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List of  "qualified hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics card"

The CS5 system requirements says "qualified hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics card", is there a list of cards or more directly, does an ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro qualify? If not, will CS5 still work and if so, what are the penalties? I am thinki

This is my experience with MSI, and their NVIDIA GTX 570 reference card.

Hello my name is James king. and This is my experience with MSI, and their NVIDIA GTX 570  reference card. (5/27/12) Day one. I update my driver from Beta 301.24 To WHQL 301.42. and as you would expect, it worked. so i restart and go play kerbal spac

Wanted: Quick Reference Card information (for PSE2)

I am trying to find the information provided on the "Quick Reference Card" mentioned in the PSE2 help (that you get when you press F1): Using keyboard commands and modifier keys Keyboard commands let you quickly execute commands without using a

Arch Linux Reference Card

All distros have a reference card as their features, but ArchLinux doesn't have any. (or it has but i couldn't find). Also i looked it up wiki but only found Arch Handbook but it hasn't edited yet. Is it good idea to create a reference card for ArchL

BW Quick Reference Card?

Hi experts, Does anybody have some kind of <i>BW Quick Reference Card</i> (Powerpoint/Word format) in which main functionality to get up to speed with BW 3.5 is depicted (reporting) in 1/2 sheets? Think of: starting SAP BW Refreshing query Sel

Help - Need OpenGL Video Card for G4 with ADC

OK, I've got a G4 with 1.8 GHz Dual Processors. I just upgraded from FCP 5.1 to FCP 6.0 and it tells me that FCP 6.0 doesn't like my video card because it "doesn't support OpenGL." So I need a new video card - problem is, my G4 Quicksilver utili

Photoshop v7.0 User Guide & Quick Reference Card

I need the two PDF files: Adobe Photoshop v7.0 Users Guide; and Adobe Photoshop Quick Reference Guide. I installed the program on my computer, a long time ago. But I did not copy the PDFs to my computer. Then "Life Happend"... and Now the disk c

After Effects Crashes and Can't Find My OpenGL Card?

I have After Effects CS5 (latest version) and it crashes whenever I try to add the "Knoll Light Factory" effect into my composition.  Sometimes it will let me add the effect only to crash after I move or mask the layer.  It tells me: , , and whe

I have an AGP Graphics. Does this machine support OpenGL?

I have an old APG Graphics G4 running a Sonnett 1.6 Ghz upgrade card and an ATI graphics card. Does this beast support OpenGL? I just put in the graphics card because it said it supported OpenGL but when I use a program that needs OpenGL I get a wind

OpenGL enabled document Windows error message? Please help

Hi When I am trying to use the rotate tools inside photoshop, I get a the NO sign with an error message: "Could Not Complete Your request Because It Only Works with OpenGL Enabled Document Windows". I don't understand why this is happening. I ha

AE doesn't see my video card anymore...

I am not sure what happened. A week or two ago, I checked and AE (CS3) saw and was using my openGL video card (Nvidia Quadro FX 570) but today, I checked and openGL is not an option anymore ("no compatible openGL card can be found"). It is not l

Does CS5 require a discrete graphics card?

My computer has a Core 2 Duo and 3GB of memory, but only onboard graphics. The CS5 Design Premium system requirements include "qualified hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics card, 16-bit colour, and 256MB VRAM". Does this mean I cannot run CS5?

No OpenGL in AE with Nvidia FX 4800

Hi, I have an Nvidia Quadro FX 4800 video card running under Windows 7 Pro.  It should support OpenGL in After Effects CS4. However, when I check to see if OpenGL is active in After Effects CS4, the OpenGL box is grayed-out and the message "No compat

Public Beta?  Documentation?  API Reference?  Sample Code?

Dear Adobe: Is this beta just for testing existing code to see if the new player version breaks our existing code? Or is this beta intended as a public beta to allow developers to use the new capabilities in FP11/AIR3? Based on the release announceme

7950 reference design?

I purchased a MSI R7950 3GD5 twin frozr back in January, I also purchased a pair of Swiftech Komodo water blocks for said GPU my intension was always to crossfire eventually, I purchased another MSI R7950 TF but this time it was a OC/BE version, this

AGP Graphics card upgrades

Which Nvidia and ATI cards are worth upgrading to??Hi- OK- 4x AGP cards... ATI is typically regarded as a good performance choice, because of the drivers and the architecture of their cards. Turns out, that ATI is the only one producing a performance

Graphic card advise

Hi I work on a 8 core Mac 2.8 GHZ with 10 GB ram and a Nvidia Geforce 8800GT with 512 mb I have many cad file imported from step 3 into Maya. But around 400 mb Maya brake down... Is it the Graphic card (512 mb memory) or ?? Do I have to by a Nvidia Q

Shame on MSI, lame reference cooler

Wazup folks ! Well, I'm just another pissed client. What does MSI got in mind to sell these reference cards ???? I payed for a MSI and I want a MSI, I payed for the good cooling system and I want the good cooling system !!! Well, the store won't take

Hard Algorithm  -- Distribute Cards in Boxs

Hi I must to devolope an algorithm for to distribute Cards in 4 Boxs with Limits Cards Box A-- Lim 400 Cards Box B-- Lim 200 Cards Box C-- LIm 100 Cards Box D-- Lim 50 Cards The Company have some departaments , The Cards must separeted for departamen

GTX 980 SLI , two different version cards.

I have two MSI GTX 980 gaming 4G cards ,they are different in memory. hynix and samsung. But the problem is that they are not performing the same. In the screenshot I attached you can clearly see that one working about 10 Celcius degrees higher than