the source code I see there are none in iweb. Is it necessary to add? If so, how do I add H Tags to iweb.

I am running 10.6.8 and using iweb for my web site. After several SEO analysis they all indicate I need H1-6 header tags. After looking at the source code I see there are none in iweb. Are they necessary to add?  Why would one add these tags and how

Source code not generated in mapping

Hi,   I tried mapping an Idoc to an XSD in my mnessage mapping.When I try to check my message mapping I get an error msg : "<Mappingname> has no Source Code"...My scenario is only some fields of Idoc map to the XSD and the rest are constan

Ask again:  Where can I find source code for CPRM algorithm?

Hi, everyone. Where can I find reference implementation or some sample codes for CPRM(content protection for recordable media) algorithm? Can anyone help? Information about CPRM can be find here, http://www.4centity.com/ JAVA version is preferred and

Functional Module:Need  some sample source code.

Hi All, I have created  a customized table   u2018ZStock_Order_Dealeru2019 with the following fields: Stock_Order_Dealer Dealer Number S2D order Number      Line item Number      Material Number      Ordered Quantity      Batch Number      Received Q