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Javacard applet installation, ACR38 SDK (ACOS3 cards)

Hi, I recently developed a javacard applet and finished testing using the Oracle Java Card Development Kit simulator. I am now looking to deploy/install my applet on a real smart card (preferred: SIM card). Hence, I ordered the ACR38 SDK from Advance

ITunes & Windows Vista Home - Error File C:\Program Data\Apple Computer\Installer\Cache\iTunes 10.5.142\iTunes.msi was rejected by digital signature policy.

Tried https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2713232?start=0&tstart=0 and http://www.vistax64.com/vista-general/159940-computer-blocking-anything-no-digit al-signature.html with no avail!!! iTunes opens after I click OK on the above message however I c

Can no longer enter data in the address bar {url Bar}, it correctly follows data from google search bar. It was a 1 month old installation so not a lot of complications

I was not adding anything to Firefox. I Refused tool bars embedded in several application installs on this new computer. Was working fine. Then had a problem with Google search, restored default values and re-tooled Firefox. At this point all worked

Installation of IPC AP 7.0 Jar is getting Failed when uploading in CRM

Hello Experts, we did some changes in the previosly uploded version of IPC AP 7.0  customer user exit Jar file in eclipse. While uploading the new modified jar through transaction /SAPCND/UE_DEV in CRM we are getting error :" installation of module &

Installation problem with NW'04 SR1: database connection failed

Hi all, while installing NW '04 SR1 on Windows Server 2003 SP1 and MS SQL Server 2000 SP4 I ran into an error related to the database connection. While performing the step "Load Java Database content" SAPinst crashes with the message com.sap.sql

Flash plugin installs to wrong folder

In Vista x64, using either Firefox 28 or Firefox 24.4 ESR, the plugin installer (one downloaded from Adobe distribution) installs the 32 bit .dll file to \system32\macromedia\flash\ folder; installs the 64 bit .dll to:  \sysWOW64\macromedia\flash\  f

Installation problem on Solaris

I am trying to install sun one 7.0 on Solaris 8. The install is failing with this error: ERROR - library load failed with following error: Can't load library: /opt/SUNWappserver7/lib/libinstallCore.so INFO - End core server uninstallation anyone know

Installation problem on CS4 Master Collection

WHen I attempt to install CS4 master collection on Vista Ultimate X64 While the installer is "checking system profile" the next window shows "Loading Setup" I then get a System Check error page. The window label is "Adobe Creative

Installation problem on AS1.0.2.1, Can you help me !

I want to install the Oracle9i AS on my computer, my OS is Windows 2000 Professional Edition (Japanese Edition). But when I run the isetup.exe program , I got a message box, "Setup has detected that your iSuite Product Install has not been se

Installation problem on windows 2000

Hi, Please help! I've been tring to install oracle on windows 2000 machine unsuccessfully. the setup program aborted without error message. I've tried many versions of oracle database, 8.1.7 all editions, 8.1.6ee, 9iAS. the only message error I got w

Installation Problem on Pentium4 with ORACLE 8.1.7 Client

I tried to Install the ORACLE Client 8.1.7/8.1.6 on Pentium4 with NT platform. On inserting the CD it gave the first prompt and after Clicking the "INSTALL/DE-INSTALL PRODUCTS", system stops. Checking in the TaskManager helps us to know that 'se

Installation problem on AIX ( SAP4.7, Oracle-9i)

Hello Gurus, We are installaing SAP4.7 on AIX with oracle-9i as an database we have completed central instance successfully, while database instance we are facing error I am attaching error log for your referenec error log You entered: /sapcd/oracle9

Installation problem on my debian 2.2.20

I tryied to install the Appserver 7 on my debian (Linux woody 2.2.20 SMP) without X11 ( ./setup -console ) but i have this error message com.iplanet.install.util.wbResource::getString: resource string "appservResources:LinOSCheckPanel-CUI-unsupported

Installation problem on Intel

I have tried to install Solaris 8 on my Dell machine. I have tried to boot both directly via CD and by using Device Configuration Assistant on a floppy.. The first screen says this.... SunOS Secondary Boot version 3.00 WARNING: ACPI Tables not in Rec

Installation problem on Weblogic 10.3.2

I'm trying to install BI on Weblogic 10.3.2 under Linux. I followed the instructions in the installtion guide and edited the xmlp-server-config.xml file to change the file path to /home/repository/XMLP under /home/repository/XMLP I have Admin, DemoFi

Installation problem on windows server 2008 r2 datacenter edition 64bit

hi today, i tried to install the current maxdb 7.8 release on my virtual server with a windows server 2008 r2 datacenter 64bit edition os. at the first installation, i got an error message something with "rte runtime error". at this point, the i

Installation Problem on iTunes - HpSdpAppCoreApp

Help! I'm trying to install the new iTunes 6.0 and I'm getting a message during installation that says HpSdpAppCoreApp "The feature you are trying to use in on a network resource that is unavailable. Click OK to try again, or enter an alternative pat

Installation problem on Linux?

Hi , i am installing Oracle Application Sever 10g on RHEL 3.0 or RHEL AS4.0 for that i have to apply patch3006854 as per installation manuals. but after applying this patch linux wont allow me to do anything and gives error cannot read from /etc/libc

Installation problem on SP3

Hi All, I've failed at the first hurdle. The installation program doesn't run for more than 1 minute. I get no interactive dialog boxes, all I get is a window "Program Starter" window for a couple of seconds then it goes away again. The log on t

Installation Problem on 11g, RHEL 5 - Unable to generate temporary script

Hello all, This is for the first time i am encountering this kind of error on 11g. Half way through installation i get this error. All parameters set correct, used the official installation technique (works fine previously), except for this time i am