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Why Oracle dropped support of JavaFX on ARM devices?

Why Oracle dropped the support of JavaFX on ARM devices? Release note: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/jdk-8u33-arm-relnotes-2406696.html Im studing JavaFX for a commercial project with Raspberry, but, this news changed everything.I am

Oracle Drop command taking more time in AIX When compared to Windows

Hi We are firing a normal Drop command on our database and the databse version is catabase is running on AIX v5.The command is taking more time than usual . There are no waits on session.Let me try to put the scenario in more simple term

Is Oracle Dropping Forms?

Hello, I have been to several Oracle demos where the Oracle reps stated that forms is being dropped and all new development should be in Java (JDeveloper). But, Oracle has announced that Forms 10.x is going to be released. Does anyone know of any off

When did Oracle drop support for this?

Hi I have the Windows installation of Oracle on a test PC here. On, the CREATE TABLESPACE statement fails when specifying the TEMPORARY clause. Instead I have to use CREATE TEMPORARY TABLESPACE. The difference of course is that the la

Newly installed oracle 10g express edition database

Hai to all I have fedora 15 operating system with oracle 10g express edition database installed .. I already have working knowledge in mysql database .. my question is that when i opened oracle database via sql developer , then by expanding tables ta

Oracle 9 for Solaris (Intel) x86?

Did oracle drop support for Solaris (Intel) x86? I run a shop with a large scale intel server running Solaris 9 (x86) and would like to try out Oracle 9i on it. Please advise: [email protected] Thanks!You can find information about Oracle product cer

SQL Developer keeps dropping my table cols!!

Howdy, Really getting to the end of my tether with SQL Developer now, as it likes to drop all my columns (usually leaves one for me which is nice of it) in my tables if I decide to make a change to it. for example, if I where to change a column to be

Connect to Oracle database from Perl on Solaris x86

Hi, How can I connect to Oracle database using Perl scripts on Solaris x86. It seems that DBD-Oracle Perl module requires Oracle client installed to work. Is there any Oracle client available for Solaris x86? Any one got a workaround? Thanks. Angus L

Oracle connectivity over long period

Hi I have a Java process that connects to a Oracle 9i database using JDBC type 4 driver - ojdbc14.jar My process can run for many hours depending on data. Now what is happening is that the Oracle automatically drops the Session - created internally -

Oracle apex installation problem

i'm struggling to install the new version of oracle apex after the command @apexins SYSAUX SYSAUX TEMP /i/ as written in the documentation. getting the errors ''unable to open file apexins.sql'' . why oracle drop the installer in apex?please somebody

Using UIX 2.2 in Jdeveloper

Jdeveloper 10.1.2 was released with UIX support built-in. I have been working on for a while and i am required to work on an old application that was build in 10.1.2 using UIX and Struts. How can integrate the UIX enviornment to an

Configure Job Scheduler sample in JDeveloper

I am trying to configure http://www.oracle.com/technology/tech/java/oc4j/1013/how_to/how-to-scheduler-jms/how-to-scheduler-jms.zip in JDeveloper When I start the embedded server, I got an error saying: An error occured deploying EJB module:

Second Forms Services OC4J Instance

What is a benefit of creating a Second Forms Services OC4J Instance In Oracle Application Server 10g? In which cases it is a better to create a second oas OC4J instance than to create a new configuration section in the same instance for new forms app

OCIStmtExecute: ORA-00028: your session has been killed ORA-02063

Oracle Kills database sessions and my PHP script stops- "Warning: ociexecute(): OCIStmtExecute: ORA-00028: your session has been killed ORA-02063: preceding line from <Databasename>" I am not sure how to handle this. I am trying to see if

Forms with OC4J instance runs in http mode, Y?

I don't want my forms to run in http mode - http://fulham:8889/forms/frmservlet. Can someone help in making me run it in forms itself I have Enterprise server 9i and forms 10g running on my local machine. At the initial stages, it says about about no

ATI display driver fails to work with new kernel

Hi, I've just upgraded from OEL kernel-2.6.18- to most current OEL kernel-2.6.18- and got the problem with ATI display driver. Whenever I perform kernel upgrade, I have to recompile vendor-provided ATI di

Concerns with choosing a free development platform for industrial use

Hi, There are concerns at my company over the notion of using free applications (Apex and 10g Express) to meet our needs, since they are both free. Both applications can clearly handle our database that may grow to at most 10,000 records in 10 years.


I see a bunch of SYS_IMPORT_SCHEMA_0n tables, with n=1,2,3. Guess they are left from import process using datapump. Can I drop them? Why Oracle drop them after the impirt is done?I see a bunch of SYS_IMPORT_SCHEMA_0n tables, with n=1,2,3. Guess they

VPD and AW Security

We have a security requirement on a dimension containing cost centers. Different users are allowed access to different cost centers. On the relational cube side, I have implementated such security requirement with some success using Virtual Private D

Help with primary key

Ok, I have gotten the value of the PK. When I try to pass the parameter to a Rowset Navigator as _ROWKEY, the rowkeys have shifted. I am using the same View Object however. How do I keep the View Object instanciated in order to pass the RSN the corre