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Error while importing BDC models to SharePoint from SAP

Hi Team, I am facing error while importing the BDC models to SharePoint from SAP Duet environment. Please find the attached screen shot and text document for reference. Below are the tasks performed before importing the BDC models. 1) SSL & STS certi

Error while importing EJB model in Web dynpro: Unable to fetch the EJBs.

Hi, We are getting the below error while importing ejb model to Web dynpro. Error : Unable to fetch the EJBs. Check if the selected Enterprise Application contain the EJBs. I have created the public part-> It has a reference to EJB client and the ent

Reg. Scenerio Sheets are not importing while importing the model.

Hi All , Due to some issues , I exported the existing model and then do the isreset before importing the model. I imported the model which i exported. I am unable to see any Scenerio Sheet , planning Sheet in Analysis Workbench which i created earlie

Importing EJB Model in NWDS

Hi,<br> There is a simple Stateless Session Bean which uses an external library (JAR); and there is only 1 business method with just 1 line of code: RecordEx r = null; <br> RecordEx is one of the library classes;<br><br> While tryi

Using Complex Data Types in Import JavaBean Model

Hi, I have searched and read forums and weblogs related to import javabean model. But I am not clear about how to use complex data types like ArrayList, Collection etc in my java bean. If I use these complex datatypes in my bean, when creating model

Import RFC Model

All,   I'm using Sneak preview full java version. When I try to call SAP Function module from webdynpro Java via RFC Model, it's asking me to specify the SAP Server detail logon information. Can anyone help me what information i should give becos im

Error when re-importing a model

I have a coworker who is trying to reimport a model in his Web Dynpro project.  He is getting the following exception (full stack trace below): org.eclipse.swt.SWTException: Failed to execute runnable (java.lang.NullPointerException) We've tried remo

CS5 Extended:Importing 3D Models queries

Hi, I just spent some time having fun  playing with 3d in CS5 for the last 4 weeks.  The 3D does offer a new exciting aspect to PS however I have come across some issues while experimenting with importing models. I'm a experienced PS user  but new to

How to import eEPC model into BPEL model of JDeveloper

Hello All, Can any buddy please help me, I need to import EPC model from Oracle BPA architecture 11g, to BPEL Process in JDeveloper 11g, i am using Oracle BPA Suite 11g with Oracle 11g Backend database, and i have installed JDeveloper 11g Thanks Mili

How to Import data models into BPA

How can data models be imported into BPA? We understand that models can be imported from other BPA repositories. We need to import from something that does not start out as a BPA model. We know how to import the data objects using the Process Generat


Hi, While importing BW models to HANA studio cube not visible only DSO and infoobject visible we tried to import DSO it is not activateHi, See the Thread - Can we import Bex query, SPO, MP, INFOSET, OHD to HANA studio the same question is raised seve

Benefit of importing BW models into HANA.

Hi All , What is the benefit of importing BW models into HANA and vice versa in BW on HANA ?Hi Supriya, i think you are mentioning about the migration from BW to BW on HANA here. For understanding the benefits , first you need to understand what is H

Importing tabular Model

I'm not sure which forum to post this question.  I have created a tabular model and I want to be able to pull data from the tabular model to populate an excel spreadsheet and then import the data into SAS.  When I pull the data into the tabular model

Re-importing the models

Dear All, I just started with XCelsius. I am using Dummy's book and just finished the first part. I have a question that for example, i am data from a Java webservice, i have the following queries in mind - Lets say my webservice is sending data into

How to convert\import eEPC model to BPEL Process and used it in JDeveloper?

Hello All, Can any buddy please help me, I need to import EPC model from Oracle BPA architecture 11g, to BPEL Process in JDeveloper 11g, i am using Oracle BPA Suite 11g with Oracle 11g Backend database, and i have installed JDeveloper 11g Thanks Mili

Error while Importing Webservice Model in NWDS 7.0.13

Hi Experts, I am trying to Create Webservice Model (deprecated) in my Webdynpro Application using NWDS 7.0.13, using a WSDL which is hosted on PI 7.1. However while resolving this WSDL, I am getting error "Unacceptable Choise Element Found. Choise ca

Error while importing Webservice Model in NWDS in java WebDynpro

Hi All, Our Project FileNet team has developed 1 web service and they have given us WSDL of that webservice. I have to use this webservice in my java webdynpro code. We have 2 different webdynpro DC, In one DC I have imported this webservice model as

Error in import : tabular model with Oracle

Hi there, I seems to be getting very strange error. I am trying to build tabular model over oracle db. I get test successfull for connection, able to validate the query, and in query designer, if i execute it shows me data too. But when i press finis

Importing 3D Models - problem with .3ds

I am able to import several .obj models, but I am having trouble importing any .3ds models. It lets me select them in the dialog, but then nothing shows up. Nothing is freezing or crashing - just nothing happens? I am attaching what my import options

ESYU: Order Import를 통해 간단한 ATO Model을 위한 Order를 생성하는 방법

Purpose Oracle Order Management - Version: 11.5.9 to 12.0.5 Information in this document applies to any platform. 아래와 같은 구조를 갖는 간단한 ATO model을 위한 order를 order import를 통해 생성하는 방법에 대해 알아본다. ATO Model (542851) |- ATO Option Class (542852) |--Option Item