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Generating XML for query resultset

hi, how to generate xml file for a query,,in sql server we use: select * from emp for auto xml do; it generates xml file for the result set of this query,,how to do it in oracle?? regards umarUse dbms_xmlgen.getxml. Tom kyte has some good stuff at hi

Generating XML in query

Im generating some xml from a table which works fine. Here is an example of what Im doing. Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Release - Product create table "VTEST"( "PROJECT_NUMBER" VARCHAR2(50 BYTE), "ORDER_NUMBER&qu

How to generate XML file from oracle database query result

Hi dudes, as stated on the subject, can anyone suggests me how can i achieve the task stated above?? Here is a brief description of my problem: I need to create a XML file once i query from the oracle database, and the query result returned from the

Generating xml from oracle table

Hi, I want to generate xml form an oracle table and using sql developer, oracle express 10g, xdk forler is also unzipped under oracle express folder, still getting following error: code used var g_clob clob; declare      l_ctx  dbms_xmlquery.ctxHandl

Oracle XSU: oracle.xml.sql.query.OracleXMLQuery is not recognized

Hi, there! I've got a problem when tryed to use Oracle XSU (xml-sql utility to generate xml). My simple java application works fine using XSU. But when I created session stateless bean I've got an EJBException regarding this line: oracle.xml.sql.quer

ORA-29540: class oracle/xml/sql/query/OracleXMLStaticQuery does not exist

I am getting below error when trying to generate xml. Browsing on google did not help me. I would appreciate if someone can provide the solution. SQL> select dbms_xmlquery.getxml('select * from dual', 2) from dual; ERROR: ORA-29540: class oracle/xml/

Generate XML without header tags in Oracle 9i Release1

I am a novoice to Oracle. I am using Oracle 9i Release 1. I have a table "Attribution" with the following structure. SQL> Desc attribution Name Null? Type REPORT_ID NUMBER LABEL VARCHAR2(20) VALUE NUMBER(25,10) COLOR VARCHAR2(10) The inserted

Generate xml source file for Oracle Order Capture Print Quote

Hi, I am new to xml and need to work on creating templates for Print Quote. I am trying to generate the xml source file for which I enabled the report in system administrator and set the output to XML and assigned to Quoting Reports responsiblity. I

How to generate XML from SQL query

possible ways to generate XML from SQL qury. i want to generate XML of following query. "Select * from emp,dep wher emp.deptno=dept.deptno"Hello. Can you try: SQL> set pages 0 SQL> set linesize 150 SQL> set long 9999999 SQL> set head

Generating xml from oracle 10g with BLOB image

Hello All, I have employee table with id(primary key), firstname,lastname and I have portrait table with id(secondary key from employee table),image (blob) portrait table store images of the employees which are in the employee table. I want to genera

How to tune the performance of Oracle SQL/XML query?

Hi all, I am running Oracle 9i and like to run the following Oracle SQL/XML query. It takes about 3+ hour and still not finish. If I get rid all the XML stuffs it only take minutes to run. Does anybody know how to what's the reason of this slow and h

How to perf tune Oracle SQL/XML query?

Hi all, I am using Oracle 9i and like to run the following Oracle SQL/XML query. It takes about 3+ hour and still not finish. If I get rid all the XML stuffs it only take minutes to run. Does anybody know how to what's the reason of this slow and how

Oracle.xml.sql.query.OracleXMLQuery   GetXML -withDTD

I'm trying to create a dtd for each table in my schema. I've created a java program that loops through the user_tables and I am then trying to create the DTD with oracle.xml.sql.query.OracleXMLQuery -withDTD. I am able to make it work using the XSU C

Oracle.xml.sql.query.OracleXMLQuery not found

Hi! Sorry, but I got a project to continue and there is an import statement "import oracle.xml.sql.query.OracleXMLQuery;" and this gives me a compilation error... What do I need to do, where do I find this class??? Any help? //PatriciaPatricia,


Anyone know where I can find a java doc or any method infomation on: oracle.xml.sql.query.OracleXMLQuery thanks, chad.[from XmlRpc-Java] As a result, my XML is contained in a String instead of an InputStream. It is possible to convert a String to an

Where is the oracle.xml.sql.query package?

Hi, I have downloaded the xmlparser_v2_0_2_9.zip. I hoped I have everything to compile the example for retrieving XML document with an sql query. However, the jar file is missing the entire package oracle.xml.sql.query which contains for instance the

Java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/xml/sql/query/OracleXMLQuery

Hello, all. I get this error message: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/xml/sql/query/OracleXMLQuery at oracle.xml.xsql.actions.XSQLQueryHandler.handleAction(Compiled Code) ... when trying to view an xsql page with the jswdk 1.0.1 web server. (I

Problem in importing oracle.xml.sql.query.*

When i am importing this import oracle.xml.sql.query.*; it is giving me error that "package oracle.xml.sql.query.* does not exist". What Should i install or set .[from XmlRpc-Java] As a result, my XML is contained in a String instead of an Input

Error in oracle.xml.sql.query

I am trying to write small piece of code as follows import java.sql.*; import java.math.*; import oracle.xml.sql.query.*; import oracle.jdbc.*; import oracle.jdbc.driver.*; Actual Code When i try to compile the java file it errors out on Package Orac

Import oracle.xml.sql.query

what file do I need to use this class? Thanks.oracle.xml.sql.query is a package. Please refer http://www.devx.com/xml/Article/32046Read other 2 answers