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New Program Guide - unusable

I want to be tactful about this - what would be the best way to characterize your new program guide - Sick Joke? In what sense is it an improvement over the previous one?  It is in fact immeasurably WORSE.  How could anyone at Verizon have signed off

Applescript to automatically update the EyeTV DVB EPG program guide

For EyeTV users in Europe and Australia with DVB EPG access, you will all know that EyeTV will not keep that database automatically updated. So I wrote this bit of Applescript will update EyeTV's free to air DVB EPG database. Paste it into the Apples

MythTV Program Guide Slow/No Composite Effects On Dual Monitor

Hello all, I am not entirely sure where this would belong, so I put it here. I am running Arch64 with an NVidia 8600GTS and dual monitors as seperate X screens. The second monitor is actually a TV not a monitor, and is using the S-Video output on the

Modlue programming guide!

Need some help in module pool programming guide !Hi, MODULE POOL PROGRAMMING (MPP): These are type M programs in SAP. These programs cannot be executed directly. Transaction Codes (Tcodes) are used to execute MPP programs. Graphical Screen PAinter is

System wide error on Program Guide

The program guide for some sports programs, especially those on ESPN and MLBN, are incorrect.  For example, if you look at the info for SportsCenter, it incorrectly shows "air date" of 9/7/79 instead of today.  Most long running shows on these t

Java programming guide for Sun ONE

Where can I find the "Sun ONE LDAP SDK for Java Programming Guide" for version 5.2. ? I have the programming guide for Netscape Directory SDK 4.0 for Java. Will that do? Thanks for your help. [email protected]this to also create and manage the L

IPhone user guide for iOS 7

Be nice if Apple made this available soon:- save a lot of trial & error testing/exploration...If you have iPad or iPod touch you can find those in iBook store. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/ipad-user-guide-for-ios-7/id709634245?mt=11 <- ipad htt

IDS5.1 Plug-in programming guide.

I have found the documentation for Netscape 4 and IDS5.2 for plugin programming but NOT for IDS5.1. Does anyone know if this exists, or where I can find info on this subject for 5.1 ?The document you are looking for does not really exist. You can sor

Eyetv 250 Program Guide

Hello, I have just purchased an Elgato Eyetv 250. I'm wondering how, or if, I can connect into my Rogers Cable TV program guide (Canada). Could someone please help me with this? I need to decide whether or not to take the unit back to the store withi

Is there a ipod touch user guide for ios 6

I am doing ths for my wife and me if and when I replace my ipod touch, we would like to know if there is a new user guide out yet?Not yet. There probably will be by the time the 5th-generation iPod touch ships. If you're upgrading your current iPod,

IPad User Guide for IOS 8

Hopefully this helps. iPad User Guide For iOS 8 by Apple Inc. https://itun.es/us/5A6R2.lNot I... I got to the thread from YourContent page - noticed it had no replies, so thought it might get noticed  if it had a bump, all the while knowing that you

No Interactive Programming Guide--Even AFTER STB Reset: HELP!

I have been living without my interactive programming guide for more than a week now. I never know what is on TV! I have tried resetting the router by unplugging it from the electrical outlet, removing all the cords for 15 seconds at a time and pushi

Is there anti virus programs available for IOS?

is there a virus scan programs for Mac ios?Antivirus software will not work on ios as an onboard app. Due to sandboxing, the AV software cant scan anything except the data in the app. Add to that the fact there are no viruses for ios unless you jailb

Windows Media Center WMC 7 program guide

I have a HTPC running WMC 7 and use it with a Ceton Infinity / Verizon Mcard, up untill last week My program guide in WMC worked perfectly and now I get "progam data not available" in the 90% of the channels. Has anyone else experienced this and

Updated LV NXT programming guide?

I see that there exists the "LabVIEW Lego Mindstorms NXT Module Programming Guide" for 2009.  Does anyone know if there is a comprable manual with maybe a different title for LabVIEW 2013?  Among other things I'm hopping for a complete list of D

Original iPad User Guide for iOS 4.3?

I've updated my iPad (and iPhone 3GS) to iOS 4.3. I then went to http://support.apple.com/manuals to download the latest User Guides for iOS 4.3. I found one for the iTouch, 1 for the iPhone, and 1 for the iPad 2. However, an iOS 4.3 User Guide for t

Agent programming guide

Does anyone know of a good programming guide for agents/daemons? Trying to use the Xcode documentation is useless, it provides only the most general advice and gives me no specifics.Technical Note TN2083: Daemons and Agents http://developer.apple.com

Mindstorm nxt module programing guide trouble

hi there, I have some trouble with the 'Labview mindstorms NXT Module programming guide'. I develop an application on labview 2009 and i want to acces some properties like 'Overload and ActualSpeed' but i don't found anywhere in this guide how to acc

Address Book Programming Guide Help

Im new to xcode and Im just stating with using the address book programming using Apple's Quick Start Tutorial http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#DOCUMENTATION/ContactData/Conceptual/Add ressBookProgrammingGuideforiPhone/Chapters/QuickStart.html

Do I have to enroll in the developer program to submit ios apps to app store?

I want to know whether it's necessary to enroll in the ios developer program in order submit ios apps to app store. It seems kind of expensive. Do I have to do that to submit apps?Yes you do. It is only $99.00 USD. You get a lot of milage out of your