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Oracle Client for Windows 10


Error during installing oracle client on windows XP

Hi everybody, I want to install Oracle Client on Windows XP. I downloaded and installed Client version 10g on several PCs. But one of them gives me error - 'oui.exe - error'. Cant start oui.exe. Is it problem of Windows XP or ? I just cant start GUI

How do I set-up on %ORACLE_HOME%\bin for Oracle client on Windows XP

How do I set-up on %ORACLE_HOME%\bin for Oracle client on Windows XP? The Oracle bin directory is: C:\oracle\ora90\bin Thank you!If you are asking how to setup the resolution of %ORACLE_HOME%\bin to C:\oracle\ora90\bin, you must create a system envir

32-bit Oracle client on Windows 7 64-bit?

Hi, I have a Windows 7 64-bit OS and need to install an Oracle client on this machine. Instead of installing a 64-bit client, I would like to install a 32-bit client and was wondering if this is possible and compatible on a 64-bit machine? The reason

Failed to install 64-bit Oracle client on Windows 8.1

I just tried to install the 64-bit client on Windows 8.1 with 16GB of ram. First of all, I got the INS-13001 warning that my environment does not meet minimum requirements, even though I was just installing a client! I chose to ignore the warning and

Oracle Client in Windows Me

I'm using ODBC to connect to an Oracle database. I've installed the Oracle client successfully in windows 2000, but when i try to do the same in Windows Me, I get an error in the staging area. any suggestion? bye d. nullIIRC, the Oracle client doesn'

Oracle Client for Windows 2008 R2 server to connect to Oracle database 9iR2

Hi, We are running Oracle on Sun solaris (64 Bit) 5.10 and trying to install client on new Windows 2008 R2 (64 - bit) server. (Before this 2008 R2 we were using Windows 2003 32 bit and 9iR2 client was working great.) I can't install 9iR2 clin

Error message installing Oracle client on Windows 95 PC...

I am trying to install the Oracle client onto a Windows 95 PC from the original CD. When the CD is placed into the drive it autoruns and brings up the menu. When I choose install I recieve the following error message and installation does not continu

Requires Oracle client for windows server 2008 Version 6.1

Hello I am using Windows 2008 Server Version 6.1 (64 Bit). I want to install Oracle client on this server. Which version is suitable for my requirement and from where i can download it. Thanks Sijo Thomasuser12248518 wrote: I am in the same boat, I h

Oracle Client for windows.

Hi, I just downloaded the Oracle 10g client for Windows.I cant figure out whats the next step.I was expecting to see a .exe file and kind of an installation wizard which would guide me through the process.In the instant client that I downloaded,I see

Conncet oracle client on Windows XP/7 to oracle 10g RetHot Linux server

I have installed oracle 10g on Rethot Linux and oracle client 10g installed on windows 7 .how to connect oracle server from oracle client in different OS. Please give me step .Please Help Me.. I have installed Oracle 11g server Release 2 on Oracle En

Repair oracle client on windows

hii all, presently i m using oracle 10gr2 client on windows XP & oracle net configuration Assistants & net manager are not open properly. Here is any way to repair oracle client or uninstall client and reinstall again please help Thanks Vaibhav Di

You have no Oracle clients installed: Windows XP client to Oracle Linux ser

Hallo! I have Oracle 10g Db running on Redhat Enterprise Linux server.Moreover, I have a windows XP client having Toad 9.06 in the XP client. The client does not have any Oracle Db or Apps installed. I would like to connect to the Oracle Db sever via

Connect to Oracle without Oracle Client in Windows?

Hi All, Is there anyway to connect to Oracle DB without any installation of Oracle Product in Client? I am using MS ODBC Driver Oracle but It need the "Data Source Name" It seems that client machine do need to Setup the NET 8 Configure / Tnsname

ODAC vs oracle client on Windows server 2008

Hello, Apologies in advanced if this is a silly question. I am currently working with a .NET application team that connects to oracle. I am attempting to host there application on my servers. I have tested connectivity to there DB with SQLplus using

Oracle client crashed Windows NT java.exe DrWatson

hi all, I got this crash dump information from DrWatson Log in the NT machine where my application server was running. We were load testing with arround 90 users to test out the application and we came accross this problem. we are running on NT machi

Oracle Client for Windows 2008 R2

is there a 10g or 11g cleint available for Windows 2008 R2? The latest Win64 or Windows 2008 clients all give me an error that saus it supports versions up to 6.0 and I have version 6.1There is a work around that can help to install 11g release 1 on

Oracle client on Window 2008 R2?

Hi all! I'm trying to install Oracle client on a 64bit Windows Server 2008, without success. Best result I got so far is 'installed' client and provider, but unable to run the config tools, or use the provider. Reason: I'm doing this is try

Oracle client for WIndows 7

Hi Can one of you let me know if a. Oracle 10g Database Client is available for Windows 7 especially Oracle® Database 10g Release 2 Client ( for Microsoft Windows x64 CD B24971-01 b. Orace 11g Database Client is available for Windows 7 Ora

Connect from Windows Client to Oracle 10g for Windows 64-bit

Have an environment currently running Oracle 10g 32-bit on Windows 2000 Standard, and need to migrate to Oracle 10g 64-bit for Windows. Users connect to the 10g 32-bit database using the Oracle Client for Windows 10g loaded on remote PC's. If we migr

Oracle client installation in Windows 7

Hi Gurus, Installed Oracle in Windows 7. Getting below error while connecting through sqlplus. SP2-1503: Unable to initialize Oracle call interface SP2-0152: ORACLE may not be functioning properly Please guide me on installing oracle client