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Compare Development DB and Production DB objects source code

Hi All We want to compare the Dev. DB and Prod. DB objects source code and list down all the objects which are different in the source code. 1). Development DB and Production DB are in different network environment 2). List down all the objects from

Dumping Global ABAP Objects Source Code to Text File

Hello People, this is my first post and my first time to join the forums.. and also my first time to code in ABAP. Anyways, I was wondering if there is a way to dump the source code definition of any class/interface made in SE24 (Object Builder) onto

Objects Source Code in 46C

HI, Is there any code to download the source code of classes/objects in 46c? ThanksOf course, there is SAPlink, but this is for 6.20 and above.  Backporting it to 46c was discussed, but would require a whole lot of changes, even down to method call s

View Source code

Gurus, I have a Schema APPLOWN that owns the application objects (tables,pl/sql objects,etc.). Like wise I have seperate schemas for BATCH,WEB,LOAD & DEV The APPLDEV is the developer schema where the developer can use it for querying tables. Now, How

Download utility for source code of class

Are there any utilities to download the sourse code of a class?And here Re: Objects Source Code in 46C REgards, Rich HeilmanRead other 5 answers

How To Upload Object Dependency with Long Source Code

Hi Everyone, I use LSMW (IDoc:KNOMAS)  to upload the Object Dependency with T-Code CU01. However I can not upload  the formula/source code within more than 72 characters due to the maximum size of the source code field in dependency editor is 72 char

Getting an Object Identifier String given a line of source code? HELP!

(forgot to close the code tag on that last one!) Hi there, I am in desparate need of getting the object identifier given a particular line of source code. I need this for the debugger I'm writing, and since the jdb forum never gets reponses; just mor

Which table(object) store web dynpro source code?

Hello Colleague: As we are try to copy and rename webdynpro  component,the objects which  are used in the component controller methodHi, You can search for table name using  WDY_*.  There are so many tables related webdynpro. For example.. WDY_APPLIC

Error: missing ] after element list Source File: javascript:%20[object%20XULElement] Line: 1, Column: 9 Source Code: [object XULElement]

Can you help me out in letting me know what this means and how I can fix this? I found it in my tools menu under error console. It was listed as a warning, but then there was a option to highlight and evaluate the original warning message that was li

I need Expert Decomposition of classes in Source Code for my reaserch purpose. Any body can help me in this regard?

<blockquote>Locked by Moderator as a duplicate/re-post. Please continue the discussion in this thread: [tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=698286&forumId=1] Thanks - c</blockquote> == Issue == I have another kind of problem with

Source code has syntax error in SAP PI7.1 Mapping Test

HI All, IN SAP P7.1  created simple two data types, message types and Message Mapping with only 2 fields. While testing the mapping in Message Mapping it is giving the error as Source text of object Message Mapping: MM_Source_to_Target | http://abc.c

Upload and Download ABAP Source Code

This is a program that I have had kicking around for a couple of years in various incarnations. Source Code Listing Report: ZKBPROGS * Function : Up/Download ABAP reports complete with texts * - this program does not update TRDIR with the * TRDIR ent

How to release top-level VI (only) source code?

Hello, I am developing an addon to an application I already have. The application is large (over 1,500 VI's) and the VIs are set up to compile with mostly default settings (there's a top-level VI, a few with Front Panel visible, most of them are not

Function Module to get ABAP source code for a specific version

Hi all Is there a function module that I can use to get the source code of another function module at a specific version? For example, can I call a function module passing in "FM_NAME" and "FM_VERSION" and have it return the lines of c

Debugger stopped on uncompilable source code.

Dear Friends, I got the Error as like Debugger stopped on uncompilable source code. The code is down!!! I could not figure out the reason, why it comes. !!! I read data from a txt file and generate an XML file. please any 1 help me to solve this Priy

Unable to write, type anything in source code of a function module.

Hi all, We have a registered name space for our client called /ABCD/EFG. I need to create a function module in the name space. So first I created a Function Group called /ABCD/EFG_FG in /ABCD/EFG. I activated it in se80. Then I created a Function Mod

How to display the source code for this friggin' file.

Below is a rather lengthy bit of code that provides the behavior and attributes of a web server for OpenCyc. I need to know if I can enter some java to have the HTML source code displayed in a separate text file whenever this class returns some resul

Sql Developer - View source code of procedures, functions & packages in another schema

Our developers need the ability to view procedures, function, packages etc. in the production database (using SQL DEVELOPER).  They don't have access to sign on as the owner of these objects in Production.  They must use their own limited access User

OIC: Need to find the Source Code for the YTDSummary.java file

Hi All, We have 11.5.10 implemention and we are using the OIC(Incentive Compensation) Application. In the Report Module for the Year-To-Date Summary we need look for the Java Source Code.The cnytdsum.jsp file call the YTDSummary.java file. We have te

To see the source code in .sca file

Hi Experts, We have installed EP with NWDI 7.0 2004s SP11 version. I have installed NWDS 7.0.08 in mysystem. I have been provided with a .sca file which contains the applications which are developed. Now I have to see the source code of those applica