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Oracle 11g JDBC Driver Download


Bug in latest 11g JDBC driver

We have found a problem when using the latest 11g JDBC driver ("") and connecting to a 10g database. If the includeSynonyms=true property is set when opening the connection, then calling DatabaseMetaData.getColumns() will no

Spy for oracle thin jdbc driver

Does anyone know a good spy utility to intercept the query going to the database thru oracle thin jdbc driver?If you can post the code, I would be happy to look at. I'm not aware of any 'trapping' mechanism for JDBC, although there may be one. Are yo

Oracle 7 JDBC driver

Hi, I want to connect to an Oracle 7 database over JDBC. When I go to the download page, it only gives me Oracle 8 and higher download options, even though the documentation index lists an Oracle7 driver. Does anyone know where I can get it from? Reg

Problem with Java 5 and Oracle 10g JDBC driver

Hi All, Currently we upgrade our web application to Java 5 and Oracle 10.2 JDBC driver. And we encountered a bug, when the user entered the information through UI and data didn't store into database (Oracle 9i). The problem is that this bug is not ha

Oracle 11g R1 client download

Hi guys, I need to install the Oracle 11g R1 client, but i cannot seem to find a link to download this. Please help. Regards, Nairooz Nilafdeen956090 wrote: The oracle client version is 11g R2 64 bit and the database server is a 11g R1 and I am tryin

Couldnot connect JBuilder 6 to ORACLE 8i , JDBC driver problem

Hi guys I am trying to connect to the oracle 8i database from jbuilder 6 using a simple select statement , but it gives the following error Root cause: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/jdbc/driver/OracleDriver      at _0002ftestEmployee_0002ejs

Sudden failure of 32-bit Oracle 11g ODBC driver in 64-Bit Win7 box

I had a working ODBC connection to an Oracle DB using the 32-bit 11g ODBC driver. Suddenly I was unable to connect, getting the error: Testing Connection Unable to connect SQLState=S1000 [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL l

Where can i download oracle oci jdbc driver 1.2?

http://otn.oracle.com/software/tech/java/sqlj_jdbc/content.html some error in this page. several days.Please be more specific about the file(s) you are having trouble with. Regards, OTNRead other 2 answers

ORA-12154 Windows 7 32bit ORACLE 11g ODBC Driver CONNECT

Hi All, I'm having problems connecting to extenal database using Oracle ODBC driver for Windows 7 32bit  . I have downloaded the instantclient odbc nt drivers for 32-bit and unpacked it and run the installer and choose the default locatio

Oracle thin JDBC driver BUG-2285052, how to solve it ?

Hi, use ResultSet.getString to get a nchar type String from databaase, it will return the proper value. eg, a 254 size column , it will return more char as needed !! please check next from jdbc readme file. anyone can give me a temp solution ? BUG-22

For Oracle : When will Oracle's JDBC Driver work for Date ?

I try to develop an application that will run on every database. The only Database I have a problem with is Oracle because of date : I can't use executeQuery or executeUpdate with sql request that use a date field as a parameter. And this stupid issu

Query TImeout with ORACLE JDBC driver

I want to halt an execution of query if an query takes more than specified time. Not only the query should be cancelled but the error should be thrown at client. I am using ORACLE 11g JDBC driver. I have used statement.setQueryTimeout() for the same.

Oracle and Oracle 11g driver

Can some one please confirm that Oracle 11g JDBC driver is compatible with b Oracle I am using JDK 5. Just want to make sure that I can use it? TIAFrom Oracle jDBC FAQ, 11g JDBC driver supports with JDK 5 Which JDBC drivers support w

JDBC DRIVER JDK Compatability...

We are currently using XI 3.0 service pack 20 which runs on JDK 1.3..we have an interface to an oracle system which is on 11g.. We were given  the OJDBC6 drives (which I understand is only for JDK 1.6) and we installed it.. but the CC does not due th

Selection of jdbc driver for oracle 8i

Which jdbc driver should be used for connecting with oracle 8i?8i is not supported with the 11g driver. (Node ID:401934.1) But not supported does not mean not working . Since your database is out of support anyway you may not be looking for a support

Oracle JDBC driver problem for Oracle 8.1.6

i am a newbee to Java, i was trying JDBC programming thru Jbuilder 4.0. now the problem is whenever i am trying the DriverManager.getconnection(), I am getting an error "NO SUITABLE DRIVER". i have downloaded jodbc14.jar(oracle 9i JDBC driver) b

Oracle JDBC driver 10g and xMII

I have a BLS that tries inserting CLOB data into Oracle 10g database. Since Oracle 8 JDBC driver does not support that (I saw other SDN messages on the same issue), I have download and copied Oracle JDBC driver for 10g ojdbc14.jar to C:\ServletExec A

Cannot download JDBC driver

Hello, I'm trying to download the Oracle 9i JDBC driver from http://otn.oracle.com/software/tech/java/sqlj_jdbc/content.html But after klicking on the link I'm prompted to log in (although in the page before I was correctly identified) So I log in, p

Oracle JDBC Driver DataBaseMetaData Incorrect For Unary FKs

Friends, My firm (which is not a MetaLink subscriber) has discovered a bug in the Oracle 10g JDBC Driver ( The bug affects unary associations, namely cases in which the foreign key of a table points to that very table's primary key. In su

Oracle.jdbc.driver.oracleResultSet Vs java.sql.ResultSet

Hi all Could any one got any idea on this problem... My application program is forced to use both Java Result Set(java.sql.ResultSet) and Oracle ResultSet(jdbc.driver.oracleResultSet). This on javac get compiled and is working fine.... But when i try