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Jsr 239 (OpenGL ES) Tutorial?

Hi, is there any (good) jsr 239 (OpenGL ES) Tutorial available? It's more or less easy to find one for C++, but not for java. Thanks in advance, e.There is a detailed 'OpenGL ES' discussion going on here, by Jeff LaMarche, if you haven't seen it yet

How do I organize photos in iPhoto for ios

I am confused because there is a category for organizing photos here and in the iPhoto for iOS tutorial, but I cannot find any functionality for organizing photos into events and albums in the software. Am I missing something?  Does anyone know how t

Layout for packing list cannot be set for specific customers

It is not possible to set an standard layout for the packing list for specific customers. So, if you have layouts in different languages, you have to check the standard layout every time before you print and to set the right one. In other documents i

Problem with Embedded Event Manager and Object Tracking

Hi, I have a 2801 running c2801-advipservicesk9-mz.124-24.T2.bin. It has the following configuration: track 300 list boolean or object 10 object 11 object 12 object 13 event manager applet clear_ipsec_tunnel event track 300 state down action 1.0 cli

Start Developing iOS Apps Today tutorial Edit button instead of Add button

In the Start Developing iOS Apps Today tutorial, I followed the instructions but after adding data (the final part), instead of seeing the + symbol, which should take me to the add item view, I saw the word edit, which took me to a screen where I cou

Tutorial on creating animations in Flash then exporting to IOS?

I have to do an app for someone, its a children's story with animation and audio. I have been in Flash Since Flash 4 so I'm comfortable building the animations and scenes in Flash ( Now I have CC 2014) I need to make sure that the buttons codes will

Help! I can't run OpenGL ES application on iOS simulator-4.3

Hardware Overview:   Model Name:          iMac   Model Identifier:          iMac12,1   Processor Name:          Intel Core i5   Processor Speed:          2.5 GHz   Number of Processors:          1   Total Number of Cores:          4   L2 Cache (per C

How can I use OpenGL ES and GLKit framework fr developing iOS games??

I've seen that people use OpenGl ES to create 2D or 3D games. But I still don't know how to use OpenGL ES. And GLKit, it is a kind of software. Can anyone explain me about them please?Hi Eric, it would help me frame answers if you give the background

Complete text on opengl es for ios

Hello, what's a complete and correct textbook/guide/reference/manual/documentation on utilising OpenGL ES 2.0 under iOS 5 to achieve 3D graphics on iOS 5 and up devices? I found Apples guides wrong and omitting necessary steps, also they are badly or

I am walking through Apples tutorial getting started with iOS development. I am at the storyboard area and can't seem to drag the cancel button to the green exit. I am not sure why the exit button doesn't except it. Is anyone else having this issue?

I am walking through Apples tutorial getting started with iOS development. I am at the storyboard area and can't seem to drag the cancel button to the green exit. I am not sure why the exit button doesn't except it. Is anyone else having this issue?

Looking for step-by-step tutorial for in-app purchase with iOS

Hello everyone, I'm in a bit of an unusual situation here. I'm currently working in a company, the elder programmers of which are in a different project while my humble self is charged with the task to develop for iOS with Flash Pro CS5.5. Our Creati

Tutorial for rendring image opengl es

Hi, can any one tell me a good tutorial/sample code for rendering image. i just found only one code GLSprite from developer.apple.com. but i want to render more then one texture and also a background image. Can any one help me. Muhammad Usman Aleemok

IOS Push Notifications (ANE and tutorial) ?

Hi, I am looking for a good extension for Push Notifications on iOS, with a step by step guide to get it up and running. Commercial or Free. Thanks!You can learn more about the next AIR mobile and desktop features by applying for our private prerelea

Using OpenGL ES in an AIR native extension on iPad

Hi, I am trying to find out whether I can render images using iPad GPU from a native extension loaded by an AIR application on iPad. The main reason for this is that I need every bit of GPU power in my AIR application and I cannot use Stage3D (see ht

SUP native app on iOS

Hi, I just started development on SUP 2.1.2 and created an MBO for BAPI_FLIGHT_GETLIST successfully. I assigned an PersonalizationKey for Input parameter ARLINE and tested the MBO in Eclipse - it works like as expected. Then I followed the Sybase tut

Mavericks 10.9.5 Build 13F34 on a MacBookPro 11,3 | iTunes 11.4 (18) crashes each and every time i try to update my iOS 8.02 Apps

This is more than annoying, the attempt to update my iOS Apps via iTunes 11.4 (18) ends each and every time with a crash of itunes, no way to update. The iPhone refuses to update via WLAN, the only way to update is to get updates via mobile data conn

I have a Iphone 3GS and want to update to the IOS 5, but everytime i try to update my phnoe through ITUNE 10.5.1 its says i have the current version for iphone 4.2.1, how do i get IOS 5, i feel my ipone is so out of date copmared to everyone else's!!

Hey there i have a Iphone 3G, and want to upgrade it to IOS 5, but itunes upgrades say i have the current iphone version 4.2.1. I use ITUNES 10.5.1 which it says on apple is the itunes to download IOS but now what, i eel like iv gone through all the

With iOS 8, how do I delete photos from my phone BUT still have them in my iCloud and view them from my phone?

Hello all! Before iOS 8, we had two separate photo albums - Photo Stream (for iCloud) and Camera Roll (for photos on your iPhone). When you took a photo, the photo went into both albums. This was handy, as when i found my memory running low, I could

How can I use OpenGl for iPhone games??

Hi! As you know I really want to be an iOS developer. I know how Xcode works. But I don't know for the graphics and animation. I've heard that OpenGl can be used in games. But how? I mean like connecting the animations in OpenGl to the program writte

How can I sync my iPhone 4 with IOS 6?

Since I updated my iPhone 4 to IOS 6 I heve not been able to sync it to my iTunes account. I keep getting a 1140 error displayed once it goes trhough the pases. Today I click not to sync my photos and did not get the same message, is this normal? I'm