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Jsr 239 (OpenGL ES) Tutorial?

Hi, is there any (good) jsr 239 (OpenGL ES) Tutorial available? It's more or less easy to find one for C++, but not for java. Thanks in advance, e.There is a detailed 'OpenGL ES' discussion going on here, by Jeff LaMarche, if you haven't seen it yet

Tutorial for rendring image opengl es

Hi, can any one tell me a good tutorial/sample code for rendering image. i just found only one code GLSprite from developer.apple.com. but i want to render more then one texture and also a background image. Can any one help me. Muhammad Usman Aleemok

Fatal error on Mac OSX 10.8.3 when running tutorial 2 (Creating a Form)

Tutorial 1, hello world, works fine but tutorial 2 throws the following errors: # A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment: # SIGSEGV (0xb) at pc=0x000000010c0e6e59, pid=882, tid=1799 # JRE version: 7.0_17-b02 # Java VM: Java H

A few JOGL/OpenGL questions

Question 1: Basically, whenever i see a tutorial or example featuring OpenGL or JOGL and see the method; glVertex3f, the values are always floats and always below OR equal to 1.0f. Now, the models i am using i first rendered using java.awt.Graphics,

Selection Area in an OpenGL GLAnimCanvas

Hi, I need to make an selection area by clicking and draging with the mouse. I have an GLAnimCanvas (Open GL canvas object) that is inherited from java.awt.Canvas. I have an addMouseMotionListener() and an addMouseListener() that detects correctly th

Using OpenGL ES in an AIR native extension on iPad

Hi, I am trying to find out whether I can render images using iPad GPU from a native extension loaded by an AIR application on iPad. The main reason for this is that I need every bit of GPU power in my AIR application and I cannot use Stage3D (see ht

OpenGL 2.0–capable system (for CS6)

Is the iMac 2011 with AMD Radeon 6970m 2GB an OpenGL 2.0–capable system?  Does anyone know how I can find this out?  (I'm desperate to find out if the iMAC I just bought 18 days ago will support CS6 Production Premium) Thank you!dptkby wrote: Templar

[SOLVED] OpenGL/GLUT problem...

Hey guys, I've recently been trying to program with OpenGL/GLUT but so far I haven't been having much luck on Arch.  I have a simple program that uses OpenGL just to test whether I've got it working or not, but I seem to be including the wrong files.

Good book or tutorial

I'd like to really get to understand iCloud. Can someone recommend an excellent resource (book, Web site with tutorial, or some other source) to learn how to use iCloud to its fullest? Thanks!I'm afraid the only news I have here is bad news. Basicall

OpenGL in Java

Please, can somebody post a link(s), where can be found some tutorial?Why don't you just use C to program in OpenGL? That is what I do. Java is good for some things, but C is better at most.What a stupid remark.Read other 7 answers

Cannot find javax.microedition.khronos.opengles

Hi all, I'm relatively new to Java, and have gone through much of the tutorial. I am trying to utilize the OpenGL ES API and am unable to locate it in the latest 1.6 SDK. What am I missing here? I found documentation around the API but haven't locate

Problem : Use UITextView as a subview of a OpenGL View

Hi all, I'm a new iphone developer and very need ur help! I encounter a strange problem when use a UITextView ontop of a OpenGL ES view It's work properly on the simulator but when I run it on the device, the device's hang on when I start scrolling t

Video rendering on OpenGL ES

hi, Who know how to render the video on OpenglES in detail? Are there any tutorial for this?Here is a link to developer support on the Apple website that might help out. http://developer.apple.com/support/iphone/ This might be a better location to as

OpenGL Rotation Origin Problems

Hi guys, I've had a browse around and can't seem to find any mention of this, i'm starting to make progress with learning OpenGL, but theres one thing thats totally throwing me off for the time being. Maybe someone will be kind enough to shed some li

OpenGL 2.0 for ATI

Hi All, I notice with the standard packages, that OpenGL is only version 1.5 .... does anyone know why this version is so low. According to Wikipedia Version 1.5 came about in 2003!! and OpenGL is up to version 4.0 now. Is there any way to get at lea

Javafx and opengl

Some body used java opengl with javafx? i read about java3d with javafx but we all informatic student see java3d slow and not efficient -Diego864728 wrote: But you can still do the reverse, embedding JavaFX into a swing application.I have already mad

OpenGL ES textures

Hi, I need to render a texture that is not n^2 * n^2. This was accomplished in standard openGL by using GLTEXTURE_RECTANGLEEXT. Snippet: glBindTexture(GLTEXTURE_RECTANGLEEXT, _texture); glTexParameterf(GLTEXTURE_RECTANGLEEXT, GLTEXTUREPRIORITY, 1.0);

After Effects doesn't recognize OpenGL version

Hello, I got the newest Nivida driver installed [331.82] with opengl4.3 driver. After Effects shows that I have OpenGL 2.1.2. [See below screenshot...] Why is that? Does anyone have similar problem? My configuration: Windows 7, AfterEffects CC, 16GB

How do I use Qt and OpenGL with Visual Studio

Hi! I mainly want to program in C++ and I want to use Qt and OpenGL with Visual Studio. I am currently revising C++ and later on i am going to start reading Qt and OpenGL. I have a background of Embedded firmware design(C and Assembly). The Visual St

I can't sync my iPhone5 to iTunes.  The tutorial said to click on devices, but I don't see it anywhere on my computer screen.  HELP!

I am trying to sync my iPhone 5 to iTunes in order to download some new tones.  I did this back in December and didn't have any trouble.  Now I can't seem to do it.  The tutorial says to click ITunes open and then click on devices.  I don't see devic