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Oracle database 12c on Windows Server 2012

Hello, Is it Oracle database 12c compatible with Windows Server 2012. What are the system requirements needed for Windows server 2012 on Oracle database 12c? Thanks VoittoHi Voitto, Actually , it is not a windows related question . But I found some i

How to set JDBC Data Sources in Oracle MapViewer for Oracle database 12c Release 1 (

How to set JDBC Data Sources in Oracle MapViewer for Oracle database 12c Release 1 ( The following is my configuration in the conf\mapViewerConfig.xml: <map_data_source name="mvdemo12" jdbc_host="" jdbc_sid="

Can i use "Oracle Database 12c: Performance Management and Tuning " training for getting certification on "Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tuning 1Z0-054"

i have taken "Oracle Database 12c: Performance Management and Tuning new" training from oracle university. Now i would like to get certified on "Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tuning 1Z0-054" exam. Is it possible ?I essentially endor

Oracle weblogic 12c problem

Hello, After you install the 32bit version of Oracle WebLogic 12c , jdevstudio11115install (Windows 7 32 bit platform) . These actions come after the installation of the domain ADF 's and then completed the installation. I receive the following error

Does  Analytic Workspace Manager  work with oracle database 12c?

hello, i would like to know if AWM works against with oracle database 12c in pdb mode or not . regards jmI have attempted to connect 11g versions of AWM to 12c and get this error: 'This version of Analytic Workspace Manager is incompatibl

Using Implicit REF Cursor in Oracle DB 12c

For those interested in using ODP.NET implicit REF Cursors in Oracle DB 12c, the syntax is different from what was available in Oracle 11g. Here's a 12c-specific example: ======================= Create or Replace PROCEDURE GetEmpAndDept AS EMPS  sys_

WLS10.3.0 and Oracle DB 12c

Hi we've WLS 10.3.0 (we've extended support) and Oracle Database 11g DB running under HPUX 11.31 U ia64 We plan first to upgrade to Oracle 12c. Question: is WLS10.3.0 supported together with Oracle DB 12c. Its planned to to do WLS10.3.6 upgr

Oracle ODAC 12c Release 3 32-bit supports EF 6.x?

Hello, I have Windows  8.1 64-bit with Visual Studio 2013.  I installed the latest Oracle ODAC 12c Release 3 32-bit which says it supports EF 6.  When add the ADO.NET Entity Framework to my project and choose my Oracle data connection, it doesn't all

Oracle BPM 12C Guide/Book for beginners

Hi, Can anyone let me know whether there is any Oracle BPM12C Book/Training material available in the market or with any person for beginners ?? If yes , can you share the same,,, Regards, Vinit Ahuja, [email protected]HI Vinit, you can start with Or

Jrockit with oracle weblogic 12c

We have Oracle Weblogic 12c and I followed this thread and update the start up files mentioned here, but still couldn't connect. http://jdeveloperfaq.blogspot.com/2011/03/faq-32-how-to-get-started-with-jrockit.html Has anyone been able to get the JRO

Oracle weblogic 12c 64bit

64-bit version of Oracle WebLogic 12c download .When will there be.It's not the WebLogic Server (which itself is just a Java application, albeit one that provides lots of services to provide a Java EE environment for other apps) that is 32 or 64 bit,

Oracle XE 12c

Oracle 12c will be realeased soon (by the end of the year). As well there will be (I assume) a new release of Oracle XE. Did anybody heard, what will be the limitations of Oracle XE 12c?First the for-fee editions on prio platforms will need to be rel

Re: Oracle ODAC 12c Release 3 32-bit supports EF 6.x?

I am also facing same problem with latest ODP.NET. Our existing application with 11G and EF 4.3 DB first worked very well. We need to migrate our application from 11G to 12C. But its showstopper for us to proceed. Please help us. My environment detai

Is ODI  12c  is certified on  Oracle Database 12c ?

Hi Experts,        I am trying to install ODI 12c on Oracle database 12c.  Where the ODI initial installation is good.  But when I am trying to setup the master and work repositories on database 12c it is failing.  The scripts generated by the RCU is

Will Oracle OEM 12c monitor Postgres

Our organization is loooking at adding a couple of Postgres and MySQL databases to our existing Oracle farm. I have found information indicating the Oracle OEM 12c can be used to monitor MySQL but from everything I have found there is not a plugin fo

Oracle Open World 2012会发布Oracle Database 12c吗?

Oracle Open World 2012会发布Oracle Database 12c吗? 大家讨论一下!我的感觉不会发布, 仅仅是感觉,没有任何资料证明这种观点. 似乎12c的完成度还不是非常高Read other 11 answers

Oracle DB 12c R2

Hi Friends Does anyone know when the R2 of Oracle Database 12c will be released? TksKeenOnOracle wrote: If the new release was already on the road, knowing the date I could decide on waiting for it or to run the actual release. It wold so, eliminate

How do I install Oracle Weblogic 12c on my Pc

Good Day, I need a step by step detailed video tutorial on how to install Oracle Weblogic 12c. I have seen some documentations on that but find it difficult to implement it, that's why am requesting a video tutorial. I need to install it so I can als

Oracle DB 12c Installation Issue

Hi, OS: Windows 7 64 bit Enterprise edition When i'm trying to install Oracle DB 12c on my machine. Am Getting the below mentioned error [INS- 30131] : Initial Setup required for execution of Installer Validation failed. Any one faced this kinda erro

Oracle HTML DB Statement of Direction Now Available

All, The Oracle HTML DB Statement of Direction is now available on OTN: http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/database/htmldb/sod.html Also, if anyone will be attending Oracle Open World in London next week, be sure to stop by the HTML DB Booth i