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OpenGL API Version 3.1


Win32 API Version 1.0

Hi, I have just downloaded the "Win32 API Version 1.0 " and I am trying to compile it under the Solaris 2.6 and Forte 6.1/C++5.2/. I am facing some strange problems like socklen_t in Files.h not defined and so on. I don't know which version of S

Workflow manager 1.0 : runtime error 400 running Add-WFHost "The api-version in the query string is not supported"

Installing Workflow Manager 1.0 for SharePoint Server 2013 SP1 everything is fine until the last step of the configuration and last powershell command :  Add-WFHost -WFFarmDBConnectionString 'myconnectionstring' -RunAsPassword $WFRunAsPassword -Enabl

Adobe DPS: Direct Entitlement API Version 2

Hi guys, I have some questions about Direct Entitlement API Version 2 (http://download.macromedia.com/pub/developer/dps/entitlement/direct-entitlement-api.pdf). Based on the API, SignInWithCredentials and entitlements request body will contain a XML

SAP Netweaver 7 - Supported Servlet API version?

For SAP Netweaver 7 platform, please let me know the supported Servlet API version? Specifically, is Servlet API 2.4 supported?Hi, It isn't supported by 7.0, the version of 7.0 is 2.3 (JEE 3) Best regardsRead other 2 answers

Error: Could not find DI API version 8.8 PL17 or higher.

Hello, I'm trying to install the integration component to SAP B1 8.8 PL 14, and halfway through it's giving me the following error, "Could not find DI API version 8.8 PL 17 or higher" I was wondering, how do I find the Patch Level 17 for the DI

How to find the servlet API version

hi can u please help me to find out servlet API version? Thanks.can u please help me to find out servlet API API version?Look at the documentation, it usually features the version number.Read other 2 answers

Is "2013-08" the latest REST API version or is the documentation outdated?

I'm wondering if the Azure Notification Hubs REST API documentation is still correct and up-to-date or if there is already a newer API version than "2013-08" that can be used. All the single pages show "Updated: February 26, 2015", but

[svn:fx-trunk] 8968: sync api versions with flash runtime data

Revision: 8968 Author:   [email protected] Date:     2009-07-31 13:18:19 -0700 (Fri, 31 Jul 2009) Log Message: sync api versions with flash runtime data Modified Paths:     flex/sdk/trunk/modules/asc/src/java/macromedia/asc/embedding/avmplus/ActionBl

Kernel Warning; WARNING: cpu module 'cpu.AuthenticAMD.15' has API version 0

I installed patch 127128-11 on my solaris 10 x86 server and now I see this warning when I booted. WARNING: cpu module 'cpu.AuthenticAMD.15' has API version 0, kernel requires API version 1 The notes in the README state you will only see it after the

Perl API version v5.14.0 of Unix::Syslog does not match v5.16.0

hello i have this error when i try to launch amavis etc/rc.d/amavisd restart :: Stopping amavisd daemon [FAIL] :: Starting amavisd daemon [BUSY] fetch_modules: error loading required module Unix/Syslog.pm: Perl API version v5.14.0 of Unix::Syslog doe

ODM and ODM schema versions are incompatible please use ODM api version ver

Hi, I am with a problem, I am with the version of Oracle 10g EE in Linux As 3 and I am not getting to rotate Oracle it Dates Mining, when I am going login in the program him of the the following mistake, ODM and ODM schema versions are incom

Qn: How to find the the API version using on the server

Hi, I would like to know how the following details can be obtained. . The servlet container running on the server . The servlet API currently using by the container . The JSP API version currently using container How the above details can be obtained

Reading the 3D API version

Hi, has anybody an idea, how to find out the 3D API version? My application needs to know, if the 3D API version is 1.2.1 or 1.3. Thanks for any suggest, OliverWow, an answer 8-o Better late than never therefore i rewarded you with a duke dollar ;o)

Db.get Java API Version 4.1.25

Hi, I am using the SleepyCat Java API Version 4.1.25. I am using the method Db.get to do a Bulk retrieval. It is taking a huge time to retrieve the data. I doubt that the database being highly fragmented. Is there any way to find that ? Regards, Push

JavaTM Telephony API Version 1.3 Can Dial Free Long-Distance Phone?

JavaTM Telephony API Version 1.3 Can Dial Free Long-Distance Phone? OR Free PC to Phone?? If it can than I learn it Thank youHow do i make the free long -distance phone call's from my pc to phoneRead other 2 answers

RMI registry weirdness, API versioning, and more

Hi folks,      I have some RMI questions. I'd like to start by giving background on the software and our intentions with RMI.      Our software is a molecular biology analysis and simulation tool. Since the technology is very proprietary, we've used

Push Notification Urban Airship latest API version

I'm using most of the Push Notification code from the article below to enable sending Push Notification and it’s currently working fine. However, I got an email from Urban Airship that they released V3 of Push API last 7/22. Looking at the code in th

API Version

Hi all, Can any one tell me how to find the API version number? Thanks, V.ArumugamFrom the OS: Login as applmgr user and issue one of the following: $ strings -a <file name> | grep Header $ adident Header <file name> From the database: SQL>

Where is Solaris OE Implementation for Win32 API Version 1.0.2.?

the link on page http://soldc.sun.com/ntmigration/tools/jscoretool.html is broken. I search and found with no results. can anyone help ? or send a copy to my email box: [email protected] thanks a lot.> Try again for olaris[tm] OE Analyzer for C/C++ S

Compliance between BIP desktop version and APIs version

Hi guys! We've built a solution that uses basic BIP APIs (RTFProcessor basically) and now are considering to migrate BIP desktop to version since it could address some difficulties we have with previous version. The fact is that we've done h