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Why is the scroll function not working after accessing the voice feature in settings?

Why is the scroll function not working after accessing the voice feature in settings?For some prerecorded audio files the Transpose slider will not work reliably. I found no clear pattern, when it does and when not. If all fails, create a loop from t

How can I disable the new voice feature in iMessage?

iMessage is great and I use it a lot, but I hate the new voice feature. I don't want anyone to be able to send me a voice message. I think it's extremely pushy. If someone wants to talk to me, he should give me a call. Then I can decide whether I ans

Enterprise Voice Features

Hi All, What are the 5 features need to be disable and recommended by Microsoft when we are using Enterprise Voice. Regards SandyHi, There is no need to disable the features for Enterprise Voice. The Enterprise Voice features: Call Forwarding, Delega

Voice features

Anyone know if the new voice features are iPhone 3GS only or will work also on an iPhone 3G after the 3.0 upgrade? Thanks! Bobsthat ***! I was wondering the same thing. any reason as to why it won't be compatible? the iphone has a built-in microphone

New voice features and voice changing options for ...

Hello everyone! I am currently involved in a class project in which I am trying to understand whether companies like Skype would be interested in technology that can modify voice/call characteristics such as pitch and tone (for entertainment or audio

Google Voice APP and Google Voice will use cell phone minutes.

My Verizon contract has 1400 minutes shared with 3 cell phones. I noticed that my cell number was using minutes from the calling plan. I normally call the other two cell phones, and my home number (which is on my friends of family calling list). My o

Use WRP400 (VoIP Router) for Voice only, and the rest with WRT54GL

Hey there, I hope you are doing great! The reason of this thread is because I recently moved to a cable ISP and unfortunately had to also change routers in order to take advantage of the VoIP feature (analog phone) they provided me with. Now, the new

HT3529 How do you turn off the voice in auto correct when messaging?

How do you turn off the voice when trying to write a message to someone?connot use the voice feature for composing message.Read other 2 answers

N73 Firmware upgrade--- bad working Voice dialing

I updated the firmware of my Nokia N73 from to 368.0.0.1. With the older version delivered by the phone voice dialing worked. In the I only could given voice command for the profiles not for the contacts. It didn't recognise any c

Signed up for FIOS Digital Voice days ago. Already getting telemarketer calls!!! Did I opt in?????

I switched to FIOS this week. As part of my triple play bundle, I have FIOS Digital Voice.  I signed up online to take advantage of some nice bundle savings. The install went well and everything is working fine, with one MAJOR exception now: I am get

How can I access the microphone for talk to text feature?

I read previous solutions offered including choosing languages under settings, which is not there on my phone, or long clicking the "gear" icon next to the spacebar when in text, which is also not appearing.    GGTN, We want you to be able to en

On Plus support for Voice services

Hi Friends, I am trying to explore use of onplus for Config, Monotoring and reporting for voice services (example UC50,ISR with CME/CUE cards as well as use of SRST). Could you please sugget any documentation I can refere for this req. SureshHi Sures

Voice not active in maps

Voice does not work in maps app. Don't think I can update past iOS 5.1.1 on my iPad, it's an older model. Is that correct? Any suggestions?Hi jrode845, If you mean Turn-by-turn navigation and your iPad is the original iPad, then yes, the voice featur

Voice Search In YouTube Not Working

I frequently use the voice search in YouTube when looking for video clips.  I would say something and it wouldn't find exactly what I wanted because it found something similar in the history.  I saw I had a lot of search results so I decided to clear

Linksys WRP400 Voice Configuration

Hi. I've just purchased a Linksys WRP400 Wireless-G Broadband Router with 2 phone ports (to replace a Billion voip wireless router which has ceased to function). I'm having trouble trying to work out how to set up the voip connection to my voip provi

No option to activate Voice Navigation or Speech synthesis in Z3 !!

Hi, I was trying to figure out how to activate voice navigation in Z3. Looks like there is no such option provided in Z3. Its really troubling with such high end smartphone, need to use touch everytime to ope music/sms/alarm clock dismiss/navigating

X1 Voice Remote - Voice part doesn't work well

So I just got the X1 Voice Remote yesterday (7/30/15). Beautiful remote btw. It comes with a setup guide which I followed word for word (that's important for people to understand, I literally did the setup instructions to the letter) .... the remote

Over active voice control

I've apparently turned on some voice feature where Siri speaks everything, such as screen locked, spells out names in my address book as I scroll over them or when calls come in, speaks the time, etc....just weird stuff that's never happened before.

WRT54GS V.1 and SOE Games , Voice Chat

After a few weeks of trying every method of troubleshooting.. the voice chat feature from SOE games still does not work when connected through my router.  If I connect dsl modem directly to pc, the voice feature works. This was their last recommendat

Voice Module for Cisco 2800

Hi, I am new to VoIP. I was wondering what hardware is needed to support toll bypass on a cisco 2800 router? I understand you need a Voice Network Modules and PVDM2, but which ones? ThanksHi You will need voice cards (e.g. VWICs or VICs) and PVDMs to