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I can not import the mvdemo.dmp into oracle database

I have download mapviewer from oracle ,but i can not import the demo data of mvdemo.dmp into oracle database ,it just report the character set problem can not transfer. i am using oracle 9i resease Chinese edition,may smoe friend tell me the how to s

How to load a java script in oracle database

Is it possible to load d java script in Oracle database. while the object type is java resource ..RENUJP wrote: I meant to load a javascript to oracle database not to oracle appliocation. like loadjava.... I can load a javascript to oracle database..

Query in timesten taking more time than query in oracle database

Hi, Can anyone please explain me why query in timesten taking more time than query in oracle database. I am mentioning in detail what are my settings and what have I done step by step......... 1.This is the table I created in Oracle datababase (Oracl

Using Oracle ODBC Gateway connecting to a remote Oracle database

Oracle 11gR2 RHEL 6.4 Has anyone use the Oracle ODBC Gateway to connect to another Oracle database?  Any issues with that configuration?  Where do I get the ODBC drivers for Linux? (I know, "why not use a dblink?" -- well that would be against c

Problem with httpd and oracle database

hi i have oracle linux with oracle database 11gR2 i install php with oci as the following link : http://oss.oracle.com/projects/php/dist/documentation/installation.html but when i try phpinfo() i found just only *" /etc/php.d/oci8.ini"* in the r

Import error on Oracle Database Express

Hi, I try to import data from oracle V10.01.02 running on SUSE10 Linux to oracle 10g ( running on Windows Server 2003. I am able to import the big part from my ata, but not all data. The begin of my log file is: Connected to: Oracle Databa

How to take Input from the callers telephone keypad into oracle database

My client requires to automate a registration task for his customers by telephone. The requirement is the Oracle database should take numeric input from the callers telephone keypad eg 1 or 2 or 3 and the oracle must store this input inside its datab

Help needed to loadjava apache poi jars into oracle database.

Help needed to loadjava apache poi jars into oracle database. Many classes left unresolved. (Poi 3.7, database Please share your experience!Hi, The first 3 steps are just perfect. But with loadjava.bat -user=user/[email protected] -force -resolve

Difference between upgrdae and migration about oracle database

Difference between upgrdae and migration about oracle database please give the commentsWell, the question is almost philosophic...<br> In 9i, there is a Migration Guide whereas in 10g there is a Upgrade Guide.<br> Furthermore, in 9i, there is

Error in CLOB datatype for transfering data from Excel to Oracle database

Am using excel sheet as source and Oracle as target Database. For all tables the operations works smoothly except for tables containing CLOB datatype. Initially i have used SQL Developer to transfer some data into excell sheets, now i want to transfe

Oracle database 11g release 2 installation problem on windows 7 (64-bit)

First of all my windows is not genuine, but on my friend's desktop oracle download and installation  worked fine, he chose "create and configure database" options, and it works very well on his desktop, though his windows is also illegitimate. I

Oracle Database 10g relase 1 Installation Problem on RHEL 3 ES

Dear all I'm trying to install oracle database 10g r1 X86_64 on Intel Xeon Machine with EM64T technology with RHEL 3 ES update 2 X86_64 edition. The problem is described below : Oracle OUI .runInstaller collapsed with such a following error: An unexp

Unable to connect to Oracle Database using Oracle Sql developer

Hi Everyone, I am searching for some help regarding my problem with Oracle connectivity. I have installed Oracle 11g release 2 on my Windows XP Professional Laptop. For a few days after installation i could connect to the Oracle database with the SYS

Unable to continue Oracle Database 10g R2 installation on IBM AIX 5.3L

I am facing some difficulties in installing the above. My environment is as follows: Server is a IBM system P, OS is AIX 5.3L and oracle version is Oracle Database 10g R2 (10.2). I encounter my problem when asked to changed/edit the shell script when

Running oracle database xe (express edition) on windows server 2008 r2

Is it supported to run Oracle Database XE on Windows Server 2008 R2? Database XE is only supported as 32-bit. Current builds of Windows Server 2008 only come in x64 configurations. Here are the Database XE system requirements for windows: [http://doc

Sample Response File for Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition on Oracle Linux 6.4 -- working

[email protected] database]$ cat response/db_install.rsp ## Copyright(c) Oracle Corporation 1998,2013. All rights reserved.## ## Specify values for the variables listed below to customize     ## ## your installation.       

How to pass a date parameter from report builder query designer to oracle database

i'm using report builder 3.0 connected to oracle database. i'm trying to pass a date parameter in the query with no success, i don't know the exact syntax. I've tried : SELECT * FROM igeneral.GCL_CLAIMS where CREATED_BY IN (:CREATED_BY) AND CLAIM_YEA

Issues/Problems between Apex and Oracle Database

I don't know what problem is. I was planning to install Oracle Application Express into my server. So, i made a fresh database installation with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition 9i release 2 ( and setting up Oracle Application Express 3.2.0

Oracle database 12c on Windows Server 2012

Hello, Is it Oracle database 12c compatible with Windows Server 2012. What are the system requirements needed for Windows server 2012 on Oracle database 12c? Thanks VoittoHi Voitto, Actually , it is not a windows related question . But I found some i

Problem with Java and Oracle Database -  help !

i keep getting a NullPointerException when trying to update a resultSet in a servlet. i am bringing in the data just fine from an Oracle database. but it chokes when trying to update it. can anybody tell me what is happening? thanks for any help Owen